Chad Kimball Course

Many people ask “How much does Chad Kimball’s Course cost?”

or “How much does Chad Kimball’s Training Cost”

We get asked this constantly, find out what you need to know here, then schedule a call with us!


By the way, this isn’t really a “class” or a “course” so much as an entire coaching program, with live interaction with me and my staff to get you started in your business.

Here’s some past results of case studies of my students from various techniques that I have taught:


  • Brand new domain went from zero to $44 per day in adsense income (thats $1320 per month!).
  • Only took 30 days to do it.
  • Now, 6 months later, the site makes minimum $2100 per month. Two hours per week of work.


  • From nowhere to first position in google.
  • Used wordpress and and unique blackhat linking tactic.
  • 1.3 Million competing results.


  • Brand new domain.
  • zero to $400 month revenue in 20 days.
  • It isn’t a lot, but its a completely autopilot site running affiliate offers!


Let me give you the failsafe linking diagram that is commonly used to keep their money sites safe from being banned. I’ve blogged about it before, but let me repeat it here:

Now, there are a lot of specifics on how these links are generated that can make this completely FAIL.

There are hundreds of ways to do it wrong, and a few ways to do it right.

But you don’t need to be a genius to successfully add these techniques to your online business.

I teach all about this
and many more techniques,
in my course.

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Chad Kimball is an entrepeneur and internet marketer who shapes his work around his life, rather than the other way around. He quit his job and has been working (as little as possible) from home since January of 2000.

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Would you think that your BH method can work for french markets and kw ?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: I haven’t personally tested in french markets/keywords. However, as a general rule, non-english markets are much easier to rank using blackhat SEO because google focuses more heavily on policing the english version of google.


Wondering about the application of these techniques to local businesses (i.e. SEO clients’ sites). Would you feel comfortable using them for that?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: I know folks who use these techniques for client sites, but make sure to let the client know ahead of time that you’re doing them, just my opinion. They will be safe enough to use for a regular client, however. I’ll show you how to protect your site from being associated with the blackhat techniques, all the while benefiting from all the blackhat stuff!


Hi Chad,

Will you also be showing us how to maintain these sites once they are up and running and making a monthly profit?


ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes. In the specific “4 step technique” (the first case study in the blog post above) the site currently makes over $2000/month, 6 months later. I’ll show you how to make sure these sites keep running, and you won’t have to do much work to keep the incoming coming in either!

Robert Blakesays:

Chad great post as always.

Will the live training be available for those of us who cannot attend due to other appointments?

Will your FULL version of this course be made available to persons not on the training webinar?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: It will be a live course, because many of these techniques I don’t want to get out (and I don’t want google to know I’m doing them either!!!). Live sessions will help keep the secret stuff from getting into the wrong hands. However, if you are unable to make the live sessions, you can watch the sessions in a special “replay section” of the members area. I’ll leave these replays up long enough for everyone to watch them.

Halim shawadfysays:

Hey Chad,

does autoblogging still work with the latest google update?

Does it work better when i make autoblog using an old domain and make back dated posts, about 3000 posts published 2-3 years befor now, will google index them or will recognize them as outoblog?


ANSWER FROM CHAD: Halim, yes autoblogging still works, but you need unique content. My autoblog course shows you how to get this for free. I’ll also be teaching some ways of getting unique content that are different from my autoblog course and are very easy to grab up thousands of pieces of content within minutes.


As with many marketing strategies start small and scale it up either doing it yourself or outsourcing the lot. This may be a bit more delicate when using black hat strategies ??

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Actually the nice thing about blackhat is it is very easy to scale up because most blackhat tools I’m going to cover are extremely powerful, they can handle 1 site or 100 sites easily.


