Meet Kevin – Real Estate Investing + Youtube Video Course Review

Who Is Meet Kevin (Kevin Praffath)?

Meet Kevin or also known by his real name as Kevin Praffath is a Youtuber , real estate investor, and entrepreneur.  

Currently, Kevin has more than 1.6 million followers on Youtube alone and he also has a large number of followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

He has been featured in CNBC and New York Times as a finance guru and popular real estate investor. 

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Now, if you’re still interested in this course, lets continue with the main question people ask: With a current net worth of 32 million dollars at the age of 28 years old, many people wonder how he became so successful? 

How did he acquire his wealth and become a multi-millionaire at a relatively young age?

Meet Kevin was born in Germany and he came to California at the age of 17 with only $1000 in his pocket. At that time, he had no net worth and made a living by working at Jamba Juice & Red Robin. 

He made a normal wage at the time and being a young male, he spent all of his money on random stuff and video games. He even skipped a lot of classes to play video games but he managed to graduate from UCLA, University of California, Los Angeles. 

In 2008, Kevin met his current wife, Lauren, while visiting Paris for vacation. Kevin moved to live with Lauren’s parents and at that time, Kevin had no idea about real estate investing as he was a college student. 

However, after spending a lot of time with Lauren’s father, who was an active real estate investor, he developed his interest in real estate and managing properties professionally. 

Then, Kevin started studying to become a realtor and eventually earned his realtor license during his freshman year of college. Kevin was very realistic at that time because he knew that no one would buy property from him as he was still new with zero experience in selling real estate or managing one. 

This thought led him to buy his first property with Lauren, fix them up and improve their property selling and management skills along the way. 

His first property cost him around $300,000 and the amazing thing about Kevin and Lauren is that they managed to use the only $8000 that they have to buy the necessary stuff to renovate a property like a furniture etc. With a property that had no kitchen and in bad condition, they managed to turn it into a good-looking property at a very cheap cost. 

Kevin then showcased the first property to his clients to demonstrate his ability in managing properties. They did get some interest from a few real estate investors but eventually, they realized that their money-making framework would be to buy rundown homes, renovate them and rent them out. 

That is how Paffrath Organisation, their real estate business was born. They repeat the same process for a few years of buying rundown homes, renovate and rent them out until Kevin finishes his study at college. Currently, Kevin and his partner own 22 properties in Southern California excluding 9 properties that are still in the renovation process. 

Kevin’s wife, Lauren is the manager of their real estate business taking a salary of around $250,000 from the business while Kevin takes $100,000 plus commission from homes that he buys. They worked well to make Paffrath Organisation a success and not only that, Kevin then started his journey as a Youtuber. 

His first few videos were motivational—life lessons and mistakes that you should prevent—but as he gains more views, he expands his content into something that he does on a daily basis, which is investing. 

He shares his real estate investing advice on Youtube and learns from top Youtuber, Graham Stephan on how to make his Youtube channel grow faster and bigger. 

His effort was worth it as his Youtube channel is now at 1.6 million subscribers and Youtube has become one of his main income in his millionaire portfolio. With Youtube, he sells some courses that he has expertise in and makes money with affiliate marketing as well. 

Is Meet Kevin A Scam?

In my opinion, he is not a scam as the information that he provides on Youtube is based on his experience as a real estate investor and entrepreneur. The courses that he sells also look legit but he sure does have some verbal fights with other Youtubers and entrepreneurs and also very active in “exposing” other real estate influencers. 

He attacked a few big entrepreneurs like Kevin O’Leary, Grant Cardone, and Dave Ramsey to bring crowd attention toward him and increase his popularity in the masses. 

Kevin made a few videos condemning Grant Cardone’s Real Estate Capital and accusing him of scamming people’s money into his real estate business which is the worst real estate investment in his opinion.  

Not only that but, Kevin also created a lie that Grant Cardone sued him because of the so-called “truth” that he spread online. Later on, Grant Cardone announced on social media and news sites that Kevin was just trying to get some attention and this is a part of his marketing tactic. 

Kevin’s mocking videos ended when Dave Ramsey filed a lawsuit against him, claiming that Kevin fraudulently joined a program that sends businesses new clients and published proprietary information and disparaging comments online. 

In a court filing, Kevin claims that he was just practicing his freedom of speech but it did not turn out well for him as the court ruled out that he needed to remove all of the mocking videos related to Dave Ramsey that he posted on Youtube.  

That is the only bad side about Kevin’s resume which is the extreme marketing method that he used to gain popularity and get the crowd’s attention. 

Now, we will look at two of Kevin’s most famous online courses to see whether they are scam courses or courses that can help you be successful in the topic. 

