7 Figure Flipping Underground Book Review

If you are looking to start or scale your real estate business, you would probably be looking for the best strategies to help you achieve your goal. Fortunately, there are lots of resources out there that can help you get more insight into the real estate space.

Whether you love to watch videos, listen to audiobooks, or read books, there is something out there for you. Even people who want a combination of these can get a program that gives them this option. If you are an avid reader and you are looking for a real estate resource we found one that has been making waves in the real estate space. 

But we want to make sure the book can provide the help you are looking for. This article will talk about the details of the book titled 7 Figure Flipping Underground and see what it has to offer.

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The course my daughter used above is much better than the processes described in 7 Figure Flipping Underground. But since you are here to learn about 7 Figure Flipping Underground, lets get back to that:

Who is the Author of 7 Figure Flipping Underground? 

The book was written by Bill Allen, a real estate investor with over 7 years of experience in running a flipping and wholesaling company. Before his real estate career, he was a Naval Officer for 18 years. 

Bill is now the CEO of 7 Figure Flipping and Blackjack RE. He also hosts a podcast called 7FF. All these are focused on real estate. 

Bill has had a lot of success in the real estate space. Since he started his career as an investor, he managed to record close to 200 deals yearly and has reaped millions in annual profit. 

After mentoring hundreds of people who have also achieved success in the real estate industry, Bill decided to share his proven strategies and experience in the book titled 7 Figure Flipping Underground: How Expert Real Estate Investors Find Hidden Properties, Negotiate the Best Deals, and Build Profitable Businesses. Bill is based at Nashville with his family. 

What is the 7 Figure Flipping Underground About?

The book focuses on teaching you how to wholesale or flip houses without risking your life savings or working overtime. The book is ideal for beginners who want to learn more about common mistakes investors make so that they can avoid them. 

Whether you have flipped a house before or not, the book provides a step-by-step guide on how to flip a house properly. It will also share secrets on how to streamline your operations and maximize profits while doing less work like a pro. 

According to Bill, you will be finding hidden, off-market properties that you can purchase at great prices by the time you finish reading the book. The good thing is that you can do this irrespective of where you live. 

Getting capital to complete deals can be difficult and this is why Bill will teach you how to get the funds to purchase and renovate properties. And no, you don’t need to get funding from the bank, use money from your pocket, or make ridiculously expensive down payments. This is covered on page 173 of the book and it is titled, 3 Funding Sources You Can Use to Cover All Deal Costs. 

Sometimes, real estate investments can be unpredictable. If you jump into deals just after looking at the facial value, you may end up with some unprofitable deals but if you know how to properly run the numbers, you can calculate your profits before you take up the deal. This ensures that you only take up ‘safe’ deals. This book teaches you how to run the numbers. 

There are a host of real estate strategies out there and some of them may not be for you. The book will help you to identify the one that will work for your goals, schedule, and personality. 

Negotiating with sellers can be a bit tricky. You need to be able to secure deals on terms that are favorable to you while keeping sellers happy. Bill’s book will teach you how to present a win-win situation for your deals. 

The book also contains essential topics such as expensive mistakes house flippers make, wholesaling mistakes that will make it impossible to close deals, essential things to bring when you have an appointment with a seller, and ways to get off-market sellers to call you.

When you place an order, the book gets mailed within 1 to 2 business days and it should get to you within 5 to 7 days depending on where you are located. You will get a print copy of the book, a digital handbook, and an Off-Market Deals Started Pack. 

Cost of 7 Figure Flipping Underground. 

If you purchase it on the official website https://7ffbook.com/order-now,  the book is free but you will need to pay for shipping and handling. This costs $7.95 but you can bump your order with the audiobook which costs $9.99. 

The book is also available on Amazon for $19.99 for the paperback version and $7.49 for the Kindle version, and if you have an audible membership, you can get the audiobook for a discounted price of $5.95.

Refund Policy

Bill has an impressive refund policy. If you do not like the book after receiving it, you can email info@7figureflipping.com and you will receive a refund for your shipping fee. Bill says you won’t even need to return the book before receiving a refund. 

Should You Purchase 7 Figure Flipping Underground?

Bill Allen’s book has received great reviews on platforms like Amazon. It has a 4.9 review with some reviewers describing it as a Blueprint for real estate. Another reviewer described it as the best book she has ever read on real estate and you will have all your answers about real estate investment answered by the time you finish reading the book. 

They also mentioned that the book has no fluff and every content is a real gem for a new real estate investor. We did not find any negative reviews which is a great thing.

If you love to read and are looking for a book that provides more insight into the real estate industry, we think this book is great. It offers a lot of value and it is inexpensive. 

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