10-Box Software Instructions

Install and use the 10-box finder software:

If you have not checked out my full course on dominating the search engines using Google Maps, go here to read all about it:

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Chad! Awesome video! I actually just got approached by a local business to do this for them. Cha-Ching! Plus, I have several sites that sell physical products so this will be great! I can’t wait to get your course :-D

Hi Chad, I want to congratulate you for your work and thank you for your genius, you’re really good at what you do.
I wanted to talk to you about what is happening to me; I can not use your 10-box software, it always says no have sufficient data to process, and as much as i decreased the number of searches or change the keywords, placing those that have high search volume, it does not return any results, on the contrary Software works perfectly.
I really appreciate if you could offer a solution to this problem, because other people might be in that same situation.
Thank you very much, and congratulations. Great job!


Chad, I would like to learn how rank in Google Places and am also interested in how to locate the 10 box.
So could you tell me if your 10BoxFinder tool is still relevant to use in 2014.


ANSWER FROM CHAD: yes our customers are still using this tool as I write this!

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