Meet Kevin Real Estate Investing Course Overview

Real estate investing: From $0 To Millionaire And Beyond is a real estate course that is created by Meet Kevin based on his experience as a real estate investor to help you become a millionaire through real estate investing. 

Kevin’s aim with this course is to teach the specific mechanics to live the lifestyle of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor. 

This means knowing more than “cap rate,” “ROI,” and some other basic real estate textbook topics and spreadsheets. This is much more. THIS teaches you the psychology needed to succeed as a Millionaire investor for life, the art of negotiation and deal-making, and how to make passive income and cash flow.

The course is priced at $839 which looks expensive for an online course but you will be blown away when you discover the amount of content that he provides in his real estate course. There are 21 modules that you will get in this course and I will outline a summary of each module below. 

Module 1: Welcome/Announcement 

Kevin gives an overview of his course and talks about crucial economic principles about real estate as well as some things that you need to do before starting the course. 

Module 2: Mindset 

This module talks about the millionaire investor mindset that you need to have and the personality plus the communication of a millionaire. 

Module 3: Your Finances 

Kevin teaches about managing your finances properly while being a real estate investor, some lessons include the use of credit cards and the principle behind compound interest. 

He also talks about some fundamental finance principles such as present and future value calculation, break-even analysis, and net present value. 

Module 4: Your Circles 

This section mentions the primary and the secondary circle that you should have as a real estate investor and how to find great agents, managers, lenders, and contractors. 

Module 5: Shopping For Real Estate 

A big section on how to find the best deals for real estate around your areas as well as some criteria that make a property profitable for you and properties that do not qualify for a good purchase. 

Module 6: Financing 

This section talks about how to finance your property purchase and some important terms that you need to know to familiarise yourself with real estate loans and mortgages. 

Module 7: Valuation 

Kevin talks about property valuation in your market and explains the importance of market value range, and some other important property valuation terms such as Income Approach, Cost-to-build approach, and wedge deals. 

Module 8: Negotiation 

This section is all about negotiation and how to negotiate as a seller and as a buyer as well as how to fish for information. 

Module 9: Closing Cost 

Kevin talks about the closing cost of a property and important subjects about title insurance & appurtenances, title binder, and property taxes. 

Module 10: Inspections 

This section talks about how to inspect a property and what to observe for. He also talks about contractors’ issues and the foundation materials of a property. 

Module 11: Renovations 

Here, you will learn the process of renovating a run-down home and the correct way to plan & construction jobs. He also talks about affordable and good materials to be used for your property. 

Module 12: Hacks & Pitfalls 

Kevin shares some tricks and hacks to make a lot of money. There are four subjects that he talks about in this section which are bank hacking to wealth, rent hacking, house hacking single units, multi-units, and the BRRRR method as well as the Cash Flow Of Psychology. 

Module 13: Investing Methods 

In this module, Kevin talks about the real estate investing methods that you can use which are wholesaling, flipping, buy & hold, BRRRR, Delaware trusts, REITS, syndicates, and 401k investing. 

Module 14: Property Types 

Overview of various property types such as single-family, condos, complexes, and more. 

Module 15: Investing Principles 

Overview of the investing principles involving property and real estate such as NEXT, AirBnB, land, passive income, and more. 

A big financial decision such as selling and buying properties requires some kind of protection on your side, here Kevin talks about insurance and legal protection that you need to know. 

Module 17: Tax Strategies 

Real estate investing can be a good way to reduce your tax significantly while raising your net worth at the same time because of depreciation expenses. Here, Kevin talks about tax strategies, the benefits of taxes, and how to never pay taxes again. 

Module 18: Doing A Deal 

This section talks about how to do a deal and important topics such as writing an offer & negotiating, opening Escrow, and rules for your lender. 

Module 19: Tenants & Property Management 

This section is quite big as it covers various topics about tenant and property management. Some lessons are screening tenants, credit check, and some rules to follow when managing tenants. 

Module 20: How To Start With 

This section talks about how to start real estate investing with the amount of money that you have available for this business, which ranges from $0 and goes up to $1 million, as well as some personal notes from Kevin if you are starting at a young age. 

Module 21: Actual Examples 

Here, Kevin shows some real-life deals that he has done before and examples that you can learn from in your real estate investing journey. 

He also constantly adds new information and lessons to this course. Now we will move to the second course which is his Passive Income With Youtube Videos course. 

Meet Kevin Youtube Course Overview

As a Youtuber with more than 1.6 million subscribers, Kevin knows what he is preaching about when it comes to making money with Youtube passively. In this course, he teaches you how to make passive income with Youtube videos and teaches the specific mechanics to live the lifestyle of a millionaire Youtuber. 

