Vodyssey Review: Is It Scam or Legit?

Real estate investment has been a most reliable source of passive income for decades. Many people find renting vacation properties or a second house to be a good way to become financially independent.

Vodyssey is a real estate investment program that teaches you how to create an income stream by investing in vacation homes without having to face the typical drawbacks of real estate investment.

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Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

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The course my daughter used above is much better than the Vodyssey program. But since you are here to learn about Vodyssey, lets get back to our review of that:

In this post, I’ll walk you through the details of this program and tell you whether you should go for it or not.

Who Is Shawn Moore – the Brain Behind Vodyssey

Shawn Moore is the founder of Vodyssey (previously named Lifestyle Asset University). He and his wife Teresa used to sell high-end properties, earning money and leading a lavish life up until 2008.

That’s when the owner of the property he was trying to sell got indicted on multiple security charges. Not only did he lose his only source of income, but he also had to use his savings to pay the bills.

Because of this, he ended up losing his Utah home after failing to pay the mortgage for six consecutive months. Finally, he even had to sell all his vehicles. He was broke. Then a miracle happened.

He saw an ad in a magazine for a real estate seminar. Having previously worked in this field, he decided to attend. Shawn and his wife borrowed some money and attended the seminar. Afterward, they hired an experienced real estate coach named Craig Proctor.

It was 2009, and the real estate market wasn’t a very dependable source of income, but Shawn followed Craig’s advice and worked with short-term rentals. Soon he started to earn even more money before and dedicated himself to his business.

Currently, Shawn is renting vacation homes and teaching people how to make money by doing the same. In order to do this better, he founded Life Asset University which he later renamed Vodyssey.

While his exact net worth is unknown, he is often introduced as a millionaire.

What’s Inside the Vodyssey Coaching Program?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much on the official Vodyssey website about their program. However, since it’s a coaching program, you can expect that Shawn and his team will accompany you in every step of your real estate journey.

Along with the coaching itself, you’ll be provided with digital tools and courses to make things easier. The price of the Vodyssey program is $4,800, although it’s not exactly clear what’s included in this fee.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this training program-

Basics of Vacation Home Rentings

If you know nothing about renting vacation homes or real estate investing, this program will be a good way to start. Here, you’ll learn the difference between true Lifestyle Assets and typical short-term rentals.

Shawn will give you tips to survive the world of real estate investments as well as expert interviews on legal, financial, management, etc.

How to Upgrade Your Portfolio

You’ll learn how to identify profitable rental areas and properties. Shawn will give you the tools to easily locate the most profitable locations.

The instructions include all the strategies and tactics for growing and scaling your rental portfolio.

How To Maximize Your Asset

Many people think success in this field depends on the conditions of the market, but Shawn believes that’s not true. He will teach you how to rule any market without depending on the Online Trading Academies such as VRBO, AirBnB, etc.

Odyssey Reviews: What Do the Users Say?

I wasn’t really surprised to see that there aren’t many reviews available for this program. I mean, not many people can afford a $4800 program.

It seems to me that people have mixed feelings about it. And most of the criticisms are regarding the field of vacation renting.

For example, one Reddit user says, “When you run numbers on owning a vacation rental, 35-40% is gonna go to management and cleaning, leaving you barely enough to break even. In most cases (there are exceptions) this will not be an income-earning thing.”

That’s coming from someone who has real-world experience in buying and renting several vacation homes. While I agree that you need to spend some of the money you earn on the upkeep of your properties, it doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t receive any profit from it. You just need to know how to fix the price and carefully handle your deals.

Another reviewer, Joey Morea, says, “My take was that he was trying to convince you that you can own homes in multiple areas and bounce between them as a lifestyle while making money on the rentals when you are not there. I never saw price, but for 4800 That seems crazy!”

While that is basically what Shawn teaches at Vodyssey, the main program includes a lot more. However, I have to agree that the pricing is kind of crazy.

Here’s a review from Jourdan Amerson, who has actually taken the course: “It doesn’t just teach you how to buy and rent a vacation rental.

It teaches how to make it among the top 25% of properties in a given area and includes a ton of social support, networking with top 1% realtors and lenders, very niche CPA’s and lawyers, and a ton of extra content about building the brand…, etc. There’s just so much support and content.”

The course is not as simple as many people think; it’s full of details and strategies for both beginners and experts.

Here’s an interesting comment from Avery Carl, “I will amend my previous comment to say that I have had several investors come through The Shop that had been to this and they had a really good handle on things. So I rescind my previous judging-the-book-by-the-cover statement.”

However, if you really want to know about the program, talking to someone who has been actually involved with it will be the most helpful.

Kyle Meise, a student says, “So here we are, 2 weeks into using the course which we have learned admittedly more than I ever thought possible, and still more to come. I thought I was making traction before on my own, but this program is legitimately saving me months maybe years of making mistakes and learning as I go.”

Although two weeks might seem too early to comment, the first impression is important. This comment is proof that the course is genuine and you’ll be able to learn from it right at the start.

Greg Chambers has worked with Shawn and said this in a review, “Yes, I have invested with Shawn Moore’s company.  I can say the access to the hundreds of successful members itself is worth double the price of admission. However, that is only starting point. The training for people like me in the beginning of their str journey is equally valuable as is the access to Shawn.”

That’s what I like about this program. You meet hundreds of other people with practical experience in this field. This means you’ll get expert help whenever you need it.

Many more people have attended the Vodyssey program and made profits with their earned knowledge. You can check out the Vodyssey official site for more success stories.

Should You Purchase the Vodyssey Training Program? – My Verdict

So, is the Vodyssey training program scam or legit? From what I’ve heard, Vodyssey is a legit company that can help you use real estate to make money.

But, do I recommend it? Well, it depends on your financial condition. As I said, not many reviews are available for this program so it’s not really clear what kind of people are benefitted from it.

I would recommend it to those who have enough wealth to take risks and who can put forth their time and effort in this field. I like the idea of renting vacation properties as well as using them, but the price is expensive and you should evaluate the risks before signing up. Best of luck to you!

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