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And here is a transcript of how to understand the google maps ranking algorithm:

Website Authority and Google Maps. This is a general video about the portion of the Google Maps algorithm that has to do with your website factors. And what I’m talking about here is if you have a Google Maps listing, whether it’s a listing that you want to show up just…you know, if you do a search in, for a lot of search terms, a map will show up just right there in the regular Google search results. I’m not talking about in the maps results, I’m just talking about in a regular, you just go to, you do a search for a search phrase that has local intent. In other words, it’s a search phrase that where you are explicitly searching for something in your area, but you’re just using regular to search it. A lot of times there’ll be a map there. And under that map will be several local businesses that correspond to pinpoints on the map itself. Another way that you can search for local businesses is actually to go to and just do your search there. That’s not a regular Google search. That’s a specific maps search. You can also do your search on a mobile device on the Google Maps app. There’s all kinds of ways that you can access these maps listings, these local results. No matter what though, Google is using your website, the website of your business, to figure out where to rank you in those results. Whether you’re searching local results on, whether you’re searching local results on, whether you’re using the Google Maps app, all of those things, Google’s looking to your website to help them figure out how high in the list to place your business.

Obviously, this only works if you have a website associated with your local listing, your maps listing. So, when you create your maps listing, and we have videos on that, there’s a place where you can actually type in your website, and then that will be the website that Google will associate with your local listing. So, Google is going to look at your local listing, and then they’re going to look to see do they have a website that they have given us associated with this local listing. If the answer is yes, then they’re going to use that website, the factors associated with that website that I’m gonna explain here to figure out part of the way that they’re going to figure out where to rank your local listing. Now, obviously, this only works if you have a website associated with your listing. If you don’t, then you’re going to be at a disadvantage right away, because many of your competitors are probably going to have a website associated. So, if you don’t have a website associated with your local listing, you need to get one associated with your listing.

Website authority is the general principle that I’m talking about here. And what am I talking about when I say website authority? Website authority in a nutshell has to do with two things, and I’m oversimplifying it. But basically, it has to do with having high-quality content on your site and having a large amount of high-quality content on your website. So, I’m talking about number of pages, a large number of pages of high-quality content. And you need to have a large number of authority, powerful backlinks pointing to your website and the various pages on your website. Those two things added together are the sort of a general explanation of what Google is looking for and what they’re comparing to when they’re figuring out, “Where are we going to rank this person’s website?” So, that means that if you have a website that is…that if your competitors have a website associated with their local listings that have more pages of high-quality content and more powerful and a larger number of backlinks pointing to their website, they’re going to beat you probably in the local results. This is a huge factor. So, Google’s…even though this is a maps environment we’re talking about, Google is putting a high amount of weight on the website to figure out where to rank you. Now, we’re going to have a list of videos under this…I mean, a list of links to videos under this video that you’re watching to give you the details of how to get high-quality content, how to get a large number of pages of high-quality content, how to get a large number of backlinks and get authority backlinks pointing to your website. I’m not going to go through all the details here because that is a huge topic in itself. This is more of a strategy video. So, you can look under this video, and we’ll have links to other videos that you can use that are specifically action-oriented for how to get high-quality content, how to get a lot of backlinks, etc.

