Dolmar Cross Review (Property Scout Pipeline)

What is the Property Scout Pipeline? 

Property Scout Pipeline is a software created for real estate investors by Dolmar Cross, the main function of Property Scout Pipeline is to handle tasks related to real estate leads. This includes managing the status of the lead, making important notes of the lead, as well as classifying the lead based on how the leads react to your offers. 

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The course my daughter used above is much better than Property Scout Pipeline. But since you are here to learn about Property Scout Pipeline, lets get back to our review of that:

The Property Scout Pipeline system also acts as a free lead generator for real estate investors that want to collect real estate leads at no cost. We all know that acquiring leads especially in the real estate industry is very expensive with paid social media advertising and paid cost per click ads on Google or Bing. 

Dolmar Cross, the founder of the system claims that this software will attract the leads and help you manage them. The best of all is that he designed the software to be automated, which means that you will not be doing the traditional lead generation manually anymore. 

Before we go further into what the system is, let’s talk about some of the important terms that play a big role if you want to understand what the software can help you with.

The first term is property scout. As you know, a property scout is someone who finds investment properties and presents them to the real estate investor for a certain amount of fees that called the finder fee. The famous term for this in real estate is a bird dog, a broker or agent that finds the birds which are good investment properties for you. 

Imagine if you have one bird dog that brings you 3 leads per week consistently, that is awesome right? But what Property Scout Pipeline claims is that it can get you multiple bird dogs that can give you multiple leads on autopilot for you, the real estate investor

To be a successful real estate investor and make a profit with real estate, you need good investment property deals, with more leads that you receive, the higher the chance of you n getting good property deals. Quite simple right? 

The traditional way of finding leads is to hire some property scouts to find the real estate deals for you, this can be time-consuming capital intensive, and much more. Luckily, this automated system, Property Scout Pipeline, can help you generate real estate leads passively and manage those leads easily based on your preferences. The current price of Property Scout Pipeline is $67/month, yes it is a subscription-based membership site. 

Now that we know the two functions of the system, let’s dive into who Dolmar Cross is, is he a trustworthy guy and what experience does he have in the real estate industry to be able to create a system that will benefit common real estate investors. 

Who is Dolmar Cross?

Dolmar Cross is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and mentor that has been in the real estate industry for more than 15 years. Just like most of us, he struggles his way toward success but he did not give up and this is how he ends up as a real estate investor icon on the internet. 

He started his journey by flipping real estate in 2005, and from that point until now, he has flipped over 1,000 houses in Florida and the whole United States. His first few years in the journey made him a decent amount of money to a point that he can spend them lavishly. 

Back in those days, he claims he would spend tens of thousands of dollars on useless stuff such as nice-looking cars, going to parties, and living the luxury life. Unfortunately, that way of life led him to bankruptcy in 2008 during the market crash. Back in 2008, the financial crisis was caused by deregulation in the financial industry, where banks have been allowed to engage in hedge fund trading with derivatives. This causes the banks to demand more mortgages to support the profitable sales of the derivatives which eventually led to the financial crisis also known as The Great Recession. 

However, the financial crisis did not stop Dolmar to thrive his way again to success in entrepreneurship and real estate investing. Now, he got involved in entrepreneurship especially in the digital marketing field, and has his own company, Real Advisor which is a national leader in the financial education industry. 

His company provides free educational workshops, webinars, and lessons related to real estate, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship in general. Property Scout Pipeline is one of the products that has been produced through his company. 

Now that we know who Dolmar Cross is, let’s move on to the content of the Property Scout Pipeline system. 

What is the Content in Property Scout Pipeline? 

The picture above is the screenshot of the member area in Property Scout Pipeline software. Once you are registered as a member of their site, there is a couple of content that you will receive along with the software. 

Property Scout Training Manual 

This training manual is a step-by-step guide that will show your bird dog, property scout how to spend their time and money to generate real estate property leads for you. The main way of getting the leads as explained in the manual is through their marketing templates that have been proven to work especially in the real estate industry. 

There are also other marketing ways of getting property leads which are mentioned in the manual such as the old manual way of driving the neighborhood to look for good properties, distributing flyers, using business cards and exchanging contact information, and more. If you are a real estate investor and would not be doing most of the tasks as a property scout, then this manual would be beneficial only for your property scouts. 

