Wesley Virgin – Overnight Millionaire System Review

Who Is Wesley Virgin? 

Wesley Virgin or “Wesley Billion Dollar Virgin” is a fitness entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and Youtuber. He teaches people how to make money online through various ways with his Youtube channel. As of now, his Youtube channel has more than 450,000 subscribers. 

You might have seen one of his ads where he flashes all of the fancy cars and luxury watches while shouting at you about your life decision. 

But before we get into our opinion on this Wesley Virgin, keep in mind that this “Overnight Millionaire System” most likely wont teach you how to become a millionaire. It will probably get you motivated and help you believe in yourself, which valuable. But if you want the real nuts and bolts for how to setup an online business check out the video on this page. It teaches a unique method (step by step) of setting up an autopilot online business with Google Maps.

Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

Click Here to Get The Course My Daughter Used.

The course my daughter used above is much better than Overnight Millionaire System. But since you are here to learn about Overnight Millionaire System, lets get back to our review of that:

Now, lets assume you’re looking for motivation (not nuts and bolts business setup), Wesley’s ads trigger your emotion and make you contemplate your life situation, but that is the purpose of his marketing which is to make you go to his sales page.  

First of all, let’s look at his previous background. Wesley Virgin started his first career as a computer engineer and worked 9 to 5 just like the masses. 

He explained to Forbes magazine that when he was working as an engineer, he had more money than average people but the only thing that he did not have was time. He could not even spend time with his family and kids while working as a computer engineer. 

At one point, he snapped and made up his mind to stop solving other people’s problems and started working on his problem first. He quit his job and started thinking about what he truly wants in life and wrote it on his vision board. 

Then, he started his entrepreneurial journey as a fitness influencer, he bought a laptop with his credit card and started recording fitness videos and posting them on Youtube and other social media. 

According to him, the two things that made him successful as a fitness influencer are his insane work ethic and social media. 

With the help of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, he gained more popularity and views on his fitness channel. He made his first money from Youtube ads revenue. Then, he started promoting some fitness products in his videos and that is where he got his sales momentum from. 

One of his most famous products is the Fat Diminisher System on Clickbank that is heavily promoted by affiliate marketers all around the world focusing on helping people to lose weight. 

He also mentioned that you do not need to go to college to learn anything these days, especially about making money online and building a business, everything is available on the internet. 

He claims that he has made 30 million dollars and that was the easiest thing that he has done to himself. He believes that the hardest thing he has ever done is to believe that he can make 30 million dollars. 

Wesley’s dream is to produce 50 millionaires with his training, that is what he mentioned in one of his controversial Youtube ads where he flashes expensive and fancy cars to grab your attention leading to the Overnight Millionaire System sales page. 

Wesley said that mindset is everything when you want to be successful, a millionaire, or to make a lot of money. The Overnight Millionaire System that he has created mainly focuses on the mindset side of being a millionaire. 

Now that we know who Wesley Virgin is, time to dive into what Overnight Millionaire System is. 

What Is the Overnight Millionaire System?

Overnight Millionaire System is a mindset and motivational course created by Wesley Virgin, a big believer in mindset and motivational hack. This course is designed by Wesley to help you create your digital course and to shift your mind toward the right direction to become a millionaire and successful in your life. 

There is little to nothing practical in this course, it is all about motivation, mindset hack, philosophy, and some advice that Wesley gives that he claims has helped him in his journey to become successful as a fitness entrepreneur and make millions of dollars online. 

Wesley’s goal for this course is to help you change the way you think, once you change your way of thinking then you can live life in your term. Wesley also teaches a few lessons on how to create your digital course and put it on the Clickbank marketplace. Other than that, it is all pure motivation. 

The current price of the Overnight Millionaire System is $37 but he usually gives you a discount of $10 at his social media and sales page to attract you into buying his course. However, there are a lot of upsells after your first purchase and it can go up to a $997 upsell course. 

The first upsell is the Affirmation Cash course that is priced at $17. Wesley said that affirmation is designed to harness the power of the law of attraction and positive thinking. 

There are some mantras and words that you can chant to attract them. It sounds a bit BS but that is what he claims this course will help you with. Wesley is also confident in this course that if you are not happy with this course, he will refund your money up to 3 times the amount that you paid him for. 

The second upsell is Million Dollar Persuasion & Psychology Techniques for just $9. These are some psychology tips that Wesley shares on what makes people buy or do not buy your product or service. 

These are some cognitive psychological triggers that can get you, customers, without resistance. This can also be applied in the context of a relationship with your child or spouse. 

The third upsell is Unrevealed Secret Of A Millionaire Mind, a 10-day course created by Wesley Virgin. Below are some topics and subjects that he talks about in this course. 

