Brian Haskins Real Estate Coaching Review

Real estate investment might be lucrative but you can still get it wrong. Without the right information and resources, you may end up making some wrong investment moves. Unfortunately, a wrong move can end up being an expensive mistake. 

A good real estate training program can be helpful in pointing you in the right direction. Speaking of real estate training courses, ever heard of Brian Haskin coaching? If you haven’t but have been actively looking for a real estate course to help you start or scale your career, read on to see if this is a good choice.

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Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

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The course my daughter used above is much better than Brian’s coaching program. But since you are here to learn about Brian Haskins’ real estate coaching, lets get back to that:

What is Brian Haskins’ Coaching?

This is a coaching program that focuses on helping you get started with wholesaling. The program will help you to attain results faster with an approach that is different from the traditional wholesaling strategies. An approach that prevents any guessing game. 

Who is Brian Haskins?

Brian has been in real estate for a long time and has experienced some of the major real estate investment crises the world has experienced. He flipped his first house in 2004 with money he borrowed from his parents. 

Although he didn’t know a lot about real estate and the property was in a poor neighborhood, he eventually sold it and made a small profit. Despite all the struggles he hasn’t looked back. 

He was doing quite well for himself. He managed to build a thriving business and completed lots of lucrative deals. But in 2008, when the real estate market crashed, he had 12 properties in various rehab stages and he couldn’t sell any of them. His debts piled up quickly and he even became homeless. He had to move to his parent’s home and almost filed for bankruptcy. 

At that time, Brian could not get a job in corporate because he had no degree; he was a high school graduate. He felt that all hope was lost but he decided to try his luck with other real estate strategies. That was when he discovered wholesaling and that was his saving grace.

Wholesaling took him out of debt and helped him get his life back on track. He decided to become a trusted source of real estate advice for people who need help getting started. He has blogs and his program to provide the kind of guidance newbies are looking for. 

According to Brian, he has made a lot of mistakes and has learned from them. He is constantly sharing advice to help other people avoid these mistakes. Brian does not want people to believe that real estate investment is easy as that will be a lie. But he wants to make it a bit easier for other people. 

Brian runs his real estate investment company alongside his coaching business. He has also published books including Real Estate Investing Made Easy.

How Does Brian’s Coaching Work?

Brian revealed that when you sign up with them, you will be avoiding the guessing game that comes with traditional wholesaling. You will be introduced to the foolproof strategies that have been discussed below. 

Brian does not reveal a lot about his coaching, most of his marketing on his website is targeted toward his book; The 6-Figure Wholesaling Method. Although his coaching will be more comprehensive and more customized towards your goals, it will focus on the same strategy the book mentioned. Hence, we will discuss the strategies in the book to give you a peak of what you should expect in his coaching. 

Unlike other investors who focus on finding deals first, Brian teaches his people to first find buyers. This way, they know the buyers who are willing to pay more and they can also know who they are marketing to. It makes it easier for them to choose deals since they already the deals buyers are looking for. 

Brian also focuses on pre-sold sellers and according to him, this can help you slash your marketing costs significantly. He also revealed that he has a win-win strategy that will make it easier for sellers to accept your offer. 

Brian also has a Wholesaling Business Launch Checklist that provides instructions on launching your business. You will also have access to a private community 

What is the Cost of Brian’s Coaching?

The cost has not been revealed. You need to schedule a call with Brian’s team to know more about the pricing. 

Refund Policy

The refund policy is specific to the service you opt for. The coaching you may opt for may have a refund policy. Ask the staff when you join them on the call. If the service you opt for allows you to pay in installments, only the last payment you make will be eligible for a refund. All payments before that will not get refunded. 

Should You Invest in Brian’s Coaching?

Brian does not talk a lot about his coaching and this makes it difficult for us to recommend it to anyone. Unfortunately, people who have enjoyed his coaching are also not saying anything about it. Since we know a lot more about his book, we will focus on that. 

We recommend that you purchase the book first; it will definitely teach you some valuable real estate lessons. Since it is less than $5, we are certain that whatever you learn in there will be worth it. However, do not rely on it as the surest way to be successful as a real estate investor. 

If you found the book valuable and are ready to spend more to get more training from Brian, you can schedule a call with his team to hear what they have to say about the coaching. By that time, you will have more idea about what you are looking for in his coaching and you will be able to ask more targeted questions. 

If you like the answers the team provides and you can comfortably afford to pay for the coaching program, you can go ahead and invest. Remember to ask them about their refund policy and its conditions. 

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