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9 Conmen Steal My Money, Housewife Gets It Back

Nine people stole my products and tried to sell them online. Straight up pirated them from clickbank or wherever they saw them. One housewife who works for me, setup several email broadcasts to more than make up for the money I lost.

I’ve made most of my money in my life from email lists, and continue to do so. Many would think that email marketing is dead, but it most certainly is not. Email open rates have dropped, and it is a bit harder to beat spam filters, but it is still one of the best ways to make money you can find other than getting free inbound calls from hot leads. In fact, there are even more sophisticated ways to market via email.

We now have complex trees of decisions that determine which email a subscriber will get, how often they’ll get email from us, and what topic the email will be about.

Our systems also interface with text message systems that send SMS messages in addition to emails if the subscriber meets certain criteria! Dig deep, email marketing is still a very powerful tool for online marketing.

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$19,491 from free script

On Monday I’m going to share a free script with you that can make you tons of money. I’ve used it to make tens of thousands of dollars in various niches (NOT THE INTERNET MARKETING NICHE, EITHER). This has nothing to do with the Clickwealth System or Perpetual Income 365 or anything like that.

From this one script, I made $36,117 from one site in a year, with the total profit after all the expenses of the site:


Stay tuned Monday for the script, I’ll be giving it to you for free….

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Another Free Q and A

You may remember the last video question and answer session I did.

I will be recording another free Q and A in the next few days.

If you have any questions for me or my brother Seth about making money online, clickbank, PPC, SEO, being an Inbound closer,  just post it in the comments below. I’ll do my best to answer any question you have.

We’ll post a free recording of the Q and A here on the blog. I’ll also shoot you an email to let you know the Q and A  recording is posted.

A couple requests:

1. If you have tech support questions about a product of mine, please just email it to my gmail address (chadwarrior). It will be answered a lot faster and a lot more detail at that email address. It also allows us to ask you detailed clarification questions etc…

2. If it is a general question about a product of mine that would be useful to everyone watching the Q and A, ask away!

3. Finally, browse the comments to see if someone else has already asked your question.

I usually charge $1250 an hour for this sort of thing, so take advantage of it!

Go ahead and ask your question in the comments below…