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Fake Your Referrer

This is a very old strategy, somewhat sneaky. Use at your own risk!

There are many uses for this. Believe it or not I just saw someone using it, faking referral stats to one of our sites, banking on that fact that we would see it in our analytics and wonder about it. They generated thousands of hits to our site all coming from one domain name. Which of course, me and my team all visited out of curiosity.  Not that it worked to convert us into sales, and I doubt it works very well for anyone, but it did generate traffic!

That is just one use for it. Watch the video and let your creative juices flow.

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Other Strategies

Make Money On Youtube

How to Make Money On Youtube:

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New Youtube Moneymaking tool:
The thumbnail formula:
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Other Strategies

9 Conmen Steal My Money, Housewife Gets It Back

Nine people stole my products and tried to sell them online. Straight up pirated them from clickbank or wherever they saw them. One housewife who works for me, setup several email broadcasts to more than make up for the money I lost.

I’ve made most of my money in my life from email lists, and continue to do so. Many would think that email marketing is dead, but it most certainly is not. Email open rates have dropped, and it is a bit harder to beat spam filters, but it is still one of the best ways to make money you can find other than getting free inbound calls from hot leads. In fact, there are even more sophisticated ways to market via email.

We now have complex trees of decisions that determine which email a subscriber will get, how often they’ll get email from us, and what topic the email will be about.

Our systems also interface with text message systems that send SMS messages in addition to emails if the subscriber meets certain criteria! Dig deep, email marketing is still a very powerful tool for online marketing.