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Custom Facebook Like Button (Button Trick… Its not what you think)

Watch this video for how to do it! If you are interested in the source files go to and message me.

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Chad Kimball is an entrepeneur and internet marketer who shapes his work around his life, rather than the other way around. He quit his job and has been working (as little as possible) from home since January of 2000.

29 replies on “Custom Facebook Like Button (Button Trick… Its not what you think)”


Seth & Chad –

I’m most likely over looking the obvious here

How do you [ the steps] get to the Face Book – html code in the first place?

To make the button changes -Thank you Skye

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Just download the zip file directly below the video, all the html code is in there. You just need to open the code in notepad or a text editor and change it in a couple places for your specific site.


Can multiple buttons with different forwarding urls be used ?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: We haven’t tested that but I’m fairly sure it would work. Great idea by the way!

david henrysays:

Hi Chad
You never fail to amaze me with your tactics, going to add this button now and looking forward to thursday.


Hi guys great video. Hey Chad you never said how much that would be cause my money comes in on Friday. LOL

Thanks a lot


Any chance you can use a player compatible with iPhones so I can watch your vide while I’m on the road which is all the time

make money online freesays:

Hi Chad

Once again you never fail to suprise me with your information to help us make more money threw these tactics that we would search high & low for or even pay a huge amount for

Keep up the good work my friend!


Can we have an idea of the price?


Can you make it like a Fan Page? So you can email them inside of facebook?

That way they’re basically subscribing to your list by just clicking a button!

ANSWER FROM CHAD: yes you can make it like a fan page, just put your fan page address in as the page to be liked, according to video instructions!


Good stuff Chad. I think you’re the best Internet Marketer out there. Always honest, no “Push Button” BS. Just flat out good stuff…ALL the time.


Your creativity never ceases to impress me! :)


Hi Chad, interesting trick in the video. Now, for the webinar, will you be covering blackhat methods that will be effective to get even geo-targeted fans to a page? Currenttly, that is what I consider a challenge…


Wanted to get to your webinar series.

Margie Zambranasays:

Cool info, thanks. Just wondering if code would need to be inserted in page template.php on a wordpress blog or a different page?

Juliette Simardsays:

hey Chad, great info, i just wondered if there is no ways to change the size of the photo, we may create some photo or link on some webpage and we link it to the page with the like button (just the like button on the page ) so when the visitor click on the link on the first webpage he automatically go to the other page with the like button and go through the like button automatically.

can this be done at all, I hope I make myself clear.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: With the script as it is, you can’t change the size of the button, because the “fake” button is sort of “covering” the existing fb button. Not to say what you’re asking is impossible, it would just require some additional coding. if you figure out a way to do it, let me know!

Maurice Gouletsays:

Are you actually liking the page? For example if I put this on an iframe page within my Facebook business page, can this replace the like button on the top of the page or at least function as the like button? When visitors click the submit button, will they actually like the Facebook page?

Maurice Gouletsays:

I think a previous post answered my question…


Hi Chad,

I have Facebook Optin App to use a facebook submit for subscribers to a email autoresponder is okay, however what you are describing here has much to offer only limited by one’s imagination. Will get this implemented..thanks

Celly Phonersonsays:

can you opt me in to the webinar by my leaving a reply?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: If you want to be notified of the webinar date, just enter your name/email here: (it opts you into one of my general lists but I’ll be sending out an early bird update to that list) fyi that software mentioned on that page is currently being updated


To attend the live event on May 12th 10 am Central
I do not see any link or anything in e-mail box it’s 9:30 central

Standing by Skye

ANSWER FROM CHAD: the webinar is next week. there are downloadable preview videos waiting for you right now though.


Hi Chad,

I just registered for the webinar, but can’t enter the member’s area as the member’s page won’t download (it just shows a blank page). Are you guys experiencing some technical issues? I also replied to the welcome e-mail from you so that you can see my transaction ID. It might be just me.

Thanks, Chad.


ANSWER FROM CHAD: Nope its not just you, our server crashed, then it was back up, then it crashed again. We’re getting things stabilized but as long as your paypal transaction went through, we can contact you with access info for your content. So sorry for the delay!


Just found this site 5-19. Don’t see any optin box

David Norden secret marketing linkssays:

I bought the blackhat course, but did not get any confirmation email from you. Can you send me an email if there is a login to a specific website and my login informations for Chad Kimball’s Live Black Hat Course – Discount . No need to post this, thanks David Norden

ANSWER FROM CHAD: shoot me an email at my gmail (chadwarrior) and we’ll get it straightened out

William Bowersays:

Chad I would really like to see the webinar series. Since I missed the date; I and I just found this great site today. Is it possible to purchase the webinars or something like that.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: You can still register for the course here. The last webinar is May 23, Monday and you can still watch the replays from last sessions. Monday will be the last day you can register for this course.

James Gunnsays:

Hi Chad /Seth,

Question – My question is about the position of the ….. piece of code which Seth said needed to go into the head of your page.

if I’m using this technique on a WordPress blog does this mean I need to go into the CSS code ?


I am very intrigued by all of these BlackHat tactics, but I am also a little hesitant to try them. I thought Google had its minions constantly tweaking the algorithm to detect BlackHat stuff.

But still, I’m really curious to give this a shot…

Troy Holadiasays:

Chad, I’ll put the Facebook Like Button code to work today. Thanks for showing me how to build the Facebook Fan Page Contact List and how to send out an update to the entire list. I have been trying to figure that out for a while now. I attended your Black Hat course and as always the content exceeded by expectations. Thanks again.

Troy Holadia


Chad, How do I get on the your list? Would like the heads up on your product launch.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: If you scroll to the bottom of this page and optin, I’ll notify that list of the launch.


This is amazing! This is even better than what I was looking for! Thanks!


Cool. I’ve tried and worked, but it’s impossible to change the size to something greater than 77x20px
Anyway, well done!

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