Terry Hale Review

There are so many ways of making money through real estate but you need the right strategies. Terry Hale is promising to set you on the path to becoming a millionaire through his Commercial Real Estate program. 

If you are considering the Commercial Real Estate Investment space, and are looking for a way to start right, Terry might have something for you. This article will explore Terry’s program and help you assess the offer. 

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The course my daughter used above is much better than Terry Hale’s program. But since you are here to learn about Terry Hale, lets get back to our review of that:

What is Terry Hale’s Program?

Terry offers Commercial Real Estate programs including coaching, seminars, and workshop. These programs are geared towards helping you to make a reliable monthly income from Commercial Real Estate Investment. 

Terry explained that the real estate market is filled with both newbie and experienced investors fighting for the same deals. This makes finding deals alone a really strenuous task. Most people are often worn out by the time they find the deals. Unfortunately, some of these deals come with meager checks.

Terry says his program will help you skip the stressful deal-searching stage and help you make more from your deals. 

Who is Terry Hale?

Terry Hale is no stranger to the commercial real estate investment space, he has been doing it for over 2 decades. When Terry started, he had a lot of figuring out to do. He was living in a small house with his wife and dog. 

His finances were under a lot of pressure since he was struggling with credit card debts. He was shuffling between car payments, rent, utilities, and purchasing groceries. There were times when he had to choose to make car payments and forfeit groceries. 

He saw a real estate training that got him excited and he borrowed money to attend. He tried all the strategies he learned in his first year and quickly became worn out. The meager pay made everything worse but he had to continue since that was his only source of income. 

He knew there were more strategies out there and he was determined to know and practice all of them. He attended a real estate conference and was stuck on one speaker who said his net worth grew to $50 million with one deal. The speaker said he did not have money or credit when he got that deal. 

Terry was interested in this because he had no money or credit. He became friends with the speakers and tried to emulate what he did. But he still made some expensive mistakes such as traveling to check on a property before even locking it under contract. 

He soon depleted his finances and he realized his process was not sustainable. Over the next few years, he developed an efficient yet sustainable way of capturing leads. This method worked for him so he started teaching other people how to do it as well. 

He was convinced to teach more people when he saw one of his student’s net worth rise to $3.6 million in a few months. This is how his coaching and workshops were born. Terry has presented several live seminars and has recorded an attendance of over 200,000.  He has also been featured on CNBC, CBS Radio, and several other radio stations. 

Terry has also authored several real estate educational curriculum materials and business magazines. 

How Does Terry Hale’s Coaching Work?

You will first need to schedule a free 20-minute strategy call with Terry to assess where you are in your career currently. During the call, Terry will discuss how to help you immediately create a stream of monthly income. 

He will also listen to your goals and help you evaluate your options. He will introduce you to two strategies; building a long-term portfolio and the Quick Profit Formula. Then he will help you to identify the strategy that will work best for you. 

He will also discuss your roadblocks and how to deal with them. Terry will explain how he can help you to achieve success in the shortest possible time. If you like what was discussed in the short call, you can sign up for Terry’s coaching. 

Aside from the content of the discovery call, Terry has not discussed anything related to the actual coaching so we will instead give you a peek of Terry’s free workshop. During the workshop, you will learn how to get sellers to finance your deals and also learn techniques to get a portfolio of commercial deals. Terry will also teach you how to secure financing for your commercial deals. 

Cost of Terry Hale’s Coaching

Terry does not disclose the cost of his coaching. He will give you a quote during the free 20-minute strategy call. 

Refund Policy

Terry does not offer refunds on coaching services or digital products. 

Should You Invest in Terry Hale’s Coaching?

Terry has the experience and there is a high chance that he has passed the trial and error stage totally. Thus, whatever he shares will be processes that have worked over and over again. We can assume from the content of his strategy calls that he will discuss some important aspects of real estate investment during the coaching. 

We also found a review on Yelp that found Terry’s training helpful. The reviewer also mentioned that he or she learned some helpful tricks that will help build passive income over time. Other reviews on Manta also confirmed this. One reviewer said that he was able to generate regular income thanks to Terry’s training. 

Now that we know what at least one reviewer has to say about Terry, our only concern is the pricing. We cannot tell if the pricing is worth the coaching or not. You will need to assess that by first deciding on the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the coaching service. 

If you think the coaching is worth the amount quoted, you can go ahead and sign up. But be ready to put in the work since there will be no refunds. 

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