Screenshots of Money I’ve Made From My Domain Tweak Techniques

The majority of the money in these screenshots was because of the techniques I outline in a course I created about creating your own link network.

I’ve been using these techniques for a LONG time (and continue to use them today on my niche sites).

And if you ever hear someone say that building and owning your own link network does not work Oh, do not believe them. The main question you should be asking yourself is do I want to bother owning my own link Network or would I rather find one that is safe to utilize. Either way, link Network backlinks work. The main risk is that the link Network owner starts doing something stupid and ends up getting caught by Google. Other than that this works like gangbusters.

Because of the risk above, many people opted to just create their own network. That way they control everything and they never get into trouble with it. People mainly get into trouble with this technique by allowing people to use their Network, then the people that they invite to use the network abused it or send spammy links to it or let it get hacked or something like that. As long as you keep it all private, and never share with anyone except for people that you know very very well and trust. This technique can work great.

So the screenshots below are from a variety of websites, some that make income day in and day out, some make me money in large chunks.

(these are just a few examples, don’t try to add them up to see how much I make online, its a lot more than this)

This one is a yearly summary of sales (almost all profit) for one niche site:

a couple other niche sites:

This one has a blend of domain tweak and other techniques, but I’ve used domain tweak heavily on it. Runs totally on autopilot:


Life Cycle of A Domain

This is a video that I made a very long time ago about the life cycle of a domain. Every single domain name goes through various stages when the owner decides he or she does not want it anymore. Even though the video was made a long time ago, the facts are still the same about the stages of a domain name. The technology behind domain names has not changed very much over the last couple of decades. But understanding the terminology and the various stages that I discussed in this video will help you a lot if you are trying to drop catch domains or purchase expired domains to revive and reuse.

Believe it or not page two domains are still a huge part of successful businesses on the internet. Google still has a sandbox that limits new domain names from ranking easily in their search engine. As a result many people go and try to get expired domains or old domains and use them for their new projects to avoid this sandbox delay. But in order to do all of this successfully you need to understand the basic facts about the stages that a domain name goes through before you would be able to acquire it and use it for your own. So sit back, take notes, and get ready to learn about the stages of a domain names life cycle.

There are many different terms used to explain the status of domains: Expired, redemption, dropped etc. If you are going to buy up used domains  you need to know what each of these things mean. I put together this video to explain the various terms, what they mean, and how you can use them for your benefit.

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