Greg Luther Review – Inner Circle Coaching Review

I have a friend who is a newly licenced Real Estate Agent In Michigan. We were having lunch last week and he mentioned that he seemed to be having trouble closing his listings. My friend said that he was thinking about joining Greg Luther Coaching. This was the first time that I had heard the name Greg Luther. I asked my friend what he knew about this coaching program, he replied “not much. I just got a couple of emails from him and I am thinking about joining”. I asked my friend to hold off and let me do a bit of research on the subject. My friend agreed and here is what I found out.

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The course my daughter used above is much better than Inner Circle Coaching. But since you are here to learn about Inner Circle Coaching, lets get back to our review of that:

According to “Greg Luther is known as the most sought after mentor and business coach in the real estate world today. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio he struggled as a new licensee during his first year like many new agents within the industry do. After seeing veteran agents around him struggling, even though they’ve been doing this for over 10 years, he decided to find a better way because the average agent couldn’t teach him to become successful. He became a master at marketing and immediately became one of the top real estate agents in the country earning millions of dollars and selling hundreds and hundreds of homes.” Ok it says he became a mastermind but what does that mean so I dug a little deeper.

Who Is Greg Luther

So what exactly is Greg Luther’s background that makes hima mastermind? Let’s have a look. Quoting the about page on “As a real estate agent, Greg bootstrapped his business from nothing using a $1500 loan to get his real estate license. He quickly became one of the highest paid agents in America securing clients at commissions ranging from 7% to 10% even in the face of discount brokerages. He later began partnering with agents all over the country and coaches a select group of private clients in a 1-on-1 fashion with many closing 8-15 homes monthly. Greg takes pride in his ability to build an agents business with their “end game” in mind”.  

Greg is super active on most Social media platforms and can readily be found on Youtube, FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram. Here is a youtube search

I also found out that he spent two years researching Marketing and there does not seem to be much more about how he is a mastermind! So what has he accomplished? 

There is no shortage of information about Greg’s success. Greg Luther currently has homes in Columbus OH and Tampa Fl he also coaches nearly 30,000 agents across the Country. Among his holdings are Premier Luxury Marketing Consultants™, Greg Luther Coaching,  he also owns a stable of over 30 racehorses which race in 6 states for several million dollars in purses. 

What does he offer

Now he does sound like a successful businessman so I decided to see what he offered so I went to to see if he offered a free trial or something. 

I clicked the tab on top of the page that was labeled Free Weekly Webinar and it took me here.

I filled out the information and I was surprised I was immediately taken to this video. 

After watching the video for 20 min of him stating his success and his accomplishments, he finally got to the point and I was not that impressed but I decided to see if I could see exactly what was included with his Inner Circle Coaching Program. I went back to the homepage and clicked the tab labeled Training Programs to see if there was a detailed description or something on that order. I was directed to this page

What’s Included

You can click each of the learn more buttons and it will tell you what is included in each course. For instance Luxury Agent Mastery comes with the following


This coarse sells for $995.00 or you can split it into two payments of $497.97

The Foundational course sells for $397.00

The Writing copy for profit course sells for $895.00

The Bulletproof course sells for $995.00

What are People Saying About The Inner Circle

I scoured Reddit looking for reviews on Greg Luther’s Inner Circle Coaching and came up empty so I turned to BiggerPockets where there are several reviews and comments.

Other than BiggerPockets the only reviews I could find were positive and they were on his site or a site where the reviews are linked from his site. This leaves me wondering exactly how valuable his products really is.

Final Thoughts

So I found out some information about Greg Luther and his coaching programs. I looked at what other people had to say about his programs and if they thought they had any real value. Later that week I had lunch with my Real Estate friend and told him what I had discovered. My friend is very intelligent so I suggested he have a look at the videos and the pricing. 

Speaking for myself I find that there is more self hype on Greg Luther than there is valuable training. Moreover judging by reviews that I was able to uncover, people that have tried it find it to be a bit shady and perhaps a bit unethical.

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I hope that this has been helpful to you if you are considering buying one or all of his courses. Thanks for stopping in and I hope to see you again.