Pink Affiliates Review

Affiliate marketing has always been a popular way of making money online. It works for some people but for others, they just end up abandoning it after not seeing results for some time. This form of marketing has been applied to several niches and it has worked. 

Although affiliate marketing in the real estate space is quite common, Pink Affiliate seems to bring to new twist to the already existing business model. What is the company’s model? Is it something that will benefit anyone looking to get into real estate affiliate marketing? 

This article explores Pink Affiliate’s offers, and if it worth any consideration.

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Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

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The course my daughter used above is much better than Pink Affiliates. But since you are here to learn about Pink Affiliates, lets get back to that:

What is Pink Affiliates?

Pink Affiliates is a wing of Little Pink Houses of America, a company that helps people own homes through their popular Rent-To-Own programs. According to the owners of Little Pink Houses, owning a house as an American is increasingly becoming harder by the day and this is why they created the program to make it easier for people to own homes. 

This program provides an easy way for people who want to be real estate investors to get into the market without the usual high startup cost. The platform provides a complete education for members to make them ready for a successful real estate career. 

Who is the Creator of Pink Affiliates?

Pink Affiliates was founded by Scott Ulmer, a man who has made a name for himself in the real estate space. His early life wasn’t rosy and that made him appreciative of the little things in life. He started entrepreneurship very early in life. At fourteen, he bought a Volkswagon Beetle that needed repairs from his neighbor. He fixed the vehicle and sold it. This can technically be described as his first “fix and sell”.

He used that money to purchase a home; his father had to sign for him since he was still underage. He never looked back after that. He continued to purchase more homes and complete deals in the real estate space. 

After receiving his Finance degree from the University of Ohio, he won the 20 under 40 award for his contribution towards community building and business. At that time, he was the co-founder of a non-profit organization called “Aspiring Minds of Toledo”. Scott is passionate about giving back to society and has been involved in many non-profit programs. 

Amidst his successful real estate career, he founded the Little Pink Houses of America and then Little Pink Houses of Hope. Little Pink Houses of Hope is a foundation that offers an all-expense paid vacation for families of people with breast cancer. 

How Does Pink Affiliates Work?

The program is designed to get you settled within two months of signing up. You will have a running real estate business by that time. There are two commitment levels; Associate Affiliation and Master Affiliation. We will talk about both offers to help you choose the best option for you. 

The Association Affiliate is a lower-level version of the two programs and it is a two-year affiliate agreement but you have the option to extend the duration. When you sign up for the Association Affiliation, you get access to a 4-day in-person training and an online training course. You will also be trained on lead generation and another program called the Cash Buying Convention. You will also receive a 4-day virtual training on Executive Lease Purchase. 

The program gives you access to a weekly personal coaching call, 2 group coaching calls every month, contract templates for your real estate deals, and scripts to help you secure deals. 

The company delivers results based on the 3P’s; Personal, Profit, and Pink. 

Personal means the company will listen to you and understand what success means to you so that they can help you achieve the level of success you want to see. 

The profit pertains to the monetary benefits you get from the program. Everyone essentially joined the program to make money and that is one of the things the company focuses on when you join them. At Pink, they offer you all the tools you need to become a successful real estate investor. 

The Master Affiliation is a 5-year affiliation agreement with an option to extend. At this level, you have access to all the products and resources available in the Association Affiliate. You also get a free invite to the annual Mastermind Event which is valued at $15,000. 

Another difference between Association Affiliate and Master Affiliate is that, there is a fee for renewals for the former but the latter comes with free auto renewals. 

What is the Cost of the Pink Affiliate Program?

The Association Affiliate costs an initial investment of $25,000 for PINKTV subscribers after that, it’s $297 per month. You will also be paying a $5000 renewal fee every year. You will earn 80% of the profits from the real estate deal. The Master Affiliate costs $45,000 for upfront payment. You will be paying $297 per month and then you will earn 93% of the real estate profits. 

Refund Policy

There is a three-day refund policy. The first step to apply for a refund is to contact Pink and receive a return authorization number. After that, you will be required to return all resources within 7 business days. There are, however, no refund policies for any software you purchase.

Should You Invest in Pink Affiliates?

The company has been running for long and that is an indication that they are doing something right. But the pricing system seems a little too steep. You will need to pay a huge upfront fee but it doesn’t end there. You will be making other payments monthly and even annually in some cases. 

Although we couldn’t find a lot of reviews, the ones we found were mostly great. Customers were happy with the company and the services they received. One reviewer mentioned that the biggest benefit he got from working with the company was the blueprint on how to qualify for mortgages. We found a negative review on BBB. The reviewer mentioned that the company stopped sending profits after some time but that complaint was later resolved. 

It seems that the company fulfills most of their promises and their clients are happy but it doesn’t change the fact that the fee involved is huge. If you can comfortably afford it, you can go ahead and sign up. 

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