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Nasty Linkedin Rejection Goes Viral

They don’t mention the word “linkedin” in this video, (maybe linkedin pushed them for that?) but the message that she sent out to the girl was actually on Linkedin.

Shows how you need to be careful with what you say these days, especially because everything online is saved, copied, reposted, etc!!


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4 replies on “Nasty Linkedin Rejection Goes Viral”

What a witch! Glad to see she apologized. People looking for a job are already so beaten down. I can’t believe her awful reaction. Ugh! People!! Chad, thank you for sharing.

Hi Chad,

Let’s all use our black and white hat skills o take this disgusting creature down! :)

Wow, that was nasty and unfeeling.
It does sound like the humiliation
for her has been great and her
apology seems genuine.
I hope she is a better person for it.
We all make mistakes, just hope
my mistakes do not go viral.

Hey Chad,

Just wanting to know if you still have any high pr domains available for sale. Pr 4’s and 5’s would be great. If you have these, can you send me over the #of backlinks, trust flow and citation flow along with the link to the page.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes, we have a ton of high PR pages available here. If you have questions about specific links, shoot an email to us and we can send trustflow/citationflow etc..

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