He has turned his Youtube channel into multiple streams of passive income sources with affiliate marketing, sponsorship, and Youtube ad revenue. 

His Youtube course is currently priced at $579 which is the middle range in terms of a Youtube course and it has 14 main modules in it. Kevin claims that the information contained in this course is everything you need to know about building a Youtube channel fast with algorithm secrets and editing hacks. Below is the summary of each module. 

Module 1: Let’s Get Started

Kevin started the course with an introduction of how the course works, and dive straight into your channel creation and what niche you should choose. He also breaks down how you can make money fast with Youtube ads as well as some important video aspects that you need to study. 

Module 2: Preparing For A Video 

In the second section, Kevin outlines what you need to do before creating any video. He listed some rules to follow for the Youtube algorithm to detect and rank your videos plus he exposed some myths about the Youtube algorithm. 

Module 3: Why Videos Fail 

Kevin explains furthermore why most Youtube videos fail to beat the algorithm and go viral, he outlines some criteria that make a Youtube video go viral. He also teaches you the proper way to get into a saturated market and the SEO practice behind it. 

Module 4: Audio and First Edits. 

Kevin shows you some important audio and editing tips. Most of the lessons here are about getting high-quality audio without spending big bucks on it. As Youtube gets smarter each day, the platform tends to rank video with good video and audio quality. 

Module 5: Subject Matter & Storytelling 

In this section, Kevin talks about four subjects which are picking your subject matter and buckets, being your subject matter, proving the subject matter, and the art of storytelling and relatability. 

Module 6: The 5 Minute Edit

In this section, Kevin talks about how to produce content fast and some tools that you can use for your video. He elaborates that with all of the information here you can edit your entire video in 5 minutes or less, this is how he can post 3 to 5 videos per day. 

Module 7: The Truth About The Algorithm 

Here, Kevin talks about everything that triggers the Youtube algorithm and the elements that are related to it. He reveals his secret method of beating the algorithm which he called Kevin’s Triangle and he also shares how he got to #1 on the trending page on Youtube. 

Module 8: Camera Adjustments 

Overview of the best camera settings and deep dive on-camera color and functions. 

Module 9: Gear 

Overview of the full gear list that he uses as well as a cheat sheet that you can use for your video creation equipment. 

Module 10: Insurance 

He talks about whether you need to get an LLC or Corporation for your Youtube channel as well as some insurance, taxation, and liability lessons. 

Module 11: Easy Videos You Can Make Now 

He outlined some easy video ideas that you can shoot now for your Youtube channel. 

Module 12: Uploading, Making Money, & Monetizing 

This one is a big section as he talks about getting your video on Google search and in Youtube search. He also mentions thumbnail design and editing workflow as well as some ways to monetize your Youtube videos.  

Module 13: My Editing Secrets – Going Deep On Hard Edits vs Easy Edits 

In this module, Kevin revealed his editing secret and examples of how he does deep editing for his videos. 

Module 14: Final Tips 

Final tips are some final notes and tricks that Kevin shares to help you improve your Youtube channel and videos furthermore. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Both of his real estate and Youtube course provides high-quality video training and cover everything that you need to know related to real estate investing and making passive income with Youtube 
  • Good support on behalf of Meet Kevin on his courses as well as discord group assistance if you have any questions related to the course that you purchased. 
  • Affordable and cheap courses price relative to other real estate investing and Youtube channel courses out there. The standard price for courses on real estate investing and making money with Youtube is around $997, to see the course price of Meet Kevin below this price considering the massive amount of value that he provides is unbelievable. 


  • There is only one con to his courses which is he provides no refund if you are not satisfied with any of his courses which looks scammy. 

Final Verdict 

In conclusion, I think that Meet Kevin is not a scam and he knows what he is doing and teaching, which explains why his net worth is $32 million. 

However, he does get involved in a lot of fights with other entrepreneurs online as a marketing tactic for his channel to grow and spread awareness to his name. 

For his real estate investing course, I do not think that you can get any course out there that teaches everything that you need to do and know to start investing in real estate at a price of $839 which is slightly lower than the standard price of $997 for a real estate investing course. 

I think that is a huge steal if you are someone that wants to get started with real estate investing without spending a lot of money on it. 

For his Youtube passive income course, it is somewhat similar to other high ticket courses out there from Graham Stephan and MakeMoneyMatt, the differences are his Youtube course offers more value and personal tips that he used for his viral Youtube videos and the price is cheaper than his competitors at $579. 

This is a good opportunity if you want to start making passive income with a Youtube channel with guidance from someone that made millions from the Youtube platform.