Aarin Chung – Community Influencer Review

Before I get into this Aarin Chung Review, let’s hear what she says about herself in her own words:, I created the world’s largest online learning community for Realtors®. I teach real estate agents how to become Community Influencers® so they can attract leads online, nurture relationships at scale, and take over any local market. She further boasts that if you want to stay in real estate, you’re gonna need an air-tight online marketing strategy.

But… before you read what I have to say about Aarin Chung, imagine if you could rent out DIGITAL properties. I’m talking about renting out properties that exist ONLINE only (not in the physical world). You may not know this, but properties like this can get you much higher rent, and there are, no property taxes, no repair costs, no homeowners insurance, and the profits can be MUCH greater: Digital Real Estate Video Here.

Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

Click Here to Get The Course My Daughter Used.

The course my daughter used above is much better than Aarin Chung. But since you are here to learn about Aarin Chung, lets get back to our review of that:

Getting leads on the internet is no longer an optional way to supplement your face-to-face efforts; it’s a critical skillset you need to survive in a post-pandemic world. So if you are hoping her training will teach you how to use Clickbank or how to succeed in affiliate marketing, look elsewhere, because you need to be a Real Estate agent to make use of this training program.

Aarin Chung Net Worth 

Here is How Aarin Describes herself and her background “I was a “Straight-A” student in school and a classic rule follower…  I was (and still am) terrified of being in trouble.

When I first became a real estate agent, I was a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to learn and work.

I Googled everything I could. I watched every single video. I took every class. I became obsessed with generating leads online. That year, I spent easily $25k in personal growth and online education. And when I wasn’t selling homes, I started taking on real estate agent clients from my office to supplement my income. Soon, I was turning away more clients than I was taking, so I started a little blog to document what was working (and what wasn’t) in hopes that other local agents could benefit from my research and implement it.

But when I started getting calls from all over the country (and soon after, the world), I knew that I needed to serve my global community in a better way. So I created an online learning community for Realtors to teach them how to generate leads online.  I now have thousands of agents in my program – Including the top-producer who told me that the only way to generate leads was by door knocking.

You can find several videos on YouTube here is a sample of her Community Influencer Videos

She can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

What Happens Next

So I went to the Community influencer page to see exactly what it was all about.

Here is a look at what I sawNaturally I clicked the learn more button and was directed here

Yep I clicked the Save My Seat Button after all time was running out and I had to act fast, Well at least that’s the way it was made to appear. After I clicked the button I was taken here.

After setting through success stories and how much money can be made The gist of the training is to buy FaceBook ads and buy more FaceBook ads.

What you get With Community Influencer

 The step-by-step gameplan my clients use to add up to 6-figures to their real estate business in as little as 12 months… without cold calling or door knocking.

  • The real reason why farming, pop-byes, FSBO’s, and expireds are no longer a good strategy to grow a real estate business, and how smart agents can attract hundreds of warm leads, starting today.
  • The secret strategy to create instant, local celebrity, nurture thousands of relationships at once, and become the digital mayor of any community!
  • How our clients get “come list me” leads and takeover any local market they want… And the time-saving shortcut that makes it happen practically overnight.
  • And how they do all of this while reconnecting to the joy they had when they first started their real estate businesses!

What People are Saying

My Favorite place to see what people are saying is Reddit so away I went and the Reddit reviews on Community Influencer. I found the  reviews were mixed. Good and bad here they are.

One says just another cookie cutter approach the other says that she’s a GENIUS. I’m torn just kidding.

Community Influencer Cost?

The Community Influencer program is advertised and structured like many of the MMO Programs out there today. First you go to the page then you enter info and then you get the Sales Pitch High Pressure “Free Training”. Next you have to Schedule a call and I think you know what that entails. 

The best I can find is that the cost was  $1500.00 for an eight week course. Sorry I wish I could elaborate but I had no intention of scheduling a call. I just did not feel like listening to the hype or another sales pitch. I can almost guarantee that it does not stop at $1500.00 there are more than likely plenty of upsells

In Conclusion

Community Influencer is supposed to teach you how to create instant leads and to dominate any market. From what I have read Some people are having success with it and think that She is a Genius. On the other hand there are those that think Community Influencer is worthless. 

In my humble opinion I feel that my money would be better spent just learning FaceBook ads myself or buying a couple of books On FaceBook Ads and marketing, as well as learning how to be an Inbound Closer , but like I said it’s only my Opinion.