But, in general, what I want to talk about is the strategy, and it’s really important to determine your strategy. Now, since I know my audience has a lot of black hat or gray hat-type people, as well as white hat people in it, I want to cover both a black hat approach and white hat approach to this. And I want to give the pros and cons of each because this is really important for you to decide what direction you’re going to take in your local maps strategy. The first one I want to talk about is the churn and burn, and this would be more for you black hat guys, okay? Nowadays, what I mean by churn and burn is where you are putting up a large number of listings on the map, they might not be real businesses or relocations. They’re basically there so that anyone searching gets your phone number showing up in their maps results and calls your phone number. A lot of times this is a lead generation type thing. But the idea behind churn and burn is that you’re not making a large investment in each maps listing because you’re playing against Google’s terms of service and your listings might get deleted at any time. This does still work in maps. However, if you’re doing this strategy in maps, you really need to think about your website strategy, because without a website, you’re unlikely to rank in Google Maps, period. And a lot of people ask me, “Hey, can I use, like, black hat backlinks?” “Can I use spun content, auto-generated content on my site?” etc., etc. And the answer is you can, but you are going to…you need to realize that it’s not going to last. Even if you have the latest link technique, the latest auto-generated content technique, Google’s going to be able to figure it out eventually. And you have to realize that your website might get demoted or banned if you use those techniques, and as a result of that, you are going to lose your ranking in maps, because Google’s looking to your website to figure out where to rank you.

So, if you’re going to churn and burn strategy, it’s important that you think about it. Are you able to automate fast enough and cheap enough to make it worth it, okay? If you aren’t able to automate quickly and cheaply, then you have to think about your return on your investment. If you’re using black hat strategies, you have to realize these listings are probably going to die. This website might die, might get spanked by Google. Am I able to automate it cheaply enough and quickly enough where it really doesn’t matter because I can just put up more sites to use to associate with my Google Maps listings, and it doesn’t matter if they get deleted? You need to think about it that way. If you’re not able to automate fast enough and cheap enough to get a good return on your investment, then you’re going to need to go more with a white hat strategy. Now, it used to be that when you created black hat-type sites, Google wasn’t as good at figuring out the automated links, the automated content, and stuff like that. And so, your listings could last a very, very long time using black hat techniques. It’s not so much like that anymore. If you have a website that has spun content, or it has, you know, automated backlinks, large amounts of automated black hat-type backlinks, it’s not going to last that long. And you say, “Well, how long is it going to last?” Well, it really depends on what you’re doing, specifically what you’re doing and the risks involved with that. That’s why we have weekly Q&A sessions here in the members’ area. You can jump on there and specifically ask me about the technique that you’re using and ask me, “Hey, I’m trying to figure out what strategy to use. You know, is this a good one to use with maps? You know, if I’m setting up a website to associate with my maps listing, is this going to be a good technique for me to use or not?” And you can ask us that in the Q&A, the weekly live Q&As that we have here in the members’ area.

But it is important that you think about, “How much is it costing me to do this?” And if let’s say my listings…let’s say my website only is ranking well for like a week using these black hat techniques, would it still be worth it for me to do? Can I do it fast enough and cheap enough for me to still get a good return on my investment? That’s the thing you have to ask, because if you associate a website with your maps listing and you use black hat stuff to rank the website, so if your website’s ranking well in Google, regular search, then it’s also going to cause your maps listing to rank well. But if that website ranking only lasts for a week or two weeks or a month, can you quickly and cheaply put up another one to make it worth it? That’s what you need to think about. So, those are the main cons. The pros of using that type of approach for the churn and burn, the black hat-type approach is that you can move really fast, and you can rank if you have things automated well and everything is being done by computers and software. You can create a massive number of listings and a massive number of websites, a massive number of pages for almost nothing if the computer is doing all the work for you. Those are the pros of that type of technique. Again, mainly becomes a return on investment issue you have to really think about and do the numbers, run the numbers and figure out what you want to do. Now, let’s talk about the long-term investment pros and cons. This would be a white hat approach where you’re not doing link spam. You’re not doing automated content that’s spun. You’re not gaming Google. You’re not going against Google’s terms of service too much for the website itself. And you’re building a large site with a lot of high-quality pages, a lot of high-quality links.

