High Ticket Closer Review (One of Dan Lok’s Courses)

What Is A High Ticket Closer?

High Ticket Closer is a training program created by Dan Lok that can help you develop the high-income skills to close high ticket deals. This course is about finding a high-ticket product, marketing the product, and closing the deal.  

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The course my daughter used above is much better than High Ticket Closer. But since you are here to learn about High Ticket Closer, lets get back to our review of that:

This is the process that Dan Lok has to implement until he makes millions of dollars entirely with online businesses. If you think that this course is about sales, you are somewhat right but most of the content in this course is about the psychology of selling high ticket products and closing deals. 

This 7-week intensive course is priced at $2,495, although it is expensive, they offer you a payment plan where you can pay the course in 3 monthly payments. Before we go to the content of the course, let’s take a look at who is the man behind the course, Dan Lok. 

Dan Lok Net Worth?

Mini Dan Lok Biography: Dan Lok also known as “King of High Ticket Sales” is an entrepreneur, professional internet marketer, author, Youtuber, and international speaker. If you have ever searched about how to make money online or how to get rich on Youtube, then you would probably have stumbled upon one of his videos before. 

What business does Dan Lok do? How did Dan Lok Make his money? He has a really big Youtube channel with 3.5 Million subscribers, producing content around business motivation and financial advice. Dan Lok “King of Closing” also has almost 2 million followers on Instagram in the same business and finance niche. 

Not only that, he is the founder and chairman of Closers.com which is the world’s #1 virtual closer network that connects companies with closers. He is also the author of the best-selling book F.U Money: Make As Much Money As You Want and Live Your Life As You Damn Well Please!. It’s a book about how to escape the rat race and achieve financial freedom. 

Dan Lok has a lot of credibility because he owns multiple big companies and has been coaching people to make money and become a high ticket closer for more than 5 years and his estimated net worth is around 75 million dollars in 2020. 

Now that we know who Dan Lok is, let’s move to the content overview of High Ticket Closer. 

Is High Ticket Closer Legit?

Week 1: What Is a High Ticket Closer? How To Dominate In Life and Business With High-Ticket Mindset 

In week 1, Dan Lok starts the lesson with some introduction on how this program will help you become a high ticket closer and how you should apply the lessons that he teaches here. He mentions that people usually take this program to learn the high-income skill that they need to close deals and make more sales. 

Dan Lok explains that mindset plays an important role in making a lot of money, he mentions if you are used to working as an employee, you will usually get paid for every hour that you work while a salesman gets paid for every sale that they make. 

The idea that Dan proposes here is you can make a huge commission if you close a deal in less than a few hours, and it can happen for sure if you possess the high income skill related to closing deals. 

He further explains that the traditional sales method of pressuring the prospect to buy your product or service does not work well enough to be converting at a ratio that is good for your time and business. The less pushy you are, the higher the probability that you are going to make a sale. Then, he mentions that listening to the prospect carefully is the key to converting them into your customer. 

Week 2: The Advanced Human Psychology Of High-Ticket Sales and Ultra-Luxury Selling

In week 2, Dan Lok started to elaborate more about the psychology of high ticket sales and ultra-luxury selling. The idea that Dan wants you to grasp is to not stick with the common idea of selling, reaching out to your prospect, tell something about your product or service hoping to make a sale if they are interested. 

Dan focuses on understanding people and the human psychology that most common people have, according to him, if you understand your prospects it would be easy to convert them and you can make a lot of money with less time spent on the actual selling process. 

This week should prepare you to understand human psychology and read people in a short amount of time. He also gives a live demonstration video on this skill and how you can make it work for you. 

Week 3: The One-Call Closer Methodology That Dan Used To Close Profitable Deals With High-Level Influencers Fast

In this week, Dan Lok reveals his high converting one-call closer method that he uses to close high ticket deals with influencers. This method has been developed and applied by him even before he got famous in social media and in the coaching industry. 

According to Dan, this methodology is all you need to be making banks with deals closing, but he reminded the students in this course that he can only show you the way and provide you with the formula. The end result depends on how dedicated you are in developing this skill and master this method.

Dan also highlights that this method has produced more than 3000 High Ticket Closers worldwide and their prospects always thought that his students are natural deal makers but in reality, they just master and implement this method. 

However, mastering this skill is not easy and only some of his best students mastered this skill at a level that can make them multiple six figures per year doing phone sales calls. 

Week 4: The High Ticket Sales Scripts

In week 4, Dan lok reveals to you his high ticket sales scripts, he also explains the 7 secrets that he has used to close tens of millions of dollars over the phone. This section is more practical than the previous weeks because before, he talks about the psychological aspects of the sales call. 

Now, it is time to use his high ticket sales scripts tactic in your sales phone call. If you ever worried about calling to a prospect that is a little bit more intimidating than the normal person, or if it is the kind of guy that will object to anything you say or simply uninterested in the conversation, then you should put your worry away as this sales script works for every sales conversation. 

