Traffic and Funnels Client Kit 2.0 Review – by Taylor Welch and Chris Evans

Traffic and Funnels Client Kit 2.0 Overview 

Client Kit 2.0 is an advanced course and workshop created by two marketing masters, Taylor Welch and Chris Evans. The content in this course is designed for service providers that want to generate more leads and sales effectively. 

Before you read any farther, understand this: The Traffic and Funnels course is for existing business owners ONLY. If you don’t have a business yet, watch this video that shows you a simple way to set one up. It uses a little known Google Maps technique to get you setup within months.

Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

Click Here to Get The Course My Daughter Used.

The course my daughter used above is much better than Traffic and Funnels Client Kit 2.0. But since you are here to learn about Traffic and Funnels Client Kit 2.0, lets get back to our review of that:

Taylor Welch and Chris Evans will help you build an advanced sales funnel that will generate tons of leads and influence your prospects to make a purchasing decision along the funnel. 

This course is a high ticket item that is priced from $9,800 and it goes up from there depending on the level of coaching that you desire from the Traffic and Funnels team. 

This program has a 10-weeks training module that will teach you how to put together every single element of your sales funnel that will eventually lead to high ticket sales to your business. 

Currently, you will only get access to the Client Kit 2.0 through invitation, and after you book a free consultation call with their team. From then, they will decide whether you are qualified for their program or not. 

Now, let’s look at Taylor Welch and Chris Evans. 

Who are Taylor Welch and Chris Evan?

Chris Evans is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, author of the “Intelligent Advertiser”, CEO of Wealth Cap Holdings, and co-founder of Traffic and Funnel as well as 3 other international companies. 

This serial entrepreneur comes from Charlotte, North Carolina and he started Traffic and Funnels with his friend, Taylor Welch back in 2015. Before that, he was the vice president of marketing for GoDaddy, the famous domain provider, and web hosting company. 

Chris manages and advises a portfolio of $5 million in income-producing properties in terms of the paid traffic spending. 

Taylor Welch is the CEO of Traffic and Funnels, the author of 2 best-selling books, an international speaker, and the creator of sales training programs called the Sales Mentor and Inbound Closer. 

He has consulted over 50,000 businesses for the past 5 years and while managing his own business brands with yearly revenue of $40 million. 

Now that we know the credentials of the two creators of this advanced sales funnel program, let’s look at the content that this course offers. 

What’s Inside The Course? 

Module 1: Zero In On 1 Result 

Taylor and Chris start the module with an assumption that you have already owned a business but do not know or offer any high ticket service yet to your customers.  

In this lesson, they recommend you focus on singular and specific high ticket products or services for your sales funnel. 

There are a lot of entrepreneurs out there that try to stuff every product and service of their business in one sales funnel. This collection of products and services at different price points will bombard the customers. 

It is good to have upsells for your product or service, but in this case, since we are focusing on one high ticket item, this trick will convert the most based on Taylor and Chris’s experience in sales and marketing. 

There are two major points that they are trying to teach you in this module. The first one is finding the one service that you will sell to your future customers. 

Taylor and Chris have exponentially grown their business by reducing the service that they offer and focus on mastering one service. 

The second major point of this module is optimizing your sales funnel and taking your time to evolve it. 

There are a few tips that they shared on how to make a huge profit with singular high ticket service and convert them well. 

Firstly, They advise you to reach out to your customers individually, this would mean custom-made email toward them, or phone calls tailored to them, make them feel special, and prioritize them. 

Then, we move to the psychology part, you need to focus on your customer’s pain point that will make them want to take any progressive action from it. 

Lastly, They emphasize that a perfect funnel does not exist but you can continuously upgrade and update your funnel so that it gets better each time and converts well. Building a funnel is a process so learn from how your customer reacts to the funnel, build a relationship and rapport with them then figure out how you can optimize your funnel. 

Module 2: Zero In On 1 Target Audience 

This module is about defining who is your ideal client, once you figure out who your client is, it is easy to set up paid traffic to find and grab their attention toward your service. 

Taylor and Chris talk about the following four key points in determining your ideal client 

  • Your Ideal Client Demographics: Age, Gender, Educational background, Location.
  • Your Ideal Client Want and Desire: What do they want in their life and career? What is their dream and ambition and how your service or product can help them?
  • Your Ideal Client Challenge and Obstacle: What’s stopping them from achieving their dream and goal? Is it because of lack of information, a negative attitude, etc?  
  • Your Ideal Client Objection: Why would they decline your offer and service? Are there better alternatives out there or is your offer too expensive? 

They provide you with a customer avatar worksheet in this module, and Taylor guides you on how to use Google and Facebook to gather your ideal client information. 

In Facebook, he guides you on how to use Facebook business manager to find all demographics and interests of your clients. There is an audience insight feature that you will discover when you are building your Facebook ads campaign and planning the cost of the ads. 

With Google, you can just use Google search and do your research based on your customer’s attributes and behavior, you can also use the information that you got from Facebook audience insight and further research it on Google. 

Module 3: Build Your Feeder System 

So what is the feeder system? It is basically your webinar funnel. In this module, Taylor will teach you how to set up your funnel and record your high-quality webinar. 

Taylor first explains what a sales funnel is and some basic pages that a funnel should have. He explains the first flow of a sales funnel is the traffic part. Most businesses get their traffic from Facebook ads, this is where you get your ideal clients. 