The pros to this are that it can last a long time. If your website plays according to Google’s rules as best as you can, then once you get it to rank, it’s likely to rank for a very, very long time, because you’re not going to get spanked and slapped. This is a big advantage. If you have a white hat site and you have a white hat or a gray, a fairly clean Google listing that’s ranking, it can bring you cash day in and day out without you having to do much to it for a very, very long time without having to redo it. Now, the cons of that are it can be very expensive to set up if you’re hiring writers to write the content. If you’re doing, like, a manual…a blink building where you’re actually going out there and getting super high-authority backlinks, you know, it can cost a lot. It requires employees sometimes or very good outsourcing to do, and it can be really expensive to do. So, you’re talking about, depending on your niche, a large investment up front and not seeing a quick return. But you’re going to see return once you get ranked, and the return is going to last for a long time. With the churn and burn strategy, obviously, it’s really cheap, and it’s really fast. You can see results really quick. I mean, we’re currently doing this where we’re able to set up listings. They’re ranking within a day, and the phone starts to ring really within 24 hours. It’s a very, very fast turnaround where we immediately begin to see return on our investment, using the churn and burn, the black hat stuff. But then those phone calls as quickly as they started can end and disappear. And so you have to have a strategy where you’re constantly putting up these listings, which is more of the churn and burn style. The long term, you’re not going to see a return on your investment right away. You’re probably not going to see ranking very quickly. The phone’s not going to start to ring off the hook right away. It’s going to build up slowly. It’s going to be a more upfront investment, but it’s going to last for the longer term.

Really, I want you to think about that strategy, okay? The strategy choice, so you kind of have a fork in the road here as to which direction you want to take. Again, we’re here all the time, every week. In the Q&As, you can ask for specifics on your project. It really depends on your niche. It depends on your competition. You know, if your competition is out there and your return on your investment is high, you know, you might want to do a combined strategy where you’ve got a lot of black hat stuff that you’re doing, but you also have some long-term things that you’re setting up that are completely separate from it to last for the long term. You might want to do both. Again, it really just depends on your ROI, your cash flow, how quickly of a return do you need to see, can you, you know, put some money in there and not see a return right away, and you’re sort of trading that for the long-term investment. These are all questions you’re going to need to answer for yourself as you’re thinking about your maps project. And, again, we’ve got videos directly under here, links to videos directly under this video that detail out the specifics of getting content on your site and the specifics of getting backlinks, the two main factors to website authority. Check those out. And, again, if you have any questions, you can put them directly in the thread about what type of strategy you should take, or you can jump in to one of our Q&As and ask us there.

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Chad, I haven’t been this excited about a product launch in a long time, can’t wait!

I have already used your free training and have had great results for my clients. I had managed to get results where there were no 1 or 10 boxes in a matter of minutes, no joke!

I hope people realise the power of this.

Oh and please everybody, use this for good things, don’t spam or misuse this, there is opertunity for everyone for a long time but only if people don’t abuse it.

Good karma gets good karma…


Hi Chad. Thanks…again! Great stuff. I google a bunch of keywords that I set up my own map listing for earlier this week…all competitive areas and they are all now coming up as 7-boxes instead of 10-boxes. Have you seen this change? I know it’s not just that they only have 7 results…

Looking forward to your launch.


Hey Chad. I love this stuff…excited to know more about it because I already knew some of it before but always good to learn more secrets. I was just watching your last video here on the FAQ’s and it keeps cutting out at 15mins 45 sec.. I’ll try my wifes computer too and see if its just something wrong with my laptop. But just thought I would let you know if it’s a problem on your end that you could fix.


ANSWER: HI Marcus.. I can listen to it fine from here. If your wife’s computer has problems, email me at gmail (chadwarrior) ~chad


Hey Chad,

Just wanted to drop a line and say this is awesome!

Unfortunately, I’m not finding any 10 box listings with any of the keywords related to my biz… Only a few keywords with one competitor in the #1 spot I would like to out rank here locally… Right now, with you and your softwares help I am #2 according to Google maps so I am looking forward to your course to crush the competition in my local market…


Hi Chad, will you be offering an affiliate program, with a unique promotional link similar to the system that is close out by nitro marketing Kevin Wilke, Matt. It’ll would be great if you’ll pay by way of PayPal if you decide to have an affiliate program with this….

