Biaheza’s Full Dropshipping Course Review

Table of Contents

  1. Program Summary Review
  2. Introduction to Biaheza
  3. Biaheza Business background
  4. Biaheza’s Full Dropshipping Course Enrollment
  5. Review’s of Biaheza’s Full Dropshipping Course
    • YouTube Review by Axe Capital
    • Reddit Review
    • Negative Reddit Reviews
  6. Other Reviews of Biaheza’s Full Dropshipping Course
  7. Course Pricing
  8. Who is this Program for?

But, before I get into the review of Biaheza’s specific course, I need to be up front that I don’t recommend dropshipping at all. Succeeding with dropshipping is possible, but it depends on your ability to continually find new products to promote. You need to keep up with trends, and be prepared for your products to eventually need to be replaced by new trends. On top of that, you don’t personally own the products.

<<<< I outline my concerns clearly in the video below, watch it before reading more! >>>>

What I recommend instead: There is a much better business model where you own all the products, keep all the profits yourself, and takes less time to setup. I have a free video showing this business model here.

Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

Click Here to Get The Course My Daughter Used.

The course my daughter used above is much better than Biaheza’s Full Dropshipping Course. But since you are here to learn about Biaheza’s Full Dropshipping Course, lets get back to our review of that:

Program Summary Review 

Course Name: Biaheza’s Full Dropshipping Course

Course Founder: Biaheza

Price: $294

Product Type: Digital Marketing Education, Ecommerce, Online Business, Make Money Online.

Suitable for: Beginners or newbies to dropshipping; solopreneurs who want to start an Online business and do not have a product; anyone who would like to launch a dropshipping business; anyone who started a dropshipping business but hasn’t had success yet; and anyone who has previously tried but was not successful.

Not Suitable for: Anyone not prepared for a steep learning curve; to learn new things; to get their feet wet or to put in the work initially with little return as you learn the business; and anyone looking to get rich quick.

Introduction to Biaheza

According to the Online Business Encyclopedia (OBpedia), Biaheza is a 20 year old popular American YouTuber and Instagram Influencer most known for his YouTube channel that he has built up to an impressive 828,000 subscribers, and an Instagram channel with 111,000 followers. 

Biaheza uses his YouTube channel to post videos on internet marketing, making money online, dropshipping, day trading, real estate and more, and leverages his large social media following and influence from his Youtube and Instagram channels that according to social blade, are growing at a rate of about 35,000 followers a month, to generate income.

Biaheza Business background

Biaheza attributes his success to his entrepreneurial spirit and hard work that he says he had from a young age. At 11-years-old he was trying out YouTube videos and Instagram before he even knew what social media was; and at 14 years, instead of relaxing at home and playing video game consoles like other kids his age, Biaheza was instead buying and selling kendama toys, flipping bicycles on Craigslist and doing graphic design on Fiverr.

Biaheza then began to create Instagram theme pages that featured the work of different photographers’ that started gaining a following. He then progressed to making his first $10 on Instagram by selling a “shout out” to a business when one of his theme pages reached about 13,000 followers. He still had to get a “real job” working as a clerk in a department store at a local mall to earn money but never gave up on his Instagram pages.

As more businesses began to reach out to him, and he was making more money through his Instagram pages, Biaheza noticed that most of his paid shout out requests came from dropshippers selling Aliexpress products on their own websites.

Always the entrepreneur, Biaheza decided to try dropshipping himself at age 17, and started his own ecommerce dropshipping business and also bought shout outs himself from other theme pages like people had been doing from his own. Like most first time business owners, after launching with great anticipation and expectation, he experienced failure because he had completely miscalculated all the costs to run the business and was losing money fast from all his operating costs including his product costs, Shopify fees, and especially his advertising costs from shout outs which together were eating up all of his profits. He faced a simple choice, either shut the business down or go broke!

Biaheza did not take the failure lying down, instead he went back to the drawing boards and redoubled his efforts on what he knew best, growing his theme pages on Instagram. He decided to concentrate on building a few big theme pages and because he had been bitten by the dropshipping bug, he added a twist. This time he would not just sell shout outs to other dropshippers, but would use his own theme pages to advertise his dropshipping store because he realized that by doing so, he would save big on advertising costs and become profitable as a result.   

For the next few months Biaheza worked on building up his Instagram pages until they began to bring in $500-$2000 per month in advertising revenue from shout outs. At this point, he figured he was ready to launch another dropshipping store with a goal of making a modest $1,000 in profit after the first month. Biaheza’s hard work paid off because in September of 2018, Biaheza launched his second e-commerce dropshipping store, and this time with his own large Instagram audience and more e-commerce experience, he was able to generate on the first day his dropshipping store opened, from a single theme page shout out advertisement a surprising $531.48 in sales.

Biaheza’s Full Dropshipping Course Enrollment

Biaheza offers a paid e-commerce course called “Biaheza’s Full Dropshipping Course” that takes his students through a simple, over-the-shoulder process of how to launch a profitable dropshipping business from scratch. The enrollment process is straightforward with an enroll button on Biaheza’s home page. 

Screenshot of Biaheza’s Full Dropshipping Course “Enroll” Button

In the course, Biaheza launches a brand new dropshipping store and this straightforward approach allows students to learn what he does every step of the way, including the exact social media marketing strategies that propelled him into his e-commerce empire in 2019.

Depending upon where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, especially if you don’t have any experience running a business, this course may be the best first step just so that you do not feel overwhelmed. The course empowers you to get building right away and importantly exposes you to how to find and choose products for your store.

