NO BS Letter Review

Marketing plays a significant role in any business. It ensures a business attracts new customers, retains old ones, and remains relevant to its audience. Email marketing has particularly become the go-to marketing strategy owing to its affordability and ability to send customized communications to a target audience.

Even so, some email marketing campaigns hardly yield the expected results due to low response and conversion rates and inconsistency. Dan. S. Kennedy, a renowned entrepreneur, seems to have figured a solution to the problem. He recommends applying direct-response marketing through his No B.S. Letter and book. 

He points out the mistakes marketers make when email marketing and outlines ways they can make it effective using his No B.S. Direct Marketing. Here’s more about the book:

Before you continue reading, let me boil it down for you: this is essentially a lead generation course, and a clever one at that. And although I have nothing personal against Dan S. Kennedy and his No B.S. Letter book, I will say that I’ve been doing lead generation for almost 20 years. I’ve been doing it for so long that I decided to switch to an autopilot business model. Click here to get a Free Video On My Business Model Directly From Me. My own teenagers are using my course to setup autopilot businesses online that require very little ongoing work.

Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this:

Click Here to Get The Course My Daughter Used.

The course my daughter used above is, in my opinion, much better than the No B.S. Letter. But since you are here to learn about No B.S. Letter, lets get back to our review of that:

Who is Dan S. Kennedy?

Dan S. Kennedy is the brains behind No. B.S. Letter, a book that talks about magnetic marketing. He is an author, serial entrepreneur, advisor to entrepreneurs and business strategist. 

He also influences business owners making over a million annually through his tele-coaching programs, newsletters, and local Chapters. Dan has developed study groups called the Kennedy Study Groups in over 100 cities and a network of renowned consultants in over 150 business and industry professions, and categories.

Dan Kennedy has also appeared on stages with the four former U.S. Presidents, legendary entrepreneurs like Debbi Fields and Jim McCann, famous business speakers like Jim Rohn, and business celebrities like Gene Simmons.

He has also addressed audiences with as many as 35,000 people for more than 10 years where he made close to $100,000 for every lecture. 

Dan has also written 13 other books including No B.S. Wealth Attraction In The New Economy, interviewed in over 300 magazines for business categories and delivered over 3000 paid speeches. Dan has homes in Northern Virginia and Ohio, and lives with his wife Carla.

What is the No B.S. Letter Direct Marketing?

No B.S. Letter is a sales letter written by Dan Kennedy to teach marketers how to make six-figure incomes by becoming an email entrepreneur. You learn how to attract potential customers and get them to purchase products directly using his unique marketing concept called Magnetic Marketing.

According to Dan many businesses fail because they don’t have effective marketing systems. Some businesses use some marketing channels because their competitors are using them while others market their products to the wrong audience.

He notes that big brands don’t always market to attract customers thus copying their marketing strategies can be futile. 

Kenndy asserts that the best way to market a product or service is to make yourself the go-to person, entity, or place for the audience that may be interested in them. This means finding a unique selling proposition by answering these three questions:

  • How can you benefit from your target market?
  • What can you do that’s different from your competitors?
  • Can you find your target market in a way that nobody else can?

Having a unique selling proposition (USP) helps a business focus its marketing efforts on a specific clientele. This means adjusting your offers and messages to match their desires and abilities. 

Marketers can also craft compelling and emotional messages that prompt the audience to take the desired action. It explains Dan’s focus on three aspects in his Magnetic Marketing method:

  • The message: He urges marketers to craft compelling and irresistible marketing messages
  • The market: Marketers need to identify their target market, in this case, one that’s most likely to respond to the message
  • Media: Marketers must also determine the most effective media combination to use to deliver the message to their target market

What is the Cost of No B.S. Letter?

The letter is available on Amazon in varying prices based on the format:

  • Kindle- $9.99
  • Hardbook – $66.95
  • Audiobook – $0

What Do Others Think About the No B.S. Letter? Customer Reviews

If you haven’t read any of Dan’s books yet, you’re probably wondering if this letter is worth the investment. Here’s what other readers think:

Great for Struggling Business Owners

Mark finds this book an excellent investment for any struggling business owner. He finds it a cheaper alternative to Dan’s other marketing resources.

Small Restaurant Grows to a Multi-million Business

This customer applied Dan’s Marketing tactics and grew his business from a small family-owned restaurant to a business that makes a million every year.

Great Direct Marketing Insights

This client finds the book an excellent introduction to direct marketing and resourceful because you learn how to apply marketing techniques initially applied in infomercials and direct mail in the modern internet business.

Should I Invest in the NO B.S. Letter? My Verdict

Any marketer will agree that they haven’t figured out everything. Marketing is a continuous journey of learning the best way to reach a target audience and ensuring they purchase a product. Dan Kennedy’s No B.S. Letter provides valuable marketing insights for marketers and business owners who just started business. However, with the marketing space being highly digitalized, the book might not be as resourceful as it would be a decade ago. Dan advocates for non-digital marketing tactics which aren’t as effective today. The book is a great buy for those who want to learn about marketing basics.

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