Hello Chaddo I have been following you for a little while and have been trying to absorb all I can about online marketing and various techniques involved to achieve particular results desired. Indeed backlinks are a very big priority from what I’ve gathered as well as content. You are most definitely a very experienced marketer and I applaud you for your generous insights in this IM space. IM befuddles most that enter its world blindly(seems more like a wormhole at times). I started this site a week or so ago and have others that I started as well but it seems as if putting it all together to where it’s generating revenue without doing anything else has escaped me thus far. I realize content (more) is needed. How much is needed to get Ad-sense? Maybe your course will help.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Get some adsense ads on those sites right now. That way when you take my course you’ll be able to instantly apply what I teach in getting adsense revenue started rolling in…


Hi Chad,

Can you please make this course a product we can buy,i love your work!!
I can not a attend the course and would love buy it!Almost everything from you is a no brainer!!
Please make it a buyable product!


ANSWER FROM CHAD: It will be a live course, because many of these techniques I don’t want to get out (and I don’t want google to know I’m doing them either!!!). Live sessions will help keep the secret stuff from getting into the wrong hands. However, if you are unable to make the live sessions, you can watch the sessions in a special “replay section” of the members area. I’ll leave these replays up long enough for everyone to watch them.


Hi Chad,

I am a local mortgage broker in New Jersey.
My site ranks pretty good for a few key words.
I would like to get it to move up and add few new
keywords and phrases.

Will this help me do that ?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Definitely. Actually in the case study #1 above, the guy is actively selling mortgage products and uses the same techniques for his mortgage sites as he used in the case study I showed.


Hi Chad,

I have to say that you are one of the few…very few that are willing to share actually valuable info with your list, and believe me I am on many “guru” lists.

just one Q for me: Is this black hat something you would do for local businesses that you work with? I have a few and link building is one time consuming parts.

Cheers from Norway

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Actually there are some new breakthroughs in blackhat SEO regarding Local businesses as well. Make sure to mention this in the chat area while I’m doing the live sessions and I’ll be sure to cover this. It overlaps a lot with another technique I’ll be teaching.


Hi Chad,

I’m confused…is this a course you will sell? Or do we HAVE to attend it live via webinar or whatever? With time differences that can be hard. Please let us know.

Thanks :)

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes it will be a live course, that will allow you to ask any questions during each session while it is fresh, since BlackHat stuff can sometimes be difficult to get your mind around. However, if you are unable to make the live sessions, you can watch the sessions in a special “replay section” of the members area. I’ll leave these replays up long enough for everyone to watch them.


Hi Chad,

I’m very interested in this course but how much?

I’m running 2 sites:

Will your course help my sites getting more orders?
Thank you!!

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Jeannie for these sites I would take a long tail keyword approach. If you come to the course with some good keyword research, knowing exactly which keywords you want to target, this blackhat stuff will totally help you. If you are unsure about keyword research, I can show you how to do this too.


Hi Chad, interesting ..i have yet to hit the pavement with Squidoo and Hubpages..have known to do it , haven’t yet..all the latest garb about Google farmers /panda what not..since I dont publish garbage I am not afraid..actually I am climbing the alexa just by having linked self hosted wordpress and html sites..have five so far with lifetime hosting..(yuk..yuk). Anyways facebook backlinks with feedburner feed do well.


Hi, I have some questions about techniques I can apply safely to get my website from $3 to #1 in google.

I say safely because this is the website I live from as of now. (and it is good living) and I don’t want to jeopardize it as you can imagine. My competitor above me has 5 times more links that I have but there are not super quality. The strange thing is that the #1 ranking has a lot less links then me and has a PR2 ( I have PR 4) I don’t get it. so direct competitor (#2) has 105,000 (market samurai numbers) #1 has 7,700 only and I (#3) have 20,000. Why someone that has 100,000 backlinks is not above the #1 ranked site that has only 8,000 links ??? this boogles me. I’d like to comments on that if possible. of course there are many factors I understand but you’d think that 12 times many backlinks would be enough to outrank #1. Plus, most backlinks #2 has are PR0 PR1. they only have a handful of PR3 and maybe 1 PR4.

Anyway, I’d like a method to outrank my direct competitor. (I just forget to beat #1 as it seems impossible since he has 8,000 links and #2 has 105,000 links)

Also, as a general question, how building lots and lots of backlinks very very quickly affect google rankings. Some say, you’ll be slapped, some say you can’t be slapped. what is your opinion?

thanks for your courses. I bought all of them I think. I’m a fan :-) see you tomorrow.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: I have a similar situation in one of my niches. I don’t want to ever risk the site, but my competitor is proving hard to beat. I’m actively using blackhat techniques to beat him and my site continues to be 100% safe. Google doesn’t even know I’m using blackhat stuff on this site! I’ll teach you how to do this too.


