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  • (Webhosting)
  • (Multiple Phone number service
  • (Auto Blog Cash System)

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Chad Kimball is an entrepeneur and internet marketer who shapes his work around his life, rather than the other way around. He quit his job and has been working (as little as possible) from home since January of 2000.

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Awesome vid. Thanks for sharing!!



do you offer coaching one on one?
Very interested if you do!



ANSWER FROM CHAD: Hi Mike, yes I do, here you go.


Great content and some cool ideas!

Michael Marinosays:

Hi Chad & Seth,
Thank You for all the valuable tips and tricks.



Mark Bradleysays:

Hey Guys,
Thanks a lot for taking the time to put this video together – much appreciated.
Not had a chance to watch it all yet,but will start swotting up as soon as I get a minute.
Chad, I know that you’re way too young but I swear I saw you on the cover of CCR’s album Cosmo’s Factory! (please take that as a compliment.)
Once again,thanks for the gift.

Kind regards,


Michael Finlaysonsays:

Hi Guys,

Thanks for getting me more focused on adsense and thanks for an awesome training seminar, you’ve given me a lot to think about. I think that it would be a understatment to say that you’d earned your lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have fun,



Thank you for your answer.I have Jeff Walkers ‘Product Launch Formula’ and it’s something I will go through now. I bought my site on flippa and went on warrior forum to test it for $7 increasing to $37 offer (made about $250) . I had 9 sales and some sign-ups but now I would like to launch this for much bigger price and offer coaching. I didn’t listen J.Walkers course yet because it was huge and I didn’t have time but now I will. Thank you very much for your help.


Disagree with Adsense.

– You don’t need a lot of pages to make money with adsense

150 adsense optimized websites with 3-5 articles each generate $10,000+ for me on a monthly basis.

– You don’t need a lot of traffic to make money with adsense

For all my sites, on average, 7-10 unique visitors a day.

Mark Bownsays:

Hi Guys,
Thanks a lot guys, really appreciate the time and effort you took to bring this great video to us.Fantastic content and some killer ideas to work on.
Once again many thanks, some of the so called “Gurus” could do with taking a leaf out of your book when it comes to marketing and keeping their list and clients happy.
Cheers Markfb

Darren Scott Monroesays:

Seth Chad (or is it Chad Seth? LOL) PS little brothers RULE!)

Guys I seldom really compliment but I must say you guys are mind blowing. Your like midwest versions of Frank Kerns to me.

AMAZING and yes you answered several questions and definitely DOING SOMETHING as you said at the end of the video.

Whats funny is the list building you talked about. Your strategy led me to you through their niche profit classroom guys (adam and Allen)


cool q&A, great stuff guys!.appreciate your expertise and life style wisdom . cheers !


Thank you so very much for making this video.
Wow I learned alot. Now I’m going to go do.

Thanks Again


Wanted to thank you for this great call!

Is anyone else having the call stop after about 90 minutes?
I’ve reloaded the page a couple of times but keeps happening.
Might be problem my end.


Hi again.
Ignore previous comment of mine about video problem – Get to the end eventually. I think it was my fault as I was pausing the video for long time periods & probably timed-out on me.

I agree fully with your attitude to lifestyle! Recently spent a day finding out where we were spending all our money in 2009. Very revealing process and now we are cutting our costs.


Awesome vid you guys. Love it.

dean dyersays:

Ok Chad,
Thank you so much for mentioning my question… Yes you did outline several methodologies, which I’m doing my best to focus on Just ONE… among the many that distract me… Specifically I’m asken about PPV offers. Without my own web site.. since my site is so personally branded as a fashion design service provider. Pattern – Studioa… two words that don’t lend them selves to many insurance lead offers. Which has me in google maps before you guys came out with it… but I need the link to the general free portion you mentioned Please..
I don’t have the money to advertise. What can I do to use PPV offers effectively, seeking only to accomplish 250 / day….
Thank you Chad and seth, you guys totally care about people…

dean dyersays:

How can I learn wordpress so I can upload products to my site , besides wordpress tv, or org, or the artisteer program.

I want to have a membership site over the long haul. For my specific expertise.

Kevin Revettesays:

I keep creating “Frankensteins” … good domain names, niche/keyword rich, …ect. Good affiliate stuff. Spent thousands haven’t made a dime, but know this internet thing works… at least for everybody else? Haven’t made a dime to date. I’m having trouble with concise logistics… everybody is making money off my domain names and free blog sites out there but me. I don’t mind sharing the wealth, but everybody else keeps taking the whole pie. You have Registrars running adsense or WP off your domains, PayPal plays games and won’t allow you to add E-mail addresses if you might make money off the accounts (their support is terrible), purchases sneaking in membership site subscriptions and making you jump through hoops to cancel. As a bonus my PC is almost ready to crash and burn… I suspect some marketer got mad at me for not buying their stuff and sent me a Trojen.
Videos take too long
I know how to set up WP Blogs on my hosting account in the /Blog dir
I know how to clean the blog.
I know to Rename any .jpg with a keyword.
I know how to add content, I like this automated “Leave a reply” thing… I think that is a plugin that you just customized a little.
I know about plugins, adsense, zemanta, googlexml…
I know to Create and forward Email accounts like Support@ in CPanel or even the WP autoresponder plugin.
I know how to copy and paste code in a webpage, or add/link graphics.
My affiliate nicknames/account doesn’t seem to be working for anything I set up.
I think at this point, until I get the intricacies of the whole picture figured out I’m going to just do your PPC Squeeze page thing to build a list with a redirect to miss the Blog and go to an affilliate link… what do you think?
I’d like toThank You for the inspiring vids, both you and Seth are totally cool and doing a wonderful thing for people testing the cyberspace water… thanks again Kevin


Thanks Chad, you’re very inspiring and I’m still going back to some of your older materials to try and digest all I need to make this work. Still no income but looking better every day. jm


Thanks Chad + Seth.

I picked up several useful points from that Q+A and really appreciate the time you took to answer my questions in detail.

Keep up the good stuff!


Awesome information! I am very interested.

Thank You,


Hi Chad, just after some clarification on how you use SENuke and Traffic Bug. Lots of negative comments out there re TB. I’m guessing they could be using it incorrectly.

My question… do you use SENuke to build a network of custom linking strategies sites that link to your money sites and feeder sites then only use TB for auto-bookmarking / linking to your link building network?



Hey Chad,
Ok, I’ve recently relocated to a new environment that let’s my mind work better and I’m reviewing all of your videos and my other materials to launch a new site and domain …. But now there is a new marketing program that is really exciting.
What do you know about cell phone marketing?

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