Surplus Cashflow Review

Did you know the state owes one in seven people money and other assets in unclaimed property? According to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators, the state owes nearly $70 billion in unclaimed assets. 

Sadly, few people take the initiative to claim these surplus funds. In fact, a majority are oblivious that the state owes them money. That’s where Spencer’s Surplus Cashflow program comes into play.

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Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

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The course my daughter used above is much better than Surplus Cashflow. But since you are here to learn about Surplus Cashflow, lets get back to that:

You learn how to claim unclaimed cash or property for a small fee. The model presents a recession-proof method of earning passive income. And unlike stocks or real-estate investments, whose income is often uncertain, this model guarantees an income regardless of the prevailing economic situation. Here’s more about the Surplus Cashflow program.

Who is Spencer J. Vann? The Brains Behind Surplus Cashflow Program

Spencer J. Vann is an entrepreneur, real estate agent, and founder of the Surplus Cashflow program. His story dates back to when he was a teenager. He grew up with his mother, who constantly expressed her desire to buy and own a home.

In a bid to help his mom realize her dream, Spencer enrolled for a course in real estate, and at only 17 years old, he closed the first wholesale deal. This first deal prompted him to become a full-time real estate agent and study the industry more intently.

During his study, he discovered surplus funds and embarked on a journey to help homeowners reclaim monies from foreclosed homes. Surplus funds are monies in banks and financial institutions that haven’t been withdrawn by the owner for more than a year and turned over to the state. 

Often, that money is deposited in savings or checking accounts or in the form of unredeemed gift cards, security deposits, stocks, tax refunds from the IRS, or uncashed paychecks.

With the help of another sales expert, they began, which was wholly committed to helping individuals get unclaimed property.

So far, Spencer has helped people recover over $ 500 million in lost cash through his education company called He also decided to share his knowledge with others by developing a course- the Surplus Cashflow program. Spencer cites that you must have the right information for this business to succeed.

What is the Surplus Cashflow Program?

Surplus Cashflow Program is a four-week course developed to teach you how to help people claim surplus funds. Spencer developed the course in January of 2023 after discovering a recession-proof method of earning money. The model stands out because you don’t have to create a website, rely on Amazon, or sell or buy products. Spencer’s program teaches you to:

Find people who owed money

The first step is to find people with unclaimed cash, property, and other assets. These records are available on the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) website ( It has a national record of unclaimed property from all the states. You only need to click on the state to find them. 

Spencer shows you how to get the records, which have millions of names of people owed money, but a Google search for the phrase unclaimed property records in your state also provides this information.

Once you sign up as a partner with Spencer’s team, you get scheduled for a one-on-one onboarding process with an Account Manager. The team calls you to provide a more detailed explanation of the process.


Next, you contact the person and inform them that the state owes a certain amount and offer to help them reclaim the unclaimed. The most challenging part of this process is convincing them they owe money, but it’s easier with Spencer’s team.

They’ll help you look for clients, manage them, close deals, and submit contracts. The commissions may then start streaming in. Note that the profit share is on a 60/40 basis, so you get 60%, while Spencer and his team keep 40%.

Collect the Payout

The last step is to collect your profit. If the clients have been paying $12,000 monthly in commissions, you earn $144,000 a year. This is a pretty decent amount of passive income.

What is the Cost of the Surplus Cashflow Program?

Spencer doesn’t disclose the program’s cost, and I couldn’t find the information on the website either.

What Do Other People Think about the Surplus Cashflow Program? Customer Reviews

You’re probably wondering what other people think about the Surplus Cashflow program. After researching, I couldn’t find any customer reviews about the course.

Should You Invest in a Surplus Cashflow Program? My Verdict

The Surplus Cashflow program introduces a great income-generating model for anyone looking to make a decent passive income. I love that it’s not subject to prevailing economic situations, allowing you to make money even during the worst economic downturns. Even so, I’d have loved to know the cost of enrolling for the program and if there’s a refund policy. Although the course is relatively new, a few customer reviews go a long way in showing a company’s credibility. I’d recommend doing a little more research before investing in the course.

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