I’m looking forward to the tips. About a year ago I started using Rank Builder, then switched to Serp Assist to build the 2.0’s, then slammed those sites with xrummer +scrapebox links. I do SEO for several attorneys and it has worked well on those local sites. My affiliate CPA sites have not benefited to the same degree using the same approach. I can’t wait to find out what I’ve been doing wrong on the CPA’s.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: It may be an issue of having less competition with the attorney stuff, when affiliate CPA keywords can have very hardcore competition. I’ll teach you a strategy that can work even for heavily competitive sites, however.


I have both y0ur Google Maps Cash and YouTube Cash Secrets dvds. Are you covering something different in this Blackhat training?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes, this course is very different. I did cover some blackhat strategies in both of those courses, but they were quite general and covered only one tactic that was related to that specific course. This will be a very thorough, detailed course on multiple blackhat strategies, going into depth on each one and showing you how to profit from them.


Hi Chad, I look forward learning more from you!

I have attempted to build some easy ranking sites by using web2.0 properties to get rank, but one thing that always puzzle me is am I building link too fast? I see my site showed on Page 1 of Google one day and dissappear another day. Thus I wonder will your technique be able to by pass Google dance as well! Or we don’t even need to worry about it at all:)


ANSWER FROM CHAD: I’ll talk a lot about the “google dance” in this course. It is quite normal, but when you see a site “dancing” there are specific steps that you need to take if you are using BlackHat strategies. Link velocity is also something I will cover in detail (i.e. how fast to safely build links). Also, I’ll show you some techniques for adding 100k+ links at once without google even blinking an eye, it is pretty crazy stuff.

Brooklyn Credit Repairsays:

I did a soft blast , 2 articles, in AMR and now I a page has been deindexed. how do i re index it?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Two articles in AMR probably wouldn’t get your page deindexed. It is probably another factor. How do you know it is deindexed? Anyhow, if it really is deindexed, the best way to get a page reindexed is to point some links to it and post some fresh, completely unique content on the page (not spun content or anything, completely unique from scratch).


Will you teach about the monetizaton aspect? Types of sites to build to achieve this kind of income?

Or is it more focused on the ranking aspect of things?

What’s the appr. cost of tools you need to utilize this strategy?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Some of the tools I will cover in the Blackhat live course are free. Some have a cost. I’ll be covering a lot of different techniques so it kind of depends on which one you’re talking about. If there is a cost, I almost always show you where to outsource it for cheaper than purchasing the tool itself. Its really amazing how cheap you can get started with Blackhat stuff if you know what you’re doing.

Bill Vellasays:

I have a Question about a strange occurrence on a couple of my sites. The first time I click on some of my sites, not all, they redirect to another site. Is this some Black hat technique also. It only happens on the first try, after that it goes to my site. This is the site….

ANSWER FROM CHAD: For me, it doesn’t go to another site, just straight to your softball site. Have you scanned your system for malware/adware or viruses? It could be something on your computer there that is doing the redirect.


Hi Chad,

Your linking diagram looks similar to diagrams used in a product called SeNuke X. Have you used this tool? If so, any opinions about it?


ANSWER FROM CHAD: yes I do use SENuke X, and will be discussing that in my course. However, SENuke is one of the less “blackhat” tools I’ll be discussing. Most of the other tools are much less known and more powerful than SEnuke.


Chad, thanks for your reply. I use Google Keyword Tool to do keyword research.

Brooklyn Credit Repairsays:

Quote “ANSWER FROM CHAD: Two articles in AMR probably wouldn’t get your page deindexed. It is probably another factor. How do you know it is deindexed? Anyhow, if it really is deindexed, the best way to get a page reindexed is to point some links to it and post some fresh, completely unique content on the page (not spun content or anything, completely unique from scratch).”

