Leaked Google Manual Review Document

There’s a big discussion going on my facebook page (just do a search on Google for Chad Kimball marketer and you’ll find it.)

Internet marketers are all freaking out about the leaked google reviewer’s document. I think it is not as important to know what the quality reviewers are looking for. It is more important because it shows what google is trying to teach its automatic algorithms. Google eventually wants their algorithm to be so good that it doesn’t need an amazing review of all these pages. So you better believe every time a human reviewer is reviewing a page, it is feeding that information into google’s algorithm so it doesn’t make that mistake again.

Anyway, Google recently took down the document, so I’m posting it here. Comments?

Google Rating Guidelines Leak:

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Old 2009 version of that pdf here…


Thanks Chad for sharing but I’m afraid, after going through it, it seems hard to use that information in any way.

If you think it’s really fun that we got a secret Google strategy doc then it’s fine otherwise I don’t think we can take any benefit from it.

Could you please shed some light on it so that I can understand bit more about that doc.

Even then thank you so much for sharing.


Thanks a lot, exactly what I was looking for…


Perfect. This is exactly the kind of doc we needed.
Thanks for being bold enough to share it.

Tony B Lumpkin IIIsays:

Jimmy – Don’t understand why you would think this doc isn’t useful. Just the info on page 17 tells us they don’t consider social media vital unless it’s an individual, small group, or a band. That alone makes the doc valuable in my mind.

Leonard Paynesays:

Jimmy – This document was chock full of valuable data. Apart from Tony’s comment above, you should also understand the implications for so-called “Thin Affiliates”.

Apart from that, I turned this document into a course!!

You can have it without charge!


Hi Tony, thanks for the comment.

I think I overlooked it. Thank you so much for your diligence.


Hi Leonard Payne, thanks for the information.

By the way your link isn’t working and in your site it’s a paid product.

Can you provide the working link?

Mark Thomsonsays:

Very powerful information. Google hasn’t sent out the jackboots to recover it yet?


Thanks Chad, Ihave been looking for this doc for more than a week now, And think you are the only site to have it showing.


Thanks Chad I searched a lot for this document and I found working download link on your website thanks for sharing



When I initially left a comment I appear to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now
every time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment.
Is there a way you are able to remove me from that service?
Thanks a lot!

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes, sorry about that.

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