Screenshots of Money I’ve Made From My Domain Tweak Techniques

The majority of the money in these screenshots was because of the techniques I outline in my Domain Tweak Course.

(Domain Tweak Course Here:

I’ve been using these techniques for a LONG time (and continue to use them today on my niche sites).

So the screenshots below are from a variety of websites, some that make income day in and day out, some make me money in large chunks.

(these are just a few examples, don’t try to add them up to see how much I make online, its a lot more than this)

This one is a yearly summary of sales (almost all profit) for one niche site:

(Domain Tweak Course Here:

a couple other niche sites:

(Domain Tweak Course Here:

(Domain Tweak Course Here:

(Domain Tweak Course Here:

This one has a blend of domain tweak and other techniques, but I’ve used domain tweak heavily on it. Runs totally on autopilot:

(Domain Tweak Course Here:

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Hi Chad,

Gee Whiz not bad for starting the new year off. Sent to Facebook Chad. Will keep a look out for your posts on rss as well. I get so many emails it easy to miss out sometimes what is happening around the net.

Thanks for the info.

That’s some awesome motivation Chad! I’m still new to affiliate marketing, but seeing this definately motivates me to be in the game for the long run.

OMG Chad,

Looks like another one of your cources I need to get! I don’t know how you and your brother keep comming with new and better products…

Phil Miranda here… Hey Chad, you’re really one of the only Affiliate marketers who provide great, no hype, proven SEO techniques that WORK! Thanks a bunch Chad for the quality info that you share.

Chad ~ Thanks for sharing that! Look forward to your new product…. if it is anything like the others it will be filled with value. Thanks!

Hi Chad,

I’m really fan of yours and lately I started reading all the stuff associated with you and also went through the discussion people were doing about you.

But still I am not aware of where is your that site from where you sell products. I’m afraid I didn’t get any link on this site.

If you spare little time and email me your products site link then I’d be thankful to you. And above all I will be honored if you teach me the skills which you have for making money, I am ready to pay you.

I am eagerly waiting for your reply and many thanks for your great understanding.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: You can join the notification list here

Hey there…

I would love to get the upgrade offer for domain tweak upgrade.

My investment in \Youtube Cash Secrets\…and the \Update & Double DVD Set – Current Customer Discount\—is at a different email address from my original purchase of \Domain Tweak Course\.

I’m excited and hope you can contact me.

I know you are probably flat out and hope the update is super successful for you.

Geoff Slingsby

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Will send you an email

Your freaken amazing! If I made double of this site then u must of killed it!!!
Wow! Thx chad

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Eric you’re awesome!!!

Hi Chad, I bought Domain Tweak a couple of years or so ago, I access it here: and I got the DVD too, is there an upgrade path I can take as a previous Domain Tweak customer, I know you added some extras to the latest launch of DT, but they’re not in the above membership.

Many thanks


ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes, you can upgrade here:

Hi Chad,

I am really interested in your course but would also like to know if you are renting out some links on your high pr network. I would really like to get some. If you are, can you tell me the TF, CF, Mozrank, PA, and DA of the domains as these metrics are also important in addition to the pr. I would be interested in pr 4, 5, and 6’s at this time.


ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes, we have a ton of high PR pages available here: if you have questions about specific links, shoot an email to and we can send trustflow/citationflow etc..

I forgot to mention this. Does the customer actually get to see the domain name once links are placed?


ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes customers get to see the exact page that contains the link.

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