I use Traffic Travis, I was ranking page 1 for about 8 keywords and they all say zero now. The rest of the site is fine


Chad, I have gotten both, autoblogging and Domain Tweak system and love them. I will not be able to attend the live BH course. However, I have seen you mention that in the members area you will be able to replay it. My question is where is members area going to be? I would very much like to be able to view the video and take notes when I get home after 9pm tomorrow. Can you tell me how to log into the members area, please?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: The members area will be accessible by your own personal login when you purchase the course. Live course will be taking place next week and the week after that, so if you purchase tomorrow you will still be able to make it next week, or watch the replays.


questions for the Live course:
Hi Chad,
Last few months I’ve noticed that Pages get indexed faster and longer then Posts. I am building Pages only now.If I try web 2.0 linking,should I link to Pages or Index page?What works better? Also,links coming from foreign sites, not in English…are they equally good for ranking of my main site?
Thank you

ANSWER FROM CHAD: I haven’t noticed the difference between pages and posts, I’ll have to take a look into that. However, if you are doing web 2.0 linking, link to both the homepage and internal pages. make sure the internal pages are optimized for different keywords within the same niche that are lower competition. foreign sites should be fine, we use them all the time.


Hi Chad you the MAN and iam looking Forward to your new Course as your Stuff is allways GREAT THANKS for Doing This CHEERS *M8*


Hey Chad,

Would we be able to see your case studies and watch you explain on a case by case approach how you did it?

Thank you,

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes, but I won’t be able to show you my specific niches/domains for obvious reasons. But I will be very specific with explaining the techniques step by step that I and others use. I won’t hold anything back.


Hi Chad,

What will the influence be of the panda/farmer update from Google on your blackhat techniques?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Google’s Panda/farmer update hasn’t affected any of my blackhat techniques. I know it sounds weird, but its true. I’ll explain why in the live sessions, and I’ll teach you how to be Panda/Farmer update IMMUNE!!!


Hey Chad,

Interesting c0ntent you will be revealing! However, I am a bit confused after your yesterday post about the Facebook Blackhat button… I would have expected you will cover some sort of blackhat strategies outside of SEO but around Facebook, not only with the Google focus in mind.

One thing people and business are currently struggling with is how to get any kind (targeted, massive but untargeted etc…) of fans to their FB page, to sell CPA, affiliate products or to get customers for offline companies.

I believe FB is taking more and more stake in the IM world and it would be wise to get an edge when it comes to FB, Twitter and the likes. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

ANSWER FROM CHAD: We’ll be covering facebook Blackhat strategies in the course as well!


Hi Chad!

How and where can I register for your live training?


ANSWER FROM CHAD: I’ll send an email out to everyone on my list at 10am Central (11am Eastern) with the registration link. The actual training will take place next week (to give time for everyone to register)


hi Chad,

love all of your stuff! i was wondering if this is something that you can use for affiliate links and product launches? i recently came across a guy that was using some kind of crazy tactics (it wasn’t a name that i ever came across) and the guy ended up at the top of the leader board, which meant about $700K over the 10 days of the launch. so if i have a link that goes through a Go Pages type of deal, is that the best method to use or are there others that would be better for the above mentioned?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: I’m not familiar with “go” pages, however, I know this can work for affiliate links/product launches. Works best if you own the site that you’re trying to rank, and then put the affiliate link directly on that site.

Phil Tozersays:

Would this work for a new site that has no ranking at all?

Would you still create articles, reviews, videos about this site & have them link back through the various article & video directories? I’m asking this because I suspect that there is no way around the above tried & tested route that so many people keep telling me I should do!

Do I get brownie points & a koala stamp for saying you & your brother are grouse!!??

I’m buying the product, but a little smooching never hurt anyone! (sic) lol.
Phil Tozer
Twitter philtozer

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes this works for brand new sites with no ranking. There are some requirements for the new site in order for it to work which I will teach. Also, yes I still recommend setting up all those properties and linking into your site from there. Plus some blackhat stuff which will put it in HYPERDRIVE. Smooch smooch


Are you setting a limit on how many people can join the live training? I’m not sure I can be at my computer at the time you release it but I would like to join.


