Pay Per Closing Review

You need leads to be a successful real estate broker. Unfortunately, getting leads can be arduous. And this is where Pay Per Closing comes in. The company claims to be a risk-free lead generation company for real estate brokers.

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The course my daughter used above is much better than the Pay Per Closing program. But since you are here to learn about Pay Per Closing, lets get back to our review of that:

If you are a real estate broker looking for ways to get more quality leads, you may be wondering if Pay Per Closing is the solution to your problem. This article will give you all the relevant information about this company. It will also tell you if it is as good as it sounds. 

Who are the Creators behind Pay Per Closing?

The founder of the company; Mike Oddo is a real estate broker who got his license when he was only 20 years old. Although he looked very young for his age, he was confident in his capabilities as a broker and he became successful. 

But when he relocated from Omaha, Nebraska to Lake of Ozarks in Missouri, he had to generate leads from scratch. He realized that he needed a more robust way of generating leads. 

He was new in town and word of mouth wouldn’t be enough for him to get his business the attention it needs. He started cold calling and knocking on doors. He soon realized that the strategy didn’t make him stand out since that is what all other agents were doing. 

When he turned 26, he started learning more about online advertising. He spent hours testing online advertising methods and his hard work paid off. He became the most successful broker in his vicinity. This was in 2012 when online lead generation was not popular. 

He proceeded to found his own technology company called Market Maker. The company gained significant success and it was listed on INC 5000. Market Maker alone made Mike Oddo $1 million per year in commissions. Market Maker is also focused on lead generation but that requires an upfront investment. 

What is Pay Per Closing?

Pay Per Closing is a firm that generates leads for real estate brokers at no risk. The company operates under a referral scheme where Mike Oddo trains the brokers on how to close leads quickly.

According to Mike, he wanted to create a product where brokers are not burdened with monthly fees. A product that allows them to only focus on closing leads. He realized that some people get overwhelmed with the upfront fees and then quit before they attain any success. 

How Does Pay Per Closing Work?

The Pay Per Closing process is pretty much simple. You don’t need to pay upfront to get access to leads. When you close a lead, you will pay 25% of the money you make to Mike Oddo. The program distinguishes itself from other lead generation companies by only taking a cut when the agent is successful. 

Other lead generation companies charge for the leads and there is a likelihood of them sending old or repeated leads to agents. Other lead generation agencies also send a few leads when you get started but the leads stop coming after some time. Some also disqualify people when they take too long to get to a lead. But Mike Oddo’s process ensures that he only benefits when you close a lead which also means he will focus on sending quality leads. 

Mike Oddo’s company only signs on brokers when they are convinced that the broker is qualified. To qualify to join Pay Per Closing, you need to be coachable and have a big career goal. They do not want to sign on people who are satisfied with closing a few leads per year. 

To join, you will first need to schedule a call with the company. If you qualify to join, you will get a customized website, and access to a proprietary CRM that will help you to keep track of your leads. You will also receive weekly training on how to successfully close leads. You will also get access to scripts to guide you after the training.

You will receive exclusive leads for your area and when you are unable to work on the leads, the lead is reassigned just like it is done with other lead generation agencies. However, you will also receive a share of the fee when the lead is closed. If you close all leads referred to you, you will pay a 25% referral fee to Mike Oddo and keep the rest. 

If you do not qualify to join on your first try, you may be put on the waiting list for later. 

Should I Consider Joining Pay Per Closing?

You should only consider joining if you are ready to learn everything the company teaches. This will help you to get better at closing leads and increase your chances of closing the leads that are sent to you. You may have lead opportunities slip through your fingers if you are not good at closing them. 

Considering that there is no upfront investment involved, you have nothing to lose if you give it a try. If the reviews on Trustpilot are anything to go by, it is worth joining this lead generation company. Most reviewers said signing up to Pay Per Closing was totally worth it. 

They commended the support the company provides its brokers. Some also commented about how the company helps you to stand out among brokers in your area. Some people also commended the company for the ease with which you can set up your website and how comprehensive the training videos are. 

The company helps you to stand out among brokers in your area. Some people also commended the company for the ease with which you can set up your website and how comprehensive the training videos are.

Good luck!

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