Allen Harpsays:

Good morning Chad,

I am really getting excited about the new class. Two questions I have that may be covered in the class:

1.I will be offering services to many different companies. Can I set them all up under my maps account or do I have to set up a separate account for each customer.

2. I heard comments recently that Google just changed their 10-box guidelines and that supposedly you cannot use keywords with you company name, and one other area, unless they actually are a part of your name.
Any recent development on this?
Thanks again for everything.

ANSWER: You want everything in a separate maps account if you are using my techniques. Also, re: company names. You need to make your company name include the keywords. An easy way to legitimatize this is to register your domain name to a fake company name that includes the keywords, so if google checks up on it, it shows that your company name includes the keywords. ~chad


Funny, I picked a keyword phrase and did a few searches. I did not recognize the first one that came up as a brick-and-mortar business, so I clicked on it. The mini-map that came up was maybe 1/4 mile from my home in an adjacent neighborhood – actually seemed to be located in a tree :) But, they don’t have a website, so I have to guess they are mail-order or other.

Although these folks (if mail order or catalog order) probably want their phone number to display (it’s a local number), I really don’t want my phone ringing off the hook. So, how do you handle the phone number?

John Neymansays:

Thanks for the insight. Can’t wait for the course.


How is this working now that the 10 Box was reduced to 7?

ANSWER: It works with any size box, whether 1 is listed, or 5,7,10… ~Chad

Tom O'Reillysays:

Had my google map site up to the second page after only one day but then it disappeared completely. None of the sites ahead of me have much on their pages. I’ve got reviews, coupons, videos, photos & etc. Doesn’t seem to have picked up any citations yet, though.

I know you said that it takes months but after seeing reports of overnight success, I was hoping it wasn’t going to take so long.

Any idea how long it takes for Google to start to add citations? I think that must be the only thing holding my page back.

ANSWER: There can be a few reasons for this. If you email me some more details we can help you out. ~chad

John Cowburnsays:

Hi Chad

Great app, certainly glad I purchased GoogleMapsCash, well worth the cost.

Question: Is there a pdf for the course anywhere? I can’t see one so suppose not. It would be very much appreciated as after watching all the videos its difficult to remember everything once you start the work and keep referring back to the videos is very time wasting. It would only need to be a point by point instruction but it would be very useful.
Also does the software automatically take account of your geographical location when providing the results?
And finally is there a forum anywhere where further questions or tips could be posted?


John Cowburnsays:

Hi Chad

I purchased GoogleMapsCash last week and am working through the videos. Thought I’d take a look in Google at “detroit web design” and you’re not in the ten box at all! What’s happened? Have Google sussed what you’re doing?



ANSWER: Yea that was sort of our “sacrificial lamb” listing where we tried all the blackhat and white hat techniques. I knew if we used it publicly in the course it would not last long because eventually word could get around to google. Don’t worry the techniques are working for a lot of people who are under the radar. ~chad


Hey Chad

Amazing product..its new, its hot and it works!!
Are you signing up affiliate to promote your product? if yes, where can i signup?


Can you tell me how many listings / placements in 10 boxes I can do in a day.. like if I want 500 is is gonna take me 6 months ?

Any chance of doing a bulk buy of all your stuff for one low low Thanksgiving price…??


Tom O'Reillysays:

I’ve got my listing into the 7 box pretty easily for the top keyword. In fact, I’m in the A position. The problem that I have is that I’m still not getting much traffic. The monthly search count for the keyword is over 10000 and as I said, I’m in the A position of the 7 box. I just don’t understand why that only translates to a few visits per day. Any insights?

Clear 4Gsays:

I am loving your Google Maps course. I have learned a ton and now have several local listings up. Thanks so much!

Landau Calrizziansays:

looking forward to applying this information…thank you!

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