ANSWER FROM CHAD: The live video streaming site does have a limit on how many people we can have. However, it is pretty high. There are 15000 people getting notified tomorrow so I suppose it is possible for it to fill up. Just jump on it as fast as you can on Thursday, if its later on Thursday I think you’ll still be able to get in. Don’t wait until Friday though.


Hi Chad,

I’m in! I’ve been trying to make money with adsense but not getting clicks no matter what I do… also, I’m really bad at SEO… takes forever for my site to rank… and even if I have a site ranking on 1st page of Google, the site doesn’t get any clicks… it possible, will you help me take a look at my “dud” sites after I sign up? Thanks!

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes, just make sure you’re on the live sessions and you can ask me any question via chat, if you dont mind making your URL public.


Btw Chad, do I need to use a blog/wp format for my sites for this technique to work? Most of my sites are in html… if it is, I’ll like to make time to convert them to wp instead. Let me know please, thanks!

ANSWER FROM CHAD: The technique has mainly been tested with wordpress blogs. However, if you want to test it with a plain html site, it might work too.


How do I join the course? I don’t see any link here..

ANSWER FROM CHAD: The course opens 10am central on thurs, may 12 (tomorrow) I’ll be emailing the link out. If you don’t get the link shoot chadwarrior an email @gmail.


Hi Chad –

I have a site I have been trying to rank because my goal is to rent it out. It has been stuck in the same position on Google for a while now. Page 2 Position 4. This is up from page 8 in the beginning. But it is driving me crazy because I want to start profiting from this site. I need your help on what to do so I can generate an income from this site. The site I am talking about is Your feedback is appreciated.

We also bought the .net of this site and I haven’t even done a thing with it. May you have a strategy that can bring in money with these.

Also-are you going to talk at all about how to rank videos faster?


ANSWER FROM CHAD: Is the term you’re trying to rank for the exact same as the keyword phrase in the URL? if it is, it should be easy to rank using a certain blackhat technique I’ll show you in my course. If you’re targeting a different keyword phrase we’ll need to adjust a bit but it is still possible. Also, re: videos, we will cover this a bit as well.


having some issues with local sites… I’m getting top 5 easy… getting number one is a pain… sites are 15 years old, but minimal backlinks…


Does your money site have to be a original content \authority\ type site or can it be a review type site or a straight \sales letter\ type of site? It seems that Google doesn’t like any type of site that is trying to sell affiliate offers anymore.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: We’ll show tactics that will work for both types of sites


Hi Chad

I have just one question.
How will you be accepting the payments? By Paypal and some other payment processors? The reason I want to know is that I can’t use Paypal where I live.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Please email chadwarrior at gmail if paypal doesn’t work for you.


Will you accept paypal only payments without using clickbank. I bought all of your offers from when i discovered you until you started using clickbank only. I emailed/helpdesk to try to get an ok to uses paypal but didn’t get one. I missed buying your last two offers because of your limit to using clickbank.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: You’ll be able to buy this course through paypal.

Seattle Marketingsays:

You hit the nail on the head, there is even a nice recipe of link types that maximizes this strategy. Looking forward to seeing your info. Thanks!

Matthew Maginleysays:

Hi Chad,
Reading all of the comments and there seems to be a balance between folks trying to help themselves and to help others – so you are doing good work. I have your products YTCS and DT, and look forward to the series.


Chad, you are right!
You can make money a zillion ways, with old/new domain, competitive / niche, etc etc.
The other marketers claiming to have THE one Blue etc etc are just out for the money of juniors…
You are a one stop shop for noobz, mediors and seo cracks to my opinion, coming up with creative way to bend some small ends of the internet here and there in your advantage …
Happy traffic / leads hunting !


Hello Chad,
I look forward to your emails.I have lost my adsense account ,because when I started out on the internet I used and copied content from other websites at the time I did not know any better.Can you help me?I have another ad service on my site ,but I don’t make much at all.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Have you tried adbrite?


