Digital Storefronts Review (Cory Long Lead Generation Course)

What Is Digital Storefronts?

Digital Storefronts is a video course created by Cory Long that teaches you how to build an online business model that gives you freedom of time and financial independence. The business model that Cory Long teaches in Digital Storefronts is a local lead generation business. 

Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting a stranger and prospects into people who are interested in your products or service. There are a lot of lead generation strategies out there and since the invention of the internet, businesses have been acquiring most of their leads online and via phone calls. 

One caveat. You should know that I am Cory Long’s Internet Marketing Grandpa:  Many years ago, I taught Cory’s mentor this business model. The mentor, in turn, taught Cory. If you want to learn directly from me instead of my “grandson,” Click here to get a Free Video On This Business Model directly from me. I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years. My own teenagers are using my course to setup autopilot businesses online that require very little ongoing work.

Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

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OK, now back to Cory’s course (which is kinda like the “grandson” of my course you’ll get at the link above). Businesses of all sizes need solid lead generation strategies to get more leads for their product and service. This can go from doctors, dentists, contractors, law firms, and more. Even one good lead can produce thousands of dollars worth of profit for most of the businesses that I mentioned previously. 

The focus of Digital Storefronts is to teach you how to create local lead generation businesses, so wherever you are in the world, the local businesses in your area need leads for their businesses to prosper. 

In this course, you will learn how to create small lead generation websites for your clients, generate leads from online platforms and send these leads to your clients where they will contact the leads to close them. 

Furthermore, you will also learn how to negotiate with your clients so that they will pay you for the leads that you send them instead of the conversion of the leads. It is easier to charge your clients per lead you provide to them and it is up to them to convert the leads that you provide. 

Now, let’s take a look at who the creator of this course, Cory Long is. 

Who Is Cory Long?

Cory Long is a businessman, minister, and internet entrepreneur with experience of more than 20 years in digital marketing. He has also worked in Fortune 500 companies before going full-time as an online entrepreneur. 

He has claimed that he funds his rich ministerial lifestyle with the profit that he received from the online business that he mentions here, which is Digital Storefront. 

So you must be thinking about what qualifies him as an expert in this business? Is it his 20 years of experience in digital marketing? It could be but he claims that he learned everything all by himself. 

Back when he first started, he bought a whole bunch of internet marketing training online from the gurus and learned everything that he could. He claims that he has spent at least tens of thousands of dollars in online training alone and he put the important and essential training in some of his videos in Digital Storefront. 

Cory has acquired more than 6,000 students in Digital Storefronts and from his student’s testimonials that I found online, they claimed that this business model works, and it is mentioned less frequently than the common online business models out there such as affiliate marketing and eCommerce. 

Looking at Cory’s lifestyle, although he is a minister, his lifestyle is not as flashy as some other gurus online. He does not have a fancy car and fancy house, and the man is active in religious work and contribution. He mentioned he only spends a few hours on weekdays to work on his business and he uses other time to spend time with his family and his religion. 

There is only one red flag about him that I found online which is, he used to be in one lead generation group where people share new techniques and strategies there but he got caught selling some lead generation services, and there got banned from the group. 

He was approaching a lot of students in that group to pitch them into his product and service that includes Digital Storefronts, but it did not go well for him as users in that group are not allowed to advertise services. 

After the incident, he decided to market his course, Digital Storefronts the proper way through the online marketing methods that he learned throughout the year and decided to make this course a success and change people’s lives with it. 

Overview Of The Course

Above is a screenshot of the member area from Digital Storefront. Here is the layout of the modules that are included in the member area

Introduction and Success Road Map 

Just like every money-making online course out there, the creator will start the lesson with the introduction and some motivational words to get you on the right track. 

Cory introduced the course and the work and application that you need to do once you learn the lessons from him, he mentioned that you need to put a few hours of work for this business at first for every client but once you are used to the process, then it will be like a normal routine for you. 

He also mentioned the ideal success road map from the local lead generation business journey and the steps as well as challenges that you are likely going to face to be successful in this business model and online business in general. 

Module 1: Finding The Perfect Location 

The first module starts with Cory explaining to you the perfect location for your local lead generation business. As we all know, this course teaches you how to get leads for local businesses so the main focus is to target high-cost service businesses in your local area. 