This sales script is unique and you will not find it anywhere in Google as it is different from other sales scripts that most salesmen use to close deals. 

Dan also explains later on that this script is designed to assist you when you are starting out in telemarketing but once you have mastered the script and get used to it, these 7 secrets will blend with your skill and it comes naturally as you know what you are doing when closing the deals. 

Week 5: How To Handle Objections and Resistance Like A Kungfu Master Easily Handles A 300-Pound Boxer

In week 5, Dan Lok teaches you how to handle objections like a pro, or the way he says it in the title like a kungfu master easily handles a 300-pound boxer. The key that Dan is trying to share here is to use your prospect’s resistance against them. 

This is one part of communication skill that you can use in business and in your life. There are so many objections and rejection that can appear in your life, if you know how to counter the objection and gain something from it, then that would be gold. 

However, Dan lok’s counter-objection methods are not foolproof because there are some students that get rejected even after applying the methods that he shares. One thing to note is that most of these students were not committed enough and do not put practice into these methods until it becomes natural to them. 

Dan lok mentions that you need to practice these methods because success will not be handed to you from the sky immediately. Once you become natural with these methods, you will find that the more resistance your prospects give you, the more power you have over them and it will be much easier to close the deals.  

Week 6: How To Find High-Ticket Partners 

In week 6, It is time to put the knowledge that you have learned so far into practice, learning is good but you need to take action to master selling and make money. 

You will be practicing your move live in front of a classroom, which can be nerve wrecking for some people but this is essential if you want to get that high self esteem and confidence to close deals easily. 

Dan Lok will also roleplay with some of the students including you, on how to close high ticket deals. He walks through different scenarios that can happen during sales conversation. These roleplays are extremely useful as it prepares you for your upcoming sales call. 

Other than that, Dan reveals how you can find a good partner that you can work with and close high ticket deals for them. If you perform well during week 6 and belong in some of his best students list, Dan will pick you to work with directly with a few of his high paying clients. 

Do not be discouraged if you do not master the sales conversation because it will take time for you to master it and it is still only week 6. 

Week 7: How Dan’s Top HTC Students Make A 6-Figure Income As A High-Ticket Closer

In this week, Dan Lok reveals how his top students make more money than someone that works in the corporate world. The crazy thing is that his students make 6 figures faster and spend less time in the actual sales process as they have grasp the principles behind Dan Lok’s teaching. 

Firstly, you will learn where to meet your prospects and how to make a good impression on your prospect, this is crucial because first impressions matter a lot especially in sales. Dan teaches you how to win your prospect’s respect within the first few minutes of the conversation and what you should say in the first few minutes of the talk. 

Then, Dan walks you through how to structure a win-win deal with your clients, as well as the 4 key criterias that a client should have if you expect to make money long term with them. 

Week 8: Mystery Bonus Class 

There is a mystery bonus class in week 8, and you will only unlock this class if you meet a challenge that Dan proposes here. The challenge is to encourage your High Ticket Closers friends to attend the class, and you have to attend the class too. 

The minimum requirement for you to unlock this content is only if you have an average class attendance of 80% or more.

The bonus class is Dan’s most valuable teachings and lessons that take him to where he is now. He shares with you how to achieve all the goals in life that you want. If you do well in the entire course, Dan will put you in his own high ticket closers team to work with high paying clients. 

Not only that, he also includes some bonuses with the full High Ticket Closers program which are : 

Dan Lok’s 6 Steps to 6 Figures Formula 

This is an entirely different course, this course breaks down what a business owner wants and needs as well as how you can help them achieve their sales while making money for yourself too. Here, you will get step by step guidance on how to attract high paying clients and make 6 figures fast. 

Recording Of Roleplays and Sales Calls 

These are the recording of previous sales calls and roleplay that Dan and his student have done in the past. Here, you will get more insight on making good sales calls and closing deals easily as you will be exposed with more sales scenarios. 

How do you Get High Ticket Closer?

It is available for sale on Dan Lok’s website, you can just go and buy it.

Final Thought 

My final thought for this program is if you want to become a high-ticket closer and make big money with sales, then this is the course for you. For a price of almost $2,500 you will get the training that you need in order to be a splendid closer. 

How much does a high ticket closer make? $2,500 may sound too much for a course but the teaching and principles that Dan lok outlined in this course have been proven to work, as there are more and more 6 figures students that come out from his program. 

Why do I think that Dan Lok’s high ticket closer program is one of the best out there? Simple. I have watched Grant Cardone’s sales program and other gurus as well and it turns out that Dan’s course makes you involve more into the selling process and training. Some courses only teach through videos but with High Ticket Closer, you are involved with their live training. 

However, if you are not ready to make the commitment yet, there are other cheaper sales courses out there that you can try, but the results would differ based on your commitment in this industry and the knowledge that you receive.