Once your client gets interested and hooked by your Facebook ads, the next flow is the sales page. The sales page is where people land after clicking your ads. It is the page where people learn about your business and what is your offer. 

Then, if your client gets hungry to buy your offer or service, they will move to the next flow which is the order page. Here you will take their payment information and process the payment for your offer and service. 

Once the order is processed, they will move to the final page of the basic funnel which is the thank you page. On this page, they will be notified that their order has been processed and more information on the offer. 

Other than that, Taylor also talks about the three common mistakes of beginners in the funnel building process.

The first mistake is most beginners try to get fancy and build an over-complicated funnel. An over-complicated funnel is a funnel that has too many steps and flows that your prospect needs to go through to reach your final offer. This is bad because it will affect your conversion negatively, people only need to click one button to close your funnel so it is recommended to keep it simple. 

The second mistake is the lack of traffic to your funnel. Taylor recommends you choose more than one traffic source other than Facebook. You can use other platforms such as Google, Youtube, Instagram, etc. 

The third mistake is the absence of a thank you page. Thank you page is important to leave a good impression of your product and build a relationship with your clients. Leaving the customers hanging after the purchase of your service or product would make them wonder about their purchase and the worst thing that they can think of is being scammed by you. 

Module 4: Turn On The Faucet 

What do they mean by turning on the faucet? The answer is setting up your paid traffic. 

Once you set up your funnel, the next thing to do is drive traffic to your funnel. In this module, Taylor and Chris will teach you how to drive massive traffic to your funnel mainly from Facebook ads. 

The reason why they choose to teach you Facebook ads is that you can customize your target interest and demographic. Facebook has the most advanced ads targeting so far that’s why this is the best platform for you to get your high-paying clients. 

Firstly, Taylor and Chris show you the basic setting and training on Facebook ads and explain how to use the audience insight to get your target clients. 

After that, they teach you how to create high-converting Facebook ads for your offer. There are a lot of things that they cover in this section, they even show you some of their best Facebook ads for you to model after. 

Some of the lessons are how to do Facebook ads copywriting, where to get an attractive picture for your offer, the psychology of eye-grabbing headlines, and more. 

The final part of the module takes you through the 3 main pillars of a great offer. With a great offer, you can catch your prospect’s attention effectively before even making any call or follow-up. The 3 main pillars are Risk Reversal, Bonuses, and A Sense of Limited Supply. 

Module 5: Automate & Leverage Your Time 

From the module title, you could have guessed that in this section they will teach you how to automate your funnel and business right? 

Here, Taylor and Chris will take you on how to scale your business using their experience in running multiple agencies and some mistakes that you can avoid when running their agencies that would speed up your scaling process. 

The first mistake that they have done with their agencies is to not keep their funnel optimized. From 2016 to 2018, they have been using the same webinar funnel for their service. This mistake limited their earning potential because they could have upgraded their funnel and increased their profit from the higher-end offers. 

The second mistake that they mentioned is that they thought if they work more on their business, they would receive better results. But later on, they found that during scaling, it should get easier once your sales get bigger, like a snowball. 

Module 6: Bonus Lesson 

The bonus lesson from this course is “5 Steps To The Mindset You Need Growing From 0 To A Million In Months Not Years”. 

With these 5 steps, you can build your online business fast : 

First Step: Correct Your Belief System 

The first step of the lesson takes you through the power of positive thinking and thinking big. You first need to shift your mindset from negative to positive to make your business a success. 

Never think that a goal is too high to achieve, believe that you can achieve it, Taylor recommends you to read a book titled “ The Magic Of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz. 

Second Step: Know Your Numbers 

The second step is to know your numbers. To make your business profitable and reach your target income goal, you need to do the calculation toward it. Let’s say your income goal is 1 million dollars per year, which means you need to make around $83,000 per month. 

From that, how many clients do you need to make $83,000 per month? This is only the income side of the calculation. You also need to know your conversion rate, how many leads do you need to convert into one sale, etc. 

Third Step: Offer Less, Not More 

For the third step, you need to audit your business and see what is the best service that you are good at. Chris mentioned that his company grew exponentially when he only decided to focus on providing consulting services. 

Offering many things can slow down your business, thus, Taylor and Chris suggest you niche down in your business, offer less but high-quality ones. 

Fourth Step: Knowing Your Value 

In Knowing your value, Chris talks about how most businesses today do not know their value and often underprice their products and services. 

He explained if you have self-esteem in yourself and your business, you would set a high and reasonable price for your service because you know that your service can help your clients way more than the price of your service. 

Fifth Step: 10X Your Business Through Comparison 

In the fifth step, the lesson is to not judge yourself, be accountable and learn from others. If you see your business is failing while your competitors’ businesses are thriving, see what you did wrong, learn from it and your competitors. 

The key is to adapt to any obstacle and upgrade your business every time you meet with a problem. In this way, your business is on its way to grow exponentially. 

Final Verdict 

Do I recommend this course for beginners or intermediate businesses? I would say no unless you got $9,800 to spend on a course. 

Do not get me wrong, the value and the coaching that they provide is superb, but I cannot see someone would pay almost $10,000 for an online course and coaching unless you are really committed to your business and want it to be profitable fast. 

However, if you still do not know what kind of business that you would like to start, then watch this video that will show you how to start an online business using Google Maps.

Traffic and Funnels Client Kit is more for a struggling service-based business that wants to turn profitable and scale up.