  • Disconnect:  This subject talks about how your family or friends become the obstacle for you to pursue your goals and dreams. At some point, you need to ditch that negative friend or family member. You are the average of 5 people that you hang out closely with. 
  • When A Millionaire Speaks.. Shut Up: These are some tips that Wesley shares on how to socialize with millionaires including what to wear, what to take and what to trash. 
  • A Millionaire’s Best Kept Secret: These are the true reasons why you are not successful in life, it is not about how but it is about the why. 
  • Sexual Transmutation: He claims that 95% of successful entrepreneurs and people refrain from sexual activity and channel that sexual desire toward their passion. 

Overnight Millionaire System Content 

There are a few things that you will receive in the Overnight Millionaire System itself. Below are the main components of the Overnight Millionaire System. 

10x WHY’s

In the first section of the course, Wesley asked you to write why you want to become a millionaire or be successful. The answer might not be as simple as you think, this is the technique that some millionaires use to get the drive and hunger to pursue their goals. 

The exact step is to ask why do you want to be a millionaire? Once you get the answer, let’s say because you want to buy a good apartment, then ask yourself again why do you want a good apartment? Repeat the same process 10 times. He claims that at the end of the puzzle, this technique will reveal to you the true reason why you want to be a millionaire and that reason should be enough as a motivating drive for you to pursue your goals. 

Audio Files 

You will also receive 5-sets of audio mp3 files of “Overnight Mindset Hack” that you need to listen to for a minimum of 60 days. Wesley programs this audio to change your unconscious mind toward success and abundance. 

Millionaire Mindset Hacks 

These are some motivational and educational video clips that Wesley shares to help you unlock your millionaire mindset. Below are the video subjects that you are going to watch once you get inside the course. 

  • How to come up with all of the ideas that could potentially make you $1 million or more, and write them down. 
  • How to visualize and reflect on having 1 million dollars in your bank account. 
  • How to become a “high-value person” with successful skills that people value and will pay for. 
  • The importance of listening to people who have $1 million or more saved up. 
  • Create unshakable belief in yourself to keep pushing forward so you see results faster. 
  • How to find ways to create multiple streams of income in areas that already are in high demand. 
  • Learn how to become a master at sales, marketing, and persuasion as a newbie without reading a lot of books. 

How To Keep Yourself Motivated 

This is a 30-minute video where Wesley shares with you his life story on how he keeps himself motivated despite the failures that he had before and his big debt, shifting from computer engineer to fitness influencer and more. 

This video is more of an emotional breakthrough story and is a must-watch if you are inside the training. Wesley’s story is relatable to most people because he did not come from a rich family and needed to struggle for anything that he wanted until now. 

How To Create A Good Sales Page 

Wesley also teaches you some basic stuff about sales pages and gives you an idea of what a good sales page will look like. He focuses his attention on the affiliate marketing business model as that is what most people focus on when trying to make money online.

It is a pretty basic training video, you can find this information for free on Youtube but Wesley just gives the training as a bonus along with his millionaire mindset hack.  

Pros And Cons Of Overnight Millionaire System 


  • Wesley provides high-quality motivational videos and materials that will help you in your success journey. 
  • The course itself at a reasonable price which is at $37 not including the $10 discount that he gives to more than 70 percent of people that land on his sale page. 
  • Your money will be spent on a good cause as he is very active in donating to churches and charities 
  • 60 days money-back guarantee for you if you are unhappy in any way of the product that you purchased for him. 


  • There are a lot of upsells after you get the Overnight Millionaire System and these upsells can get up to $997 or more in the total price. 
  • In the little part of a video where he talks about launching your digital product in Clickbank, the training is not enough for a person to practically get a digital product of their own and market them successfully. 
  • Most of the lessons are motivational talks and mindset videos and audio, it is not for you if you are expecting an instruction manual or step-by-step program on how to be a millionaire.  

Final Verdict 

In my opinion, if you are interested in being a millionaire, you should give Wesley’s Overnight Millionaire System a shot. For the price of $37, you will unlock the fundamentals and mindset behind a successful entrepreneur, a millionaire, and someone that makes a lot of money online.

However, I do understand that most people think Wesley Virgin is a scam because there is no actual step-by-step training to be a millionaire and it is all just theory, but in reality, even if a mentor or an online guru gives you the exact step-by-step framework to create a successful business, will you be successful with that alone? 

I think what creates a successful person and someone that makes a lot of money relies on intangible elements such as drive, motivation, discipline. Without these qualities, no matter how many courses that you take on how to make a lot of money online, you will not stay consistent with it, you will not take any action, or you will not be committed long enough to see a good result from any course that you enrolled in. 

Finally, I recommend anyone who wants to be a millionaire in any field that you are interested in or want to be successful in what you do to try Overnight Millionaire System, you do not have to purchase multiple upsells that he offers because they are optional and I think the main Overnight Millionaire System is enough to give you the mindset hack that you need to be successful and a millionaire although it is a very hard journey.