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Place Ads On Competitors Places Page For Free


Click here Before Saturday To View These
Three Videos:


16 replies on “Place Ads On Competitors Places Page For Free”


Can I use the tips about “postcard verified places” in Europe too ?
thank you

ANSWER FROM CHAD: yes, that technique will work anywhere in the world.

Are these bonus video included with option 2?

And what time does this end tomorrow?


ANSWER FROM CHAD: No they’re only included in option 1. It ends at the end of the day. I’m heading to the chicago air and water show all day so whenever I get back I’ll switch the pricing. Probably sometime late at night.

Truly SICK!

I just watched the whole vid on the Google Cash Black Hat members page, and the possibilities for CPA are absolutely limitless.

The income possibilities off of 5000 0f these x a $35 CPA click-per-pay offer (even though the image is not clickable, you would need an easy to remember URL) is astounding.

Sorry, but I’m gonna have to rip off your idea for my members on, nuthin’ personal…luv ya

Too good not to share with the ambitious…

ANSWER FROM CHAD: You could also use pay per call marketing with this, put your pay per call number right in the ad. I talk about pay per call in the course as well.

Chad, does this give access to some kind of membership area, or just a download area?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Membership area

I bought your Google maps over a year ago. You had said you would email that list re an upgrade to your new Google Places. I haven’t seen an email from you about this and I would like to check out the upgrade. Many thanks!

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Just sent it to ya. Everyone else reading this, shoot me an email at chadwarrior at gmail if you’re a previous customer

I like to order but I can’t.

I’m from Europe and don’r have the state field to put in…..

Pleas help!

I’m a little confused. Does this have to be purchased by the end of Friday, or do I have until the end of Saturday to purchase?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: End of Saturday

Chad, your sales page shows a PayPal payment option but it’s not offered on the payment page. I’m ready to buy Option 1 but I’d prefer to use PayPal if possible. If you don’t have it then I’ll use a credit card. Thanks!

Hi Chad

Just got back from a few days holiday and opened this email today. It’s such a pity I can’t get this course now. I would have wanted version 1 together with the 3 new videos. Can you do anything to help me with this?
PS – I live in the UK.

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