You’re about to get more traffic from Bing

Apple users tend to have money to spend on your product, plain and simple.

If mac users are going to be using Bing, you want to make sure you’re ranking on top of bing search for your keywords!

In my SEO cash club, we have a whole series of videos on Bing rankings:

Check it out here (Bing ranking videos and much, much more)

4 replies on “You’re about to get more traffic from Bing”

Thank you for this piece of information. I have been focusing on Google all this while and perhaps it would be worth a look into this.

Hi Chad,

I was not aware of the Amazon part. thanks :-)

Speaking of valuable demographics: the video on this page doesn’t show up on my iPad.

My experience with Bing as a user: it doesn’t find much more that mainstream websites, so It’s not for me. The good thing of this for the marketer: once you’re in you’re in, and the user has not many more pages to choose from.


Great info chad…as always, you provide great value which really helps…I think I have to write about this on my blog…just imagine one used the ranking tricks that you teach..then they could totally dominate bing…my only worry is that like Gerd said…Bing tends to pull results of the big boys more on the first page…I will check out the course …if there is someone I can trust to get around anything…then it’s you…


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