Dropshipping Course Curriculum

Course Contact Information:
Phone number: (916) 741-0718

Reviews of Biaheza’s Full Dropshipping Course

YouTube Review 

This reviewer felt that the course gave some useful advice and information on finding products to sell using additional tools that helped to identify hot products; finding images for your shopify store; on package tracking and shipping; and also, some great pointers on bulk shipping, social media pages and methods to elevate your social media sites with free web content methods including how to create ads for free.

The reviewer did however feel that the course failed to share with students how to position and differentiate oneself in a crowded dropshipping marketplace. The reviewer also expressed concern that Biaheza did not teach any of the fundamentals of website marketing; and instead of offering advice on how to deal with the challenges of longer than expected shipping delays, Biaheza simply advised students not to be straightforward and upfront about shipping times which he felt would only serve to guarantee the business did not see any return business or referrals due to a poor customer experience and or frustration. 

The reviewer noted that Biaheza did not go into depth in the course which was a general criticism across the board from reviewers. He also felt that Biaheza neglected to explain the full cost of dropshipping in order for the dropshipper to have greater success, nor did he address how a dropshipper could handle the issue of taxes. In short, the reviewer felt that while the course was a helpful introduction for beginners, there was not much in the course to justify the $294 price point because as he pointed out, 90% of the course material was easily accessible for free on YouTube.

Reddit Review

The Reddit reviewer mentioned that the curriculum was good for a beginner including how to find new products and how to set up a brand new shopify store for physical products although he cautioned that for a complete newbie to dropshipping, what Biaheza taught may not be enough because of the technical nature of shopify. 

The reviewer mentioned that the course also taught how to successfully run Facebook (FB) and Instagram ads but was surprised that the course neglected to discuss google shopping ads, especially because he felt that for newbies FB was not as easy to master and it was much easier to have your FB ads account shut down for a simple mistake. In any event, the reviewer was of the opinion that the large majority of the course was about how to leverage FB to get traffic for your shopify store.  He did point out that the course was fairly affordable compared to many other dropshipping courses that cost 5-10 times more. 

The reviewer also discussed the major negative aspect about dropshipping which was that in order to successfully scale your business and become a profitable dropshipper you had to have a substantial ads budget of between $500-$1,000 a month and the reviewer felt that Biaheza did not explain this or give it as the attention it deserved, especially when you consider the fact that because profit margins in dropshipping are low which  means a dropshipper has to sell hundreds if not thousands of products to make up for the low margins, and as a result the dropshipper would have to hire a large support team in order to fulfill orders or scale the business.

Negative Reddit Reviews

The general consensus on Reddit was that while Biaheza was a bonafide influencer and had some real working Instagram strategies, his course was just not worth the $294 price. Criticisms on Reddit ranged from the course not having enough original dropshipping techniques; to no indepth explanation about the most important aspect of FB Ads, scaling the business or fulfilling orders.

In summary reviewers felt that the course was a good practical first step for a beginner however because the content was general and superficial, the course would quickly become outdated and generally not worth the investment.

Other Reviews of Biaheza’s Full Dropshipping Course  

I was unable to find any reviews of Biaheza’s Full Dropshipping Course on other review sites such as Trust Pilot or the Better Business Bureau. 

Course Pricing 

Biaheza’s Full Dropshipping Course program is offered on the company website for a onetime payment of $294.

While this was a reasonable entry cost, it should be noted as you saw from Biaheza’s story that there are other costs associated with setting up a successful dropshipping business including: 

  • Setting up and running your shopify store
  • Your FB, Instagram ‘shout out’ and other Advertising costs
  • Product Inventory costs

Who is this Program for? 

While Dropshipping has obviously been lucrative and profitable for Biaheza, it is easy to be enamoured by his six figure monthly income and mistakenly think it is easy to achieve. On the contrary, Biaheza himself failed and pivoted and came back stronger with a clear and distinct advantage, his own big list of followers as an influencer totaling 100’s of thousands to target every month with his shopify store products.  

While the pandemic has seen an exponential rise in ecommerce, it also saw complications from supply chain constraints like shutdowns of manufacturers and shippers due to lockdowns and related backorders as a result of the pandemic. 

There is also the real challenge of logistics including shipping and shipping costs for overseas deliveries, quality control and advertising spend with the majority of the six figure earners spending six figures to get in front of the right audience in the right numbers in order to pull in the requisite number of sales.  

In short, like any business, dropshipping will require sacrifice, a willingness to grind, to learn new things, to be flexible and have the ability to pivot fast; to deal with and solve multiple problems and spend a substantial amount on advertising to reap the rewards. 

You will have to learn to sort and vet your suppliers or contend with bad suppliers selling crappy items or not filling orders properly; as well as deal with less than ideal customers while also becoming good at paid ads, understanding the data and analytics. 

So given that the dropshipping space is highly competitive and constantly changing as customer needs and whims change, Biaheza’s course will leave you wanting more by way of information, tips, tricks and techniques to master the dropshipping game. While the course enables you to get you started quickly, there is not much by way of ongoing support, guidance and mentorship such as a FB group. I would consider it a great first step but not a comprehensive course for any serious budding dropshipper.

BOTTOM LINE: If you are a beginner I would not recommend starting your first business as a drop shipper. There is a much better business model where you own all the products, keep all the profits yourself, and takes less time to setup.

It is so simple my own teenaged kids are doing it. There is a free video showing this business model here.