Property Scout Blueprint 

This is just a simple blueprint that Dolmar provides to you just as guidance on the entire system. Just imagine that this is the manual to use the system because it teaches you how to run the entire Property Scout Pipeline process. It covers everything from recruiting property scouts to the investment company of the software. 

Dolmar explains that basically as a real estate investor in the system, there are only two things that you need to do which are posting ads to find your personal property scouts and making offers as well as negotiating the offers to the leads that your property scouts provide you with. 

It sounds simple right? Yes! Because it is simple, but the conversion of your leads depends entirely on your skill, if you are a good inbound closer, then this system would be a goldmine for you. 

Property Scout Recruiting Resources 

These are the resources that Dolmar provides you with to make your task of finding your property scout ten times easier than the traditional way. One of the easiest ways as well as the most popular way of property scout recruiting in the system is by using their Craiglist hack. 

The Craiglist method is called “Swipe & Deploy” resources, they provide you with high converting ad swipes that you can use on Craigslist and other social media sites. It is quite simple actually, just take the swipes that they provide, and post the ads on Craigslist or Facebook groups. These templates have been time-tested and proven by Dolmar and his team. 

Scout Lead Generation Resources 

These are some extra resources that you can provide to your property scout so that they can bring more leads to you effectively. Some of the resources are investor letters, door hangers, and marketing flyers. These are some customizable resources that you can tailor based on your area or marketing objectives. 

The key is to assist your property scout with the best marketing tools and resources that you can find, this is because the results and the leads that you will be getting depends on their work and efforts. If they are efficient with effective marketing activities, then you will get more leads and potentially good real estate property deals. 

Your Property Scout Getting Website 

This is your custom-made property scout generator website, which means that Dolmar has designed a website that you can use with customizable settings. The idea is for you to use this website to forward your future property scouts. This is the digital marketing side of this system, where the website is the landing page with a description of what you are looking for in a property scout. 

From there, they can opt-in and sign up for a property scout training that will be provided to them automatically. The typical headline of this website should be “ Local real estate investment company looking for property scouts”. Other things to mention to them is that they do not need to have any experience to get started as you will be providing all of the training materials to them. It also takes zero money for them to start so this will attract them even more. This is important because for you to be successful in this business, you need workers to do the work for you. 

Property Scout Pipeline Leads Manager 

Property Scout Pipeline Leads Manager is the simple software that Dolmar provides you on his website where you can manage the leads that you have received from your property scouts more efficiently and arrange them according to their status. 

This might look very simple and not important but managing your leads effectively is one of the most important things in this system process. If you take into consideration of improper lead management, the leads that you have contacted could be mixed up with the fresh leads that you recently received from your property scouts. 

Being able to categorize them based on their status will make your job a whole lot easier because the time that you spend communicating with the leads that you have already reached out to can be used to negotiate and close a deal with another lead. Time efficiency makes a big difference in the real estate industry especially when the deal is so good that many other real estate investors are trying to pitch the same lead into making a deal with you. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Property Scout Pipeline is a membership-based system that covers everything that you need to know to recruit property scouts and generate real estate leads automatically for you. 
  • Dolmar Cross has been involved in real estate investing and entrepreneurship since 2005, this means that he knows his stuff and what he teaches in the system. 
  • The cheap price of the system is also good which is priced at $67 per month, realistically you would be making a whole lot of money if you run the process in the system correctly 
  • Amazing resources for you and your property scout. 


  • The only con that I found from the system is that they should include some kind of training for you to negotiate and close the deals once you get the leads, because, at the end of the day, it does not matter how many leads you receive from your property scouts if you cannot convert the leads into money for you. 


To conclude this review, I would recommend the system for you to try if you are a real estate investor that is trying to produce leads for your real estate company as it covers everything from recruiting property scouts to the leads management aspect of the process. 

However, you need to keep in mind that there will be some work that you need to do and it is not entirely passive as advertised by Dolmar. In my opinion, it would not hurt you to spend $67 to try the system for yourself for the first month. Once you see how it works and if it makes your work easier, then it is a great catalyst to your real estate investing journey.