WarriorPlus Review

WarriorPlus is an Affiliate Network. One of the most popular. It allows you to promote other people’s products, and it tracks all the clicks that come from your personal link. So if someone makes a sale from your personal link, you get paid a commission.

You can also sell your own products on WarriorPlus and allow others to promote it for you.

 It is a community for Affiliate Marketers as well as Product Creators/ Developers to align together in one place.  

With an opportunity for the Affiliates to promote those products on a commissions basis.

All the tools for Vendors to submit Products as well as reporting and payment processing options and digital wallets as well for affiliates and Training is all under one roof for both the Vendors and the Affiliates.

The Affiliate Network we choose to work with is a very important factor in our business.

WarriorPlus has established itself as one of the key players and today we will break down what is going on behind the scenes at WarriorPlus.

Whether you are an Affiliate or a Vendor your Buy Button/Call to Action is making a statement for you and about you.

The Buttons are not so obvious these days But people see your Payment Processor as credibility, reliability, quality, customer experience will all be important for online success.

WarriorPlus was founded by Mike Lantz in 2006 under Lexico LLC Branding.

Mike had an exclusive partnership with Allen Says the Founder of Warrior Forum in the Warrior Special Offers MarketPlace.

And it was a pretty profitable an sweet deal 

What really made WarriorPlus what it is today is the Competition that sprang up with the likes of JvZoo Network and others.

WarriorPlus is an established platform for online businesses to buy and sell products.

They provide the technology that is needed to advertise, deliver, and process payments.

Products such as digital eBooks, online courses,  software, membership site access, done for you templates.  

All these products fall into the Internet Marketing and Business in General space.

It is not like ClickBank Network where you may find a “Weight Loss” Product to promote or sell. 

 Unless for example you had come up with a tool for the owner of a weight loss business like a software to make videos with a fitness theme.

Also there is no MLM on the platform nor any “Black Hat Marketing”

Online Business Related, General Business Related, and Internet Marketing is the focus of WarriorPlus.

Signing Up and Inside the WarriorPlus Dashboard

What is it like as a totally New Sign Up with WarriorPlus?

Inside the Welcome email!

And those links take you to some Content and Training which I found helpful.

Account Functions and Options

The Dashboard

There are several ways to filter results and data inside the dashboard.  As affiliates here were the current top offers and offers that were soon to be launched.

To the far right you will see unlike ClickBank where you can just find products and create a hop link and begin promoting on WarriorPlus you must get permissions first from each Vendor by clicking the “Request” Button.

But you still get a lot of great information upfront about the Product and the Vendor.

  • Release Date how long ago and or how soon to be launched.
  • Sales Numbers
  • Conversion Rates
  • Visitor Value
  • Average Sale
  • Refund Rate
  • Favorites/Vendor Alerts

The Heart shaped symbol on far right is Pulse…will give you a score for all the activity on a product.

As an example from the above graphic let’s click “Traffic Beast”

You get an overview of the Products that Vendor has created and even a Funnel Map as well.

Can Click to the Vendors Sales Page

Upsells/Downsells and Bonuses

Several Methods to Get Paid on Commissions

  1. PayPal Plus

After a sale vendors and affiliates both must be paid.  That is where PayPal Plus comes in.  Allowing both affiliates and vendors to make sales and affiliates to earn commissions and deposits both into the Affiliate/JV Partner Wallets while the Vendor of course will be paid their share instantly into their PayPal. 

*Delayed Payments

While Affiliates get commissions deposited into Wallets there may be delay for actually withdrawing the funds.  This could be 7 to 30 days. This prevents Fraud and possible refunds and or chargebacks must be considered just in case.

  1. Stripe

Stripe Sales are  automatically deposited to the JV Partner and Affiliates Wallets and Vendors will get their share immediately into their Stripe accounts. 

*Delayed Payments

While Affiliates get commissions deposited into Wallets there may be delay for actually withdrawing the funds.  This could be 7 to 30 days. This prevents Fraud and possible refunds and or chargebacks must be considered just in case.

  1. Brand New Affiliates OR If Low Affiliate Scores

Internal scores are assigned to all Affiliates that may take into account certain factors  like how new or old the account is, how many actual sales have been made, refund rates, etc.  Then that score is then used to calculate a delay on commissions, which is generally between 7 and 30 days after a sale is made.

As the score increases, which is good, then the delay will also be reduced, until it reaches 0, then at that  time instant commissions can be paid according to the info above (this is when PayPal is the selected payments option).

Do not forget the FEES

 (Paypal, Stripe, all methods) these apply to all product purchases. Not that  all fees are paid by the vendor/seller of a product.

*When it is the case that on products that may offer 100% commission, then the fees are still paid by the seller, but will also affect the remaining amount to be paid as commission.

For example if you promoted a product in which it was $1 and offers 100% commission — after the vendor pays WarriorPlus and PayPal fees, there will be LESS than $1 left over for your commission of course and this is calculated automatically.

Your Wallet

The Wallet has been in place for 4 years and is effective to handle transactions automatically and also as some built in protections.

Affiliates and Partners will know they will be paid.  You do not want your payments to be on a manual whim of a vendor, you want it to be automated.

Get paid via Paypal Stripe even direct to your Bank Account via Veem.

