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238 replies on “Free Google 1st Page Software (Watch Video First)”


Thanks so much for the software. I just downloaded it. I’m excited about the possibilities!

Billy McKee

hi chad,

that’s cool & awesome software…just want to thank for your sharing…if u have another software, i want the first person to get

have a nice day ;)

Hi Chad, Mark from Sydney Australia, just downloading your software,it is downloading VERY slowly and the video also has some problems with it.Anyhow, For this information I will perservere with it all day if necessary.Thank-you for your effort, good one.Cheers from Austral;ia,
Mark .D.

Hi Chad,
Mate, I would like to send for the system you are offering.I would like the option for US$247.00, ,I was going to buy option 2, but here in Australia our broadband is approx 100 times SLOWER than yours!! So as to download 20-30 videos would take far too long to do.Now, I am assuming that the actual program itself to set this up is not 30 videos long,right? In your opinion does one really need to buy option one or would your other offering suffice? Anyway I am by nature a cautious person as have been ripped off by shonky net peddlers before as I am sure many of your customers have also been bitten! Anyways , I shall try your system and see how we go.thanks Mark…………………….

Thank you for the update Chad.

I have used your method and software with great success. Great share!

Hope you are enjoying the mountains. Love the outdoors and so not get to spend enough out in it.


Thanks Chad,
I appreciate the info…. What happened to the info you were going to give us on staying at houses for free? I’m still waiting for that email…. lol.

Thanks Chad,
I appreciate the info…. But I thought you were going to show us how to stay at any house in the US for free? I’ve been checking my email for that one….. Hope you’re still sending it.
Thank you for all the great content and videos!


Just used your software, it pretty much worked immediately within a few hours!!!!! I’ve checked the keywords within a few hours and I’m on the 10 box list 3 of 4 keyword. Is that fast!!!!

Save so much time.

Again, Thank you very much.

The video is very clearly explained how to prepare for a keyword list, keyword tool and added the cities into the keyword list.

similarly, for the same keyword, you have demonstrated how to plug the keywords into the software, and how to specify the cities. then choose the search volume threshold to generate the keyword with the city attached to it.
It took only a matter of 22 seconds
Great tool


I been doing a lot of research the last couple of weeks concerning placement in google maps. I’ve watched all of your “free” videos of how the basics work to get placed in the 10-box and it looks intruiging. Before I invest into your course, I plan on trying out the free steps you explain first to see if I can get listed for my wife’s website and business. If I have the success that you discusses, I plan on buying the course to learn the advanced tips.

Thanks for providing these free resources in the nick of time. I am happy to be part of your mailing list now…
I will apply them and post my comment

First off, thank you. Can’t wait to test it out. In the past google maps has brought great traffic to my sites but limited. Only 70% of my projects got listed. Hopefully this tool will get me to 90% or more ;)

Many thanks Chad. Downloading your software now and I will be back to look at your courses and all the other advice you have given so generously! Glad I found you via Mario Brown and Warrior Forum. Between the two of you, we will get our family businesses in the top ten at last.

Hi Chad ,
I don’t know anything about Google Maps and I will need some time to digest this information and see how I can benefit from this in my marketing. I will surely give your full Google Maps Marketing course consideration .Thanks again, your ever fresh and new information keeps astonishing me and sometimes I wished I could read your mind. LEC

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