The Prosperity Warrior Reviews – Another New Scam???

Are you seeing Marc Wilson’s ads popping up on your screen lately?

I bet he was talking about someone who made thousands of dollars by the end of the weekend. You probably were targeted for these ads because you’ve been researching affiliate marketing or starting a business online.

Lets get to the bottom of this.

You will see below that I have some negative things to say about Prosperity Warrior. But even more, I have major concerns with the affiliate business model in general. Since you only make money by selling someone else’s product, the product owners may not pay you. They may change their commission structure. They may remove their products from the market. I have PERSONALLY had all these things happen. Instead, learn a business model that puts you in total control. You keep all the profits and you own all the products. And it takes less time to setup than a The Prosperity Warrior business. It uses a loophole in the google maps system to get you autopilot monthly payments. Video Here.

My own teenage kids even make money with this business model!

If, despite what I said above you are still interested in what I have to say about The Prosperity Warrior, read on. Like any other online course, this one too comes with the same question – is it legit or a scam?

Who Is Marc Wilson?

We’re still confused about his existence as I haven’t seen any reference to him online.

This is where the suspicion starts forming about this scheme being a scam. He declares himself to be among the seven-figure coaches. But when it comes to his net worth, I didn’t see any figure on that anywhere.

He also claims that he has 4+ years of experience working in sales, and currently, he’s bagging a six-figure earning every single month. He believes there’s nothing better than direct sales for earning such kind of money.

The coaching he’s offering is on high ticket affiliate marketing, and for purchasing it, you’ll have to spend $3000, at least.

What Does the Website Say?

Marc Wilson has created two different websites that are both affiliate platforms used to redirect any user to the Marketing Blueprint, which is a high ticket program. There are other affiliates out there promoting this similar program. It is confusing whether these folks are simply resellers for this program and who owns it. Before reaching any useful information, you’ll have to go through a bunch of pages, videos, and of course, a webinar. All of these are focused on a single thing, and that is hooking you into this high ticket program, that I think Marc Wilson is an affiliate for.

Once you buy it for yourself, you’d get the chance to refer it to others and have your share of the commission.

When you’d reach the end of the funnel, there will be a sales call to get you the Marketing Blueprint. But you have to pay a lot of money for it though.

How Much the Prosperity Warrior Is Going to Cost You?

There are four packages. The first one is the gold package that will cost you like $3,247, where $3,000 will be the product price, and the remaining $247 will be the admin fee. All you’re going to get in return are just a hosting and a site like Marc’s, which is anything but a good one, it looks janky and outdated.

The next one is the platinum package, which comes at a price of $7,447. Here, the price of the product is $7,000, and the remaining $447 comes as an admin fee.

When it comes to the diamond package, the price tag is almost double that of platinum and can cost you $14,647, where $14,000 is the product price, and the admin fee is $647. The ‘good’ news is the commission rate on referring a sale is 70% here.

Then comes the most expensive one – the royal level package. It comes with a heavy price of around $21,847. You probably can assume already that $21,000 is the product price and $847 is the admin fee.

Everything That Makes This One Feel Like a Scam

Calling a program ‘scam’ is never a fun part. But if it sounds like one, I better say it out loud so that you can reconsider getting into something like this. The Prosperity Warrior gives pretty much the same ‘scammy’ vibe, too, and that’s because –

Reason – 1: The products are not worth the money asked for investing. If you’d see outside the program, they’d cost a lot less than the humongous amount Marc is asking for.

Reason – 2: There’s no profit in this scheme. You can make money out of it, but not in a regular way. After all, it’s a pyramid scheme, and like any other similar scheme, this one too lacks the required stability.

Reason – 3: The testimonials look fake too. It seems Marc has just hired a bunch of people to utter the words he wanted.

Reason – 4: You can earn money by promoting the low-quality offer. Most of the stuff within the program, like videos, software tools, and PLR eBooks, can be purchased from Amazon. Probably you won’t have to spend even $30 on all of them.

And the outdated Private Label Rights products? Well, maybe they’re worth spending money on, but the amount is definitely not thousands of dollars for sure.

Reason – 5: The schemes are awfully expensive. I think the price should’ve been at least half of what Marc is asking for, or maybe less than that.

Reason – 6: For obvious reasons, you’d like to invest in a long-term business model, right? Well, this scheme isn’t one of those for sure. So, $3500 for a short-term model? I guess this one is worth the ‘reconsideration.’

So, Now What?

Still not sure whether you should call The Prosperity Warrior a scam or not? Well, the indications are very obvious that it is a scam. If you’re not convinced yet by my review, you can do your own research, and I think the result won’t be much different than mine.