THIS sound great and would love to see what you do


I keep hearing about link wheels , but apparently these are easily detected by Google , even if you use different IP addresses and at different Host servers as you teach.

Then I hear about Pyramids to create a type of link wheel.

What do you suggest as the perfect shape to promote the money site ?

I’m scared to be penalised by Google for building the wrong shape.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: You rarely have to worry about being penalized for any linkwheel type shape. The main risk is just wasting your time building the wrong type of link network for your situation. The main concern should be which links point directly to your money site and how fast are those links coming in. Those are the things that can affect your linking negatively (or positively) in a major way. In my blackhat course I’ll be covering this in detail, how to setup the right kind of link network and still keep your money site safe.

Scott Andrewssays:

Would linking identical sites in different languages to one another help or hinder SEO?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: At this point, I don’t believe google’s translation is sophisticated enough to recognize identical translated content. However, this could be something that could be implemented in the future of google, so it would be something to watch out for. At this point it would probably help the site because it would provide an additional backlink.

Jeremiah @ 48-hour Cash Machinesays:

Your case studies are depressing me :)

I have far too many parked domains that are only making a tiny trickle of revenue and most of them, none at all.

However, if your BlackHat SEO methods can produce a fraction of the results of your case studies for my domains, I’d be a very happy bunny.

Just hope I can afford your course – it sounds like its going to be very expensive.


Hi Chadd
My account with Google Adwords was suspended without reason 4 years ago.. they will not renew it. This is one BIG reason i look to other areas to make $$ online
Any suggestions if doing these autoblogs?


ANSWER FROM CHAD: Have you tested other ad networks like adbrite?


Best and Quickest way to increease traffic to my website.


David Mc


Chad –
it’s about 5min till the live event . .I registered no link or any in coming e-mail
it’s today correct.?

Standing by Skye

ANSWER FROM CHAD: the webinar is next week. there are downloadable preview videos waiting for you right now though.


I have a ton (maybe 50) sites that I bought and I don’t use. I usually keep them. I figure it’s going to age and I’m goign to do something with them someday. Is there a way to monetize them, should I flip them or abandon them. I think it’s kindof an asset but something it’s more like a pain. Do you have a solution?


it’s 11 mini past 10 central. I’m wondering if it has begun or not? I haven’t received any notification. I’m worried I’ve missed it. thanks

ANSWER FROM CHAD: the webinar is next week. there are downloadable preview videos waiting for you right now though.


Hoping to take this course but I’m not sure if I’ve missed it.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: the webinar is next week. there are downloadable preview videos waiting for you right now though.


Hey Chad
You are on of the few emails I will always read as you give out solid, new info not rehashed stuff from someone else so thank you.

My question is What is the worst thing that can happen if you go the BH route?
Always kept away from it myself but you have me on the hook (as usual!!)


ANSWER FROM CHAD: In my course I show you conservative routes to take and more aggressive routes to take. If you take the conservative routes, absolutely nothing will happen to your existing sites. I show you how to set it up in a totally safe manner.


Webinar is next week people!!!


Hi Chad… If i join the course and due to timezone difference i am not able to join the live webinars.. would it be recorded and shared with the members

ANSWER FROM CHAD: yes I’ll save the videos in a replay area for you and anyone else that misses the live sessions.

Robert Blakesays:


I am psyched to get this. But if I may play the Devil’s Advocate for a moment, what is to stop a Google spy from signing up for this training also?

I am sure your name is on a “Known Enemies” list some where on a Google file. I am only half joking here. :-)

ANSWER FROM CHAD: yes thats why I probably won’t be showing any URLs that are mission critical to my business, If I show anything it will be something I don’t mind if it gets nuked by some google spy. But I think I’m not as high profile as some folks, I’d be surprised if google employees were willing to sit through my live course.


Also Chad, would i be able to start off immediately and no extra cost (other than the membership for this course / domains + hosting which i have ).

Would i have to buy other tools and scripts to make this work?


BTW: just have to say that you are one of the handful of people in IM/SEO who dont sell rehased stuff


I’m sold and have signed up but cannot access the site – getting an error message.


