Foreclosure Secrets Review

Ever wondered what happens to the sales proceeds of a foreclosed house? Apparently, the lender takes all the proceeds even when they exceed the remaining loan balance. You probably feel ripped off right? 

Sadly, there aren’t many channels to claim the money, but you can learn how to cash in on such deals. You can find homeowners whose homes are likely to be foreclosed, talk to them directly, and help them recover their rightful share and earn from it.  Foreclosure Secrets enables you to do all this.

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Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

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The course my daughter used above is much better than the Foreclosure Secrets course. But since you are here to learn about Foreclosure Secrets, lets get back to our review of that:

The course teaches you to speak to homeowners and how to claim their money from the bank, local government or other institution. It’s a win-win situation right? 

But before signing up for the course, you could wonder how Foreclosure Secrets helps you. Here’s a candid review.

Who is the Founder of Foreclosure Secrets?

This particular course was created by Calton Weiss, a former investigator and private trust specialist. He also owns the Private Wealth Academy.

What is Foreclosure Secrets?

Foreclosure Secrets is an online school that trains people to cash in on foreclosed homes. It provides a detailed guide to help you: 

  • Identify profitable foreclosures
  • Negotiate with lenders
  • Close deals for a profit

All you need to do is subscribe to a free webinar.

The program has videos, webinars, and e-books that teach you introductory concepts, e.g., how to find potential leads and advance to complex techniques, e.g., negotiating with lenders and closing deals.

What Does the Foreclosure Secrets Course Entail?

The program has six modules explaining its business model and the opportunity you need to leverage. More importantly, you learn how to fulfill your promises to potential customers. This means understanding how to implement the methods taught throughout the course.

Next, you learn how to find prospects, get approval to access the database of homeowners with foreclosed homes, and how to charge commissions. And the beauty of it all is that you only get paid when the customer gets paid. 

The founder also understands that the course requires a lot of cold calling, and provides a script to woo customers. You also get a template called the ‘Finders’ Fee Legal Paperwork’ to help you with the legal aspect of the deal. 

It ensures you get paid your commissions and don’t get conned of your hard-earned money. Here’s a brief overview of the six modules:

  • Foreclosure secrets: In this module, you learn about the legal system you must pursue and how to claim the funds
  • Foreclosure leads: You get a list of foreclosed homes by geographical location. The list is updated regularly to make it easy to find potential clients
  • The best states to get clients: You get a list of states and their respective tax laws to help you identify the best place to find clients
  • Cold-calling scripts: This module provides you with scripts to help you woo potential clients and gain their trust
  • Legal paperwork: Here, you learn about the contract that ensures you get paid once the homeowner receives the money. You also learn about the legal paperwork required to get started
  • Property law hacks: You learn how to identify expired listings 

Foreclosure Secrets Review- What are Other People Saying?

Foreclosure Secrets certainly provides a service many homeowners would find helpful. Even so, I couldn’t find reviews about its service on trusted third-party reviews like Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Reddit. 

I only found one on Trustpilot where the customer complained that he couldn’t get his money back.

No Refunds:

Closed 14 deals:

Some lucky customers have used the course and closed deals successfully. This particular one has closed up to 14 deals by implementing the knowledge learnt from the course.

Should You Sign Up for the Foreclosure Secrets Course? My Verdict

The program certainly provides a service many homeowners need. However, the fact I couldn’t find the school’s founder or many third-party reviews raises eyebrows. I also realized that they take much time to respond to a subscriber and don’t offer refunds. You must be extra cautious when signing up for the program to avoid losing your hard-earned money.

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