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Fake Your Referrer

This is a very old strategy, somewhat sneaky. Use at your own risk!

There are many uses for this. Believe it or not I just saw someone using it, faking referral stats to one of our sites, banking on that fact that we would see it in our analytics and wonder about it. They generated thousands of hits to our site all coming from one domain name. Which of course, me and my team all visited out of curiosity.  Not that it worked to convert us into sales, and I doubt it works very well for anyone, but it did generate traffic!

That is just one use for it. Watch the video and let your creative juices flow.

Click here for Firefox 3.6 (opens in a new window)
Click here to Add RefControl to your Firefox Browser (opens in a new window)
Details at the RefControl Homepage (opens in a new window)

Extreme Referrer Links:
Download Extreme Referrer (right click and “save as”)
Click here to Add FireFTP to your Firefox Browser (opens in a new window)
Click here to Add SeoQuake to your Firefox Browser (opens in a new window)

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Chad Kimball is an entrepeneur and internet marketer who shapes his work around his life, rather than the other way around. He quit his job and has been working (as little as possible) from home since January of 2000.

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I really want this.Great stuff.


WoW.. Cool stuff Guys–Thanks!, looking forward to more tips like this for sure.

Bill Vellasays:

Great info once again. Seems you are taking on the roll as the public (webmaster) defender. I think that is awesome! We need to be thinking about all the Blackhatters out there trying to steal and take advantage of the ever changing WWW. Thanks for lookin’ out for us Chaddo!


how long can you run the extreme referrer, months ?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes, you can run it every day or multiple times per day for as many months as you want. however, a word of warning, if you’re using it not to get backlinks, but to get traffic from webmasters, you probably don’t need to run it as much as back in the days when folks used it for backlinks. You just need to show up regularly, but not so much that you annoy the webmaster (they’ll be unlikely to be your customer if they are annoyed).

John Mauldinsays:

Once again I have to say “Thanks” for another informative idea! I recommend you to everyone I know who is involved in anything related to internet marketing and development. Am getting a new site up in a few days that will be a Storehouse of Free and valuable information and would like to link to your site. Tell me the best page to link to and it’s done! John M.

Jeremiah @ 48-hour Cash Machinesays:

Wow! very cool tip/script.

Just wondering, would you suggest running the script repeating the same Spam URLs ever few days or create a new Spam URL list (using different keywords) each time?

Many thanks,

ANSWER FROM CHAD: I’d create one master list with URLs from all your target keywords and run it over and over. Just make sure you read my word of warning that I wrote to Roger above.

Local Web Marketersays:

Hi Chad,

Another brilliantly laid out ninja style technique designed to create traffic as well as offer off-page seo support.

Also, some good tips in your recent Chadingermany videos too.

Keep up the great work, I look forward to hearing more about your Black Hat Live Seminar.

Local Web Marketer


Chad some pretty neat stuff. You and your brother never cease to stand out from the crowd.


Hi Chad,

I have to say once again, you are a Don! – and so is Esrun, I’ve been visiting his site for a long time too and over the years, between both of you I’ve learn’t so much valuable information and gained so much valuable scripting knowledge it’s truly mindblowing.

Few people in IM realm are as upfront, honest and forthcoming with such solid, helpful information as you guys.

There’s always something new to pick up from each and every one of your videos/tutorials/posts, which is not something I could say about many other well known internet marketers who continue flogging dead horses to unsuspecting newbies.

Big ups to both of you!!

I’m eagarly anticipating your darkside webinar!

All the best!


wow man that video was awesome. i am going to watch it over and over till i get those techniques glue to my head i feel bad that i missed the first webinar . i will make sure the i don’t miss this one is so much fun. Thank you s0o0o0o0 much for doing this for us the little guys.


David Norden secret marketing linkssays:

I did not very well understand the power of this hack.

A question: If you won’t record the online seminars you will be giving, how can I follow them, since I don’t intent to be behind my computer at three a clock in the morning ( I am living in Belgium and that’s the hours most US webinars are given – 9 pm = 3 am in the morning in Belgium), if I buy this course it’s not to be missing your most interesting parts. Believe me if Google buy your course they will record your webinars if you don’t. I would personally not do a webinar, but just a recording that is NOT available in your members section, but only send the special hacks by post on the DVD you usually send for people who bought in the pre-release period.


ANSWER FROM CHAD: This is a good idea David. I have been thinking about folks that can’t make the live version of the course, trying to figure out a way to make it available without it getting spread all over the web. Let me think on this


Thanks for sharing….

Matthew Maginleysays:

Hi Chad and Seth,
Once again the Arbor Group is on the leading edge of ‘what’s next’. Looking forward to your next big thing – you always overdeliver.


After years of blanking the referrer and getting my CPA accounts banned; this is going to come in pretty handy!

ANSWER FROM CHAD: If you are doing it for CPA stuff, there are more advanced ways to do this, just do a google search for it, should find some good info.


Hi Chad,

Looking to get this aswell but I also live in Europe so it would not be possible to get live on the webinar. I am definitely interested if you can work around this!


Hi Chad, this is really a very nice stuff. After saving the urls to file using the seoquake plugin, I opened the csv file, but my list of URLS contains some other parameters. An example is:;”?”;”?”;”?”;”?”;”?”;”?”;”?”;”?”;”whois”;”source”;”no”;”?”;”?”

How do I sift out the URLS only in the excel sheet, so as to copy only the URLS without all other strings. I use wnidows xp and not windows 7.


ANSWER FROM CHAD: Looks like your excel isn’t importing the file properly. Try opening excel FIRST. The, inside excel, click file, open, and navigate to the csv file and open it. If that doesn’t work, use the insert file function.


Thanks Chad. Got that. However, I have a little concern. I have a total of 1200+ URLS out of which are .gov and .edu urls also, in my niche. I also noticed that some urls appear multiple times, being inner pages.

My concern is that, posting to these .gov sites and .edu sites and some other urls which appear multiple times. Won’t it raise a flag? Since I am posting from my server, will my host IP get banned in anyway? Just a thought.


Exit PopUp for Wordpresssays:

Hi Chad,

Thanks for the video but I have a couple of questions…

How do check to see if my awstats are unprotected and listed in Google?

This really looks a bit on the dark side, but if I’m going to do this, would you recommend setting up dedicated domain on a dedicated host jut for this purposes only just in case I end up problems with my hosting provider?

Can you provide any case study site that are still ranking in Google as a result of using this method?

Sorry for being so anxious.



ANSWER FROM CHAD: yes, definitely, if you’re doing this just for traffic (not for links) you should setup a solo site, or even an anonymous form on to collect leads. That way your main site will not get touched in case you get any flack.


Cool thing.

Thank you.

Troy Holadiasays:

Chad – Many thanks to you for the Extreme Referrer software. Little tricks like this are what sets you apart from everyone else on the web. I’m looking forward to the free traffic coming to my sites – especially the webmasters inside my niche.

Troy Holadia

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