ANSWER FROM CHAD: Shoot me an email at gmail (chadwarrior) we’ll make sure you get your content


I just signed up and got my PayPal confirmation, but I see that you’re mentioning there are a few downloadable preview videos waiting for us… where? My order went through about 25 minutes ago, so that should be long enough to have received info from you, right?

I don’t mind waiting (actually, that’s sort of a lie… I’m super eager to get into this stuff! :o) ), but just want to make sure there wasn’t some sort of glitch in the ordering. Hopefully I’ll hear from you soon.


ANSWER FROM CHAD: Shoot me an email at gmail (chadwarrior) we’ll make sure you get your content



I am most interested in Adsense income (i.e. $45/day in 30 days???) and have been putting in a LOT of time researching the “proper” way to do keyword research and SEO. I was making $700+/mo with wordpress autoblogs but my shared reseller hosting was overwhelmed by around 100 sites and very resource intensive plugins. Now I have to start all over since I moved to a dedicated server now but I no longer have the Adsense income I had just last month, since I had to stop using those plugins. Will this help me rebuild and greatly surpass my former Adsense income on existing and brand new sites? Also, can you use these techniques for simple one page Amazon product sites? I have a few of those as well.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: I’ve never tested it or seen it tested on amazon type sites. But re: adsense, why did you have to start all over? Don’t you still have the sites with adsense on them? If you do, my course will help. If you don’t, just get the sites set back up with adsense blocks on them, and let me know how much revenue you make.


Hi, Chad

Are there other costs besides your training, to implement this? I mean: software, membership sites, etc.. (Not counting the website hosting etc).

Writing skills (in english) are necessary?

Can this be outsourced, without too much spending? (no seed money, that’s my problem..)


ANSWER FROM CHAD: Check out my answer to Marcus…


Hi Chad,

Will there be other tools that require us to have in order to have results, a reality like yours $400 in a month maybe?

If so, what are the charges of such tools? Monthly or 1 time payment?

I believe someone asked this before me but no answer from you.

PS: I would very much like to get involved in this course & finally make some $… But I’m afraid my finance might not be able to handle other too high a misc costs

ANSWER FROM CHAD: I’ll be covering a number of different techniques. Some of the techniques are free, but most of them either require software or hiring someone to perform blackhat services for you for a one time fee. I show you exactly who is good at these services in the course and who you can trust. This is usually very cheap though, and there is no long term commitment to these folks. Also, with Blackhat the return on investment is very quick, one of the things I love about Blackhat SEO.


we paid for the traiing last night around 7 should we have received a link for today’s training yet?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: yes you should have received the link automatically. shoot me an email on gmail (chadwarrior) with your paypal receipt and we’ll shoot you the link. sorry about that!


That was my main question ” how much further investment to start seeing some type of return”–it seems their is always more $ required ya know those up sell tactics..get this but..if you can afford this other one then you will really really make even more money..

Some of those black hatters are friggin crooks and if I find the one that some how got in and corrupted a few of my blogs with their b.s. cialis anchor links I’ll smash his teeth through his mamas head.

Tell me Chad that your against this type of black hat corrupt marketing?

Also, Using your tactics -Is it possible to just throw up some adsense on a totally brand new wp-site or autoblog?



Paid for the training mate.. But i didnt get to sign up for anything after payment..

Can you please shoot me the link to sign up or access the member’s area?

I’ll forward you my paypal receipt to your gmail (chadwarrior) now..


ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yep just shoot that receipt over and we’ll get you straightened out


Is this something that will become saturated once you release this information? And will these “blackhat outsourcers” become swamped with requests from people? I’m afraid these guys will see all the newbies coming and not offer the same level of service.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: these guys won’t know if you’re a newbie or not. they’ll just get your order, the info is usually very straightforward. also, they have the ability to scale HUGE so no worries about it being saturated. If everyone did this in the same niche we’d have a problem, but the advantage most of us are in different niches.



I’m about ready to purchase but would like to know if any of these techniques can also be used for ranking videos quickly. Thanks.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes I will cover video ranking. It is slightly different. I’ll be focusing mostly on ranking websites though.


