Life Cycle of A Domain

This is a video that I made a very long time ago about the life cycle of a domain. Every single domain name goes through various stages when the owner decides he or she does not want it anymore. Even though the video was made a long time ago, the facts are still the same about the stages of a domain name. The technology behind domain names has not changed very much over the last couple of decades. But understanding the terminology and the various stages that I discussed in this video will help you a lot if you are trying to drop catch domains or purchase expired domains to revive and reuse.

Believe it or not page two domains are still a huge part of successful businesses on the internet. Google still has a sandbox that limits new domain names from ranking easily in their search engine. As a result many people go and try to get expired domains or old domains and use them for their new projects to avoid this sandbox delay. But in order to do all of this successfully you need to understand the basic facts about the stages that a domain name goes through before you would be able to acquire it and use it for your own. So sit back, take notes, and get ready to learn about the stages of a domain names life cycle.

There are many different terms used to explain the status of domains: Expired, redemption, dropped etc. If you are going to buy up used domainsĀ  you need to know what each of these things mean. I put together this video to explain the various terms, what they mean, and how you can use them for your benefit.

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Chad Kimball is an entrepeneur and internet marketer who shapes his work around his life, rather than the other way around. He quit his job and has been working (as little as possible) from home since January of 2000.

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first of all, I would defenitely submit your news site to google by clicking on the link above … our friends at google of course LOVE chaddo :-)
( chadd, thanks for al your out of the box info, I always check your mail and postings! )



Wow I should have known, I have been working on my own Google News site trying to get it accepted for about 4 months now…I can see some steps I missed I will have to go back and rework my site and re-submit to Google.

Once again you are the man with the information!
Thank you,

Adebayo Adeleyesays:

As per usual chaddo you produce the best in cutting edge technique’s man. Your style of marketing is very much goodwill orientated which is why we like y’all so much. Thanks for this…cheers!

john petersonsays:

thank you so much for your information we are lookimg forward to see you in thiis business .


very cool Chad, I was wondering if the news blog is attached to my regular web site which is commercial, will that negatively effect things.


Thanks for the video and the great idea

John Cowburnsays:

Hi Chad

Thanks for the video.

I purchased my news site back in November 2010, it was an aged domain created in 2004. I didn’t do anything special in transferring the domain to keep the age etc but when I look at the site in the SEOBOOK Firefox plugin it shows the creation date as 03/2004, so does that mean the site age is preserved?

I haven’t applied to Google yet as I haven’t enough content.

Is it a good idea to go for a narrow niche newsite right from the start or is it better to have a general newsite to begin with and then go narrow as the site becomes established?


Ben Johnsonsays:

This is brilliant and amazing information. Be waiting for the course. I have wanted to get a step-by-step guide to build Google News site. The information you already share here is golden. Thanks, Chaddo


Hey chad,
Great video about Google news site inclusion.
I have been gathering the information to start my site so your info was
very timely for me.
The only area that I am unsure about is subject selection.
Should my site be about
ALL news or
SPORTS news or just a niche like
NFL news or even

Obviously the broader the news the more opportunities.
Does this matter with regard to inclusion or is anything ok so long
as there is sufficient news worthy content?



Hi Chad,

Fantastic tips on how to drive Google News traffic, which I hadn’t considered as yet. I’ll give this a go and let you know how I get on.



Wow this is so wonderful! I am like waiting impatiently everyday to read your posts. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge with us.

Billy McCallionsays:

Hi Chad,

Yet again, quality information on what works! Looking to move my “News” site towards Google application , so this information is great.

Great work!

Billy McCallion


Thank again Chad. You’re the only 3 Internet Marketer I can trusted in the world. Not many marketer I followed, can teach a unique technique for FREE. Happy New Year & God blessing you!


Great content Chad (as always). You have my brain churning now with possibilities as this is a strategy that is “news” to me!


Hi Chad,

Thanks for the mention in your audio of my service. I’m very interested to talk to you about promoting your domain tweaking course in my course.

Given you my main email if you are interested.



Hi Chad,

Thanks for the video. These are great tips to drive more traffic.



as always, a big thanks Chad. Very useful information.


Hi Chad,

Great Video :) Love it…

Can I show you my Blog that I’m write now creating for Google News?

Darko M


Hey Chad do you think we could get a video in the members area for this and domain tweak. The training is really good. Everyone should get this course just a few hours left.

mike keeslingsays:

I love the way you think. You always have a unique perspective and take on things. Your release of the Revenge of the MiniNet is awesome and this roadmap for creating News Sites is a blessing that I can’t wait to try with my clients. Keep up the great work.


Great stuff I only wish I had know of the skills you have, this would have saved me hundreds of dollars.

John Cowburnsays:

Hey Chad

Do you ever read these comments? as you’ve not replied to any of them??


ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes we try to answer these, but don’t always catch all the questions on the blog. Its best to email specific questions like this to my gmail (chadwarrior) where you’ll get a much quicker response.

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