Entre Institute: My Concerns! (Jeff Lerner Review)

One of my students, Shaun offered to review The ENTRE Institute for me, and neither he nor I make any commission for this review. In fact you won’t find a single link to Entre Institute on this page, just 100% Entre Institute Reviews (Entre Nation Reviews).

But before we get into Shaun’s opinion on this course, keep in mind that Jeff Lerner’s course most likely wont teach you how to setup an online business. It will probably get you motivated and help you believe in yourself, which is valuable. But if you want the real nuts and bolts for how to setup an online business check out the video on this page. It teaches a unique method (step by step) of setting up an autopilot online business with Google Maps.

Here’s a video that shows how my daughter used it to setup a successful online business:

Click here to get the course my daughter used.

The course my daughter used above is much better than Entre Institute. But since you are here to learn about Entre Institute, lets get back to our review of that:

Entre Institute is an online self help training program. In it, Jeff Lerner teaches you how to have an “Awesome Life.” By teaching it’s Entreprenuers the “3 Ps  of Excellence.” Which are:

  • Personal Excellence (Relationships and Self- Mastery)
  • Professional Excellence (Finances and World Impact)
  • Physical Excellence (Wellness and Energy)

“Before an awesome life can be lived, it must be paid for while growth and learning are a lot easier when pressure is relieved.”

~ Jeff Lerner

  • Entre teaches people that the best way to pay for your awesome life and have the freedom to live it is through Online Business.
  • Entre Teaches Online Business and how to use it to achieve excellence in the 3 key areas of life.

Jeff Lerner Net Worth

His net worth is reportedly 80 Million dollars, although there are no public records available to confirm that fact. He a veteran online business owner with over a decade of experience and Co founder/CEO of Entre Institute. 

From Broke Musician to 50 Million in Online Sales he inspires Millions of entrepreneurs about the power of entrepreneurship in the modern economy.

Entre Institute Cost

 The cost is $39.00 (one time payment) for the “Entre-Blueprint” (39 bucks is a great price for education of any kind in my opinion!)

  • Once payment is made you get a welcome email with Log-In Instructions and instructions to Watch Jeff Lerners  “Welcome Video.”
  • In the video Jeff Welcomes you and explains what to do next and urges you to Join Entre-Nation VIP Facebook Group.(To keep yourself surrounded by Entre and EntreNation Elite Members.) Jeff also urges you to take the “Awesome Life Challenge” while there inside the group.
*In the video you have Four buttons to follow him on Social Media.

• YouTube
• Facebook
• Instagram
• LinkedIn
  • Inside The DASHBOARD section you can immediately access the Entre-Blueprint course which is divided up into 6 Steps along with the intro section that has a 16 minute video explaining core values of Entre and what to expect moving forward. Second to last is the Business plan section followed by the Next Steps module. 
*Each Section watched inside the   Entre-Blueprint  is followed by a quiz to review what you have learned from the videos.
*In my opinion, altogether the Entre Blueprint alone is worth the 39 dollars one time payment. :)

After the intro section comes:

Step 1 

  • The 3ps of an awesome life video  (1hour 13 minutes)

Step 2

  • The ‘3 legs’ of Successful Action (54 min 44 sec)

Step 3

  • The ‘3 Phases of building your legacy (1hour)

Step 4

Step 5

  • Digital Agency: Converting Online Skills Into A Predictable Cash Flow Machine (1hr 15min)

Step 6

  • Digital Courses: Turn your knowledge into your legacy (1hour 8min)

Business Plan

  • Watch the intro video with jeff and Click the Button below it to Watch “The Fastest way to become a millionaire in the new Economy” (1 hour 57 minutes)
  • From there you will have the chance to invest (up-sell) in The Digital Millionaire Accelerator Bundle (includes 5 courses and 3 Special Bonuses plus Business “set-up” consultation, Elite support group facebook Access and a 2 week Dedicated Implementation Specialist for a limited amount of time 90% off of the total value price of $39,913  :O *Note This may be different per person that signs up with Entre Blueprint.

*You will have an Advisor Video call on how to create your business plan on paper either way, whether you invested in the bundle or not.

”Next Steps” Section 

  • Watch the Video for the Next Steps Explaining why it’s important to keep learning and be committed to your goals.
  • Watch the Video on Resource-Fullness (How to constantly Raise capital as an Entrepreneur)

*I believe this video is installed to help the Student that cannot Afford the on going course materials… but you will have to buy more courses to get the full info.


  • Finally You can share your Experience In the next Section of “Next Steps” (Optional)

Just when you thought you were finished… the Awesome life Challenge!

  • This Course has 2 sections with 10 videos “Dry erase board style” classes each (total of 20 classes) teaching you tips,tricks on what is involved to create your AWESOME LIFE.

*There are Extra credit and Awesome Life Actions at the bottom of every Video along with A Social media style Comment section from every Entre Member.

*Note: Even if you cannot Purchase the Digital millionaire Accelerator Course Bundle. They have the Option now in your DASHBOARD to purchase certain Niche Courses For a One time Price ranging from $197 to $1997. * AGAIN, THIS MIGHT BE UNIQUE TO EVERY PERSON THAT SIGNS UP FOR THE ENTRE-BLUEPRINT.

Is Entre Institute Legit?

My final thoughts on Entre Institute:     


  1.  VERSATILE AND DIGESTIBLE For a first time investor and Veteran of Digital Education this is great if you want to start your own Business Online. The Step by Step Course style lets you get started easily and keeps you held accountable for your own success with built-in coaching.
  2. LOW COST ENTRY If you catch Entre Institute on social media advertising, usually you can start with a low cost entry fee. 
  3.  BECOMING AN AFFILIATE. He gives you tools to sell his own program. Not sure if this is actually an advantage, but it is a way for you to make money right away if you are willing to pay for advertising.


  1.  Expensive “up-sells” There are several expensive “Upsells”  once you have finished with the intro courses. (might be a shock to the rookie course buyer)
  1. CONFUSING REFUND POLICY Once you have Purchased, please read the refund policy! I found it hard to figure out what their Refund Policy was. According to https://www.entreinstitute.com/refundpolicy there is NO REFUND AND CANCELLATION POLICY. If there are any questions they direct you to support. When you read through the entire policy disclaimer it states only certain purchases have a return policy, and or will be credited toward a program inside Entre.

Don’t Invest In Entre Institute

Although Jeff Lerner’s Customer service is fast and responsive, coaching is great and keeps you focused, it won’t teach you how to start an online business. It will simply help you with your internal motivation.

You will still need to either upgrade and pay Jeff more money to get real step by step training, or buy into a different program.

I recommend this business model instead, it works on autopilot, starts right away with steps you can take to actually build your business (not just get all hyped up to start one without any action steps).