WarriorPlus seems to have very freshly updated information sections…

Especially for those that have technical questions or questions about how to withdraw money.

The Current Fees for Vendor of a Sale is on a per transaction basis, and are deducted before any other commissions or payouts are calculated very easy to understand.


4.9% + 10c per transaction

VOLUME DISCOUNT RATES: Vendors with Proven History

Vendors who have a Vendor score >= 60, are eligible for much lower rates based on your Total Sales Revenue within the previous 30 day period.

REVENUE | RATE for Sales

  • $  1,000+ : 4.5%
  • $  2,500+ : 3.9%
  • $ 10,000+ : 3.5%
  • $ 25,000+ : 2.9%
  • $ 50,000+ : 2.5%
  • $100,000+ : 2.0%

*Keep in mind that Volume Discount Rates are available for transactions using PayPal Plus, Stripe or W+ Wallet. 

Pretty much all questions have been anticipated in the Affiliates section of the Help Content.

Launch Calendar Very Helpful

All in All

WarriorPlus was not evolving until it was forced to by competitors so we all win from that.  

The platform is relatively easy to understand. 

There are safeguards in place to protect your hard work, your earned commissions, and just blatant fraud if you are a vendor.

From a Vendors Viewpoint…

The people that have the biggest success with WarriorPlus join Groups.  Create Alliances, have presold audiences and databases of subscribers ready for their official launch sequence.   

Even a relatively mediocre launch as a vendor can begin to form a network of affiliates that will perform for you on the next launch and customers that will purchase on the next launch and or may even become new affiliates for you.

WarriorPlus even allows totally Free Offers that will build a following for your launches as well at any built in upgrades you may have for those Free Offers.

When you do get everything popping and in sync with your Products,  Sales Page, Contests, Committed Affiliates, JV Partners, Affiliate Banners and Swipe files, Presold followers ready to buy on your launch day you could also  win the WarriorPlus Deal of the Day where you are Promoted directly to the Hundreds of Thousands of people that are getting emails from WarriorPlus on a daily basis.

Your next launch should always be bigger and better based on the experience you got from that last launch.

But Affiliates have choices.  Why promote your launch over the next launch.  That is where you have to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack.  Remember the stats that everyone will be peeking at before they decide to promote.

WarriorPlus does have impressive numbers and there are enough people earning a decent living with it week after week, month after month, year after year that it may just well be a good investment to become a consistent hquality vendor there.

From an Affiliates Viewpoint

There are less instant Pay options if you are new to the network but you can quickly raise your scores if you stick with it.  You have plenty of insights as to what is selling and from whom and you also can see if there is a high rate of refunds which can save you plenty of headaches upfront.

Many of the top vendors are also top affiliates. You begin to see them giving testimonials on each other’s Sales Pages.  This is not unethical but you have to be sure there is quality in a product and not just an arrangement. I give you high marks, you give me high marks. In General networking with vendors and becoming an affiliate is not a bad thing.

Not all the products on WarriorPlus are 5 Star quality unfortunately but you can still find them with a little bit of digging.

It is also wise to network and join groups where Vendors and Affiliates both hang out because you may get wind of Incentives, Contests, Bonuses, maybe even a test drive of the product itself.

WarriorPlus focuses on Internet Marketing tools and that can be a big plus for your own business as well.

As an Affiliate can You Make Money with WarriorPlus?

Yes.  People have been doing it for many years.

How?  Free Methods and Paid Methods

Several ways.  Will depend on the product and where that audience hangs out.

Here is an example over at Quora (Questions and Answers Website) of an affiliate getting an affiliate link in front of people while “Being Helpful”. I would be careful with this technique but it seems to have worked…

He made himself a case study and showed his proof of earnings then he blended into the content that he had his success with a particular product and shared his affiliate link

If you need some help having success with WarriorPlus….

There are plenty of Helpful Tutorials over at YouTube and plenty of Facebook Groups to gain more strategies.

If you need help with Traffic.

If you need help with raising your score.

If you want to learn about offering a Bonus for what you are promoting.

If you are thinking about become a vendor and creating your own WarriorPlus product.

If you want to create a review or a video review of a product.

If you want to become a Super Affiliate.

Are there any scammers on WarriorPlus?

WarriorPlus does not sell products.  When a person has a problem they need to address the Vendor.

There are people waiting to exploit websites, forums, social media just about anything. Warrior Plus is a legit platform.  Not perfect but it is proven to create success stories for many internet marketers from around the globe.

Anyone that is obviously breaking the rules will get the boot off the network and a reputation as well.

WarriorPlus pretty much has its own orbit of dedicated vendors and affiliates who create and promote product after product all year round and they will keep doing so as long as the profits are rolling.

WarriorPlus is making money 365 Days a Year and there is a Slice of the Pie for Everyone possible.

I like to go to the “Worth of Web” Website and play with the Calculator there even though it is obviously just a “Guesstimate” of a Website’s Worth.

They even state themselves that they have no idea of the true numbers.

Here are the results when I entered WarriorPlus in the Calculator….

And here is My own Website Chaddo.com

I can share with you that those are extremely conservative estimates. ☺

But the point is that money is changing hands and legitimately over at WarriorPlus but your experience will be your experience.  

But wherever you begin can grow without limits.