The suggestions that Cory provides include dentistry, contractor, financial consultants, accountancy, and more. The key behind these businesses is they should be able to pay you for the cost of the lead as they will probably make more from the leads that we provided through sales and revenue. 

It is also recommended for you to research the demands for that client’s service in the area because with no demands, it will be hard to create a long-lasting business with your potential clients and the business might not be doing well in the future as well. 

Module 2: Creating Digital Storefront 

This is a content extensive module as Cory guides you on how to create your digital storefront which is the lead-generating website for your clients. Most of the training that he teaches uses WordPress as a platform. 

Creating a WordPress website, as well as some recommended plugins, are mentioned by Cory here. He also shows some themes that convert really well for lead generation purposes and other stuff related to WordPress. 

The idea is to create one lead generation website that you can rent for every month to your client, so this means that if you have 10 clients, you need to create 10 WordPress websites for them and maintain the websites constantly with updates and changes. 

It might look like a lot of hard work but updating and maintaining the websites does not cost a lot of time, the only time-consuming part is during the initial creation of the websites and the content to be included in the websites. 

Module 3: Getting Ranked 

This is the free organic traffic method of getting your Digital Storefront website ranking on Google with free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. The good thing about going for local lead generation business is that the competition that you would probably receive even for high competition keywords is not very high. 

If you are looking to rank websites globally across the entire Google then it is extremely hard with  keywords like making money online and more. But, when targeting local services as well as location-specific keywords such as “Dentists in New York City”, it is easier to rank the websites. 

There are different strategies that Cory mentioned in this module that you can do for free to rank your website properly based on the keyword search terms that your ideal clients need related to their website and the service that they offer. 

Module 4: Quick Lead Methods 

For the quick lead methods, it is paid traffic and social media hacks that you can do to generate leads fast for your clients. This is done with a landing page of your Digital Storefront being forward straight to the potential leads through paid online advertising. 

It will cost you a little money at first but if you are smart enough to make profits through the lead sale, then you can get profitable, but if you are planning to rent them out, it is a good idea to set  specific money just for the paid advertising part of the lead generation. 

Overspending on advertising with not promising results can hurt your lead generation business so you need to plan the strategy carefully. 

Module 5: Finding and Closing Deals 

This module focuses entirely on acquiring customers for your lead generation business, Cory shares some strategies that you can use to find clients in your local area. The manual method is to look at Google Map and contact the businesses directly explaining the leads that you can get for them and help their businesses get more profit and sales. 

Most of the businesses would probably agree to your offer as who does not want more profit and sales right? Unless they already have lead generation websites and they do not need more lead generation services. 

Closing the deals is quite easy but as mentioned before, it is recommended for you to propose the clients pay you for each lead that you provide them and the monthly cost of creating and maintaining the websites for them. 

Module 6: Tenant Attraction System

In the last module, Cory explains the Tenant Attraction System, this is a continuation of the previous module of getting the client. The tenant that Cory mentions here is your client as they are the tenants for the websites that you create and rent to them for every month. 

Cory has created a simple system that you can copy to attract your clients into getting your services and pay you the lead generation service that you provide to them. There are several components that he mentions within the Tenant Attraction System that you need to apply to make the system work for you. 

This is one training that I notice which other lead generation courses do not teach because the usual course touches the basic components of lead generation business, which are acquiring clients and giving them leads

Pros and Cons


One of the good things about this course is that it covers everything that you need to know on creating a local lead generation that can give you income every month with moderate amounts of work on your side. The video contents are also good for students as they are easy to understand with clear instructions on what to do. 

Another pro of the course is they have good support and you can opt-in for free training before enrolling in the actual course, from this point, they want you to get to know the product that they are offering before deciding to get into the course. The support is amazing as you can contact them through several mediums such as phone and the Facebook support group.


There is one big con of the course which is the price of the whole Digital Storefront program. It is currently priced at $5,000 for the course alone. That is very expensive, right? I thought the same thing too and if you are committed to making this business model work for you then you should go for it. 

But if you are not sure whether this business will work for you, then blowing five thousand dollars before even getting the business open is not a good move at all. 


To conclude, I think that this is a somewhat moderate video course about the lead generation business model. It does cover everything that you need to know but there are much better courses out there than digital storefronts.

The lead generation business model itself works but I recommend you join my course instead. I’m the one that Cory learned this from after all. Click here to get a Free Video On This Business Model directly from me.