Chadd.. its still within the Friday time zone, I cant get your Paypal link to open.. my system is ok.. has your server crashed.. Can I get this at $147 if unable to log in?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Here is the order link that should work…


Hey Chad

I tried last night as well having problem -I sent a email last night to you
( I’m sure you were asleep) My account shows funds well above the amount needed

I’ll be able to go access again ( submit payment) about 9:20 MST
THX Skye

.MIL Backlinkssays:

Hi Chad,

I read recently about people getting their AdSense accts. banned for getting too much traffic & income too fast.

Is this true or is it a myth?

Will we be at risk of getting banned if we start making $44 a day in Adsense within the first month?

Are you going to address this in the course?



ANSWER FROM CHAD: I have never heard of this and I know a lot of websites making tons of adsense income, and increasing in the ranks quickly. If you can find someone describing a detailed case study where this happened I’d be shocked.


I am also concerned about putting all my eggs in the Google basket.. we all know they arbitrarily cancel accounts by the thousands throwing peoples lives into chaos.. My Adsense acct was banned years ago.. I was never told why.. I tried getting it back but no good, I have just 3 days ago re applied and no news yet..most likely Google will not even have the decency to advise me one way or the other.
I detest their attitude and am VERY wary of depending totally on them for an income.. Its just way too risky.
Will you be advising us of other monetisations.. I assume Amazon and clickbank and e bay would be 3 good choices ad well as maybe Adbrite.. but I’ve never tried them.

Will your system need us to purchase an Auto site generator such as Xsite pro or Hyper VRE etc? Please advise what you recommend as a website builder.

You also mention the need to use proxies.. good ones cost $$ .. I dont know if Hidemyass is up to the job ?? I use Hotspot shield VPN.. do you feel this would be ok?


Hey Chad:

I asked about the worst that can happen if you go the BH SEO route (above). Your answer:
ANSWER FROM CHAD: In my course I show you conservative routes to take and more aggressive routes to take. If you take the conservative routes, absolutely nothing will happen to your existing sites. I show you how to set it up in a totally safe manner.

Now if I were to go all out the blackhat route (in order to get quicker and better results) what might happen to my site?. I presume you risk it getting banned but can Google penalise any other sites you might have?

If you can answer this on the webinar then no need to reply here!



not sure i missed your webinar, but i would love to be part of it. what’s the cost and where can i start? btw, if i missed it, i still would like to see the video as well as the blackhat tatics ..haha..
best regards

ANSWER FROM CHAD: You can still register for the course here. The last webinar is May 23, Monday and you can still watch the replays from last sessions. Monday will be the last day you can register for this course.


Awesome. I’m waiting for a payment to clear (omg hurry it up Mr Bankster!) so I will ONLY JUST make that deadline which will be around 6 am my time. *phew* better set my alarm clock : ) Hope I have time to watch the presentations at least a couple of times.




I am really feeling bad about missing your course, i was away and when i looked for it, it was closed. please chad do open this course after a while, i definitely need it. I am your member at the yahoo pipe plugin course too.




Hi Chad

Is there any chance you will be re-running this course? I too was unable to attend the original????

Many thanks for all your great teaching!


Interesting Offer, i.e. 1320 in 30 days, however you didn’t mentioned the prescribed fee, i hover over the link, but failed to find price.

Dawood Khansays:

Hey Chad, Is your blackhat method still effective for ranking our sites?
and many of the sites you told in your webinar no longer exist now, so do u have any solution to that.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: no this is a very old post, we teach entirely new techniques in my course now.


Chad I am watching the video of you and your daughter. What course do you have where you teach what you taught her? I am starting a local agency and that map trick would be another thing I’d like to put in my arsenal. Tell her she is lucky to have someone like you as a dad. My brothers son is around her age as in only getting the hand me downs of “go get a job” yada yada yada that we all got from our parents (that got them from their parents, and so on – friggin robots) Anyway take care and brush your hair (your beard)


Hi Chad,

I’m a member of Dan Klein’s JK. That’s where I knew about you and your courses.

I would like to know about your current courses on SEO.



Hey chad. Does your method still work?

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