Andrew Holmes Events Review

Many people who are into real estate investment would love to learn better and more effective ways of earning money from this form of investment. But they dread the idea of spending weeks sitting behind a PC or iPad to learn them. 

If you are one of those people, you may have probably spent time researching different learning options and have come across the Andrews Holmes Event. Just like any careful investor, you decided to take a look at a few reviews to see what other people had to say about this event.

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The course my daughter used above is much better than Andrew Holmes Events. But since you are here to learn about Andrew Holmes Events, lets get back to our review of that:

What is Andrew Holmes Events?

It is a three-day event that is designed to equip you with all the knowledge, connections, and resources you need to have a successful real estate investment career. The course provides training for all real estate professionals. 

The creator claims that whether you are into fix and flip, rehabilitation, buy and hold, or wholesaling, this course is for you. The event is officially called Build Your Empire 3-Day Conference and Property Tour. 

Who is the Creator of the Event?

Just like the name suggests, this program was created by Andrew Holmes and he is also the host. Andrew was born in the US, but he spent his early years with his family in India. He returned to America at age 19, after living in India for 17 years. 

His life in the US was quite tough and he worked a lot of odd jobs. He worked at Shula’s Steak House until he got fed up and decided to make some life-changing decisions. One of them was taking real estate investment seriously. 

He started his real estate career in 2008 and at that time, he only focused on fix and flip. He added rentals in 2011 following the success of the fix and flip. 

He later created, one of the most popular platforms for real estate investors nationwide. The platform provides education and networking opportunities for investors. The association has over 7000 members all over the country. 

He is also the host for Chicago Flipping with Andrews Holmes; a highly rated radio show that has been running for over 6 years. The show airs on AM 560 THE ANSWER. Andrew has helped over 700 real estate agents develop a portfolio of over 8000 rentals. 

Andrew himself has purchased over 1110 properties and has an accumulated portfolio of over 215 rental properties. He is also a speaker and has shared the stage with other popular speakers including Lou Dobbs and Les Brown. 

How Does the Andrew Holmes Event Work?

The event is a 3 day virtual and in-person event that is designed to teach you to develop a great career in real estate. You will learn how to build wealth through real estate by knowing proven strategies and avoiding common mistakes. 

On the first day, you will learn how to set up a business, the best way to wholesale, and how to get deals. They will teach you how to understand flipping spreadsheets and identify hot markets. You will also learn essential tips on how to rehab properties on the second day. 

The final day focuses on generating wealth, making huge investments, and how to attract the right funding. 

You will also meet a team of professionals who handle specific parts of the real estate journey. This team is made up of contractors, real estate lawyers, private lenders, brokers, title companies, and several other experts. According to Andrews, meeting these people will help you to know who should be brought unto to team to foster success. 

There is also a bus tour that will walk you through active real estate deals. You will get to see some of the properties Andrew and his team are flipping, renting, or wholesaling. This will give you first-hand experience on how to run certain deals. 

You will also get to meet other successful students and they will share their learning and investment experiences with you. The speakers of the program typically include real estate attorneys, wholesaling experts, authors, investors, and private lenders. 

What is the Cost of the Program?

There are three pricing options for the program; virtual, in-person, and VIP admission. The virtual admission will give you access to a pre-online workshop, a 3-day virtual conference, a virtual workbook, and a virtual tour. This costs $147 but there is an early bird ticket that costs $47. 

The in-person admission gives access to a 3-day conference, a virtual pre-conference workshop, a live bus tour, and a workbook. You can also bring a guest for free if you pay for the standard admission. The standard admission costs $197 but the early bird admission is $97. 

The VIP admission gives you access to everything you will find in the in-person admission as well as hot lunch for all three days. You will also get access to recordings of the events and you can bring a guest at a discounted price. This costs $317 but there is an early bird pricing for $197. 

Most of the time, the early bird pricing remains the standard pricing so you can expect to pay the early bird pricing even if you purchase the ticket a day before. 

Refund Policy

You can get a 100% refund on your ticket purchase if you are not satisfied with the event. 

Should You Invest in Andrew Holmes Events?

Andrew does deliver the workshop with his line-up of speakers. People also get access to workbooks and everything they promised. However, some past participants did not find the content of the event valuable enough for investment. Some people also described the program as a sales pitch to upsell a much more expensive program. 

One reviewer who left a positive review came back with a negative one later after purchasing an upsell worth $18000.

The bottom line is that if you are not ready to listen to a series of sales pitches telling you how it is easy to be successful as a real estate investor if you purchase Andrew’s super-expensive program, you should probably look elsewhere. 

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