PushAMZ Review

Every now and then, an Amazon automation company becomes popular and they often claim to help you run an Amazon business with ease. If you are often looking for a way to make money online, you may be tempted to try these popular programs. 

When it comes to Amazon automation businesses, PushAMZ is one of the most talked about. The company claims to do all the heavy work for your business and you get to enjoy the returns with no stress at all. But are these claims true and are they even legit? This article will answer that question. 

But before we go any further, I need to be up front with you: I have major concerns with this business model. I have personal experience selling on Amazon, and I don’t recommend it to beginners.

Why? If you are new to making money online, you really need a more beginner friendly business model. It takes serious marketing chops to succeed on Amazon, and it is much more difficult than it once was. You you need a business model that pays you on autopilot without having to continually hustle to find new products to promote, deal with sales tax, refunds, shipping, etc. Check out this video that shows you how to setup an autopilot business using google maps.

Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

Click Here to Get The Course My Daughter Used.

The course my daughter used above is much better than the PushAMZ program. But since you are here to learn about PushAMZ, lets get back to our review of that:

Who are the Creators of PushAMZ? 

The company was created by three entrepreneurs; Mac Ismail, Luis Millan, and Chase Alley. 

Mac was involved in the management of multiple companies in multiple countries including RMM Facilities Management prior to founding PushAMZ. His background in Facilities Management earned him the position of Director in RMM in 2010. 

He came together with his friends Luis Millan, and Alley to found PushAMZ in 2012. Since Mac already has the experience of doing business in multiple countries including China, the United States, and his home country Australia, he currently handles all the international development for PushAMZ. He is also the current Chairman and Head of International Development of the company. 

Luis Millan on the other hand is a tech professional who has great experience with high-level operational management. He and his friend called Chase Alley sold their first business when he was only 22 years old. He went on to join a tech company where he managed 50 employees. He started researching drop shipping and platforms such as Shopify and Amazon. His interest in these things contributed to his decision to co-found PushAMZ. He is the Chief Operating Officer of PushAMZ. 

Chase Alley is the third co-founder and he is well-known for his strong social presence. He has over 78K followers on Instagram. He has also worked with several major brands in the United States. Chase has been featured in Forbes and other major publications for his achievements as an entrepreneur. He is currently the Brand Ambassador for PushAMZ. 

What is PushAMZ?

It is an e-commerce automation company that manages Amazon stores for its clients. The company has over 100 team members that manage individual client stores. The company claims to build, run, and grow your store from scratch. According to the creators, they possess some aggressive tactics that will help Amazon sellers realize their dream of earning passive income through PushAMZ. 

How Does PushAMZ Work?

The company has a simple setup process. You first need to apply for an Amazon automated store with PushAMZ. Then you are required to attend a strategy session where they will tell you how they are going to set up your shop after hearing your goals. They will also tell you how much you can earn based on the kind of business you intend to run. 

You will also be briefed on the business options that PushAMZ has to offer. You can choose a business based on your level of investment. They will then tell you the amount you are required to invest.  According to the company, there are chances of earning 15% to 30% of your investment as gross profits. 

You will next complete the onboarding process to ensure that the company has everything they need to set up your store. The next step is all about the company setting up your store and listing products for you. They do not purchase the products for your store. They simply find the suppliers and list their products for you. So whenever a customer places an order, it gets drop shipped to them by the suppliers. So PushAMZ does not keep an inventory. 

They will handle everything from finding the right suppliers to setting up the pricing for the products. They also deal with customer relations and returns, and send you timely reports. 

The company started offering eBay automation to all new and existing customers. Thus, you have the option of choosing between Amazon and eBay automation. The process of setting up an eBay automation with PushAMZ works just like the process of setting up an Amazon store. 

How Much Does it Cost?

There is no fixed cost for registering with PushAMZ. The cost will depend on the kind of business you want to invest in. I have, however, seen some posts where Redditors mentioned that they were required to invest a minimum of $47,000 during the strategy call.  A reviewer on BBB also mentioned that he invested over $60,000. Thus, you should be prepared to invest $40,000 to $60,000. You will also pay fees to PushAMZ after receiving profits from the sale of your products. 

PushAMZ does not take out the fees themselves since they do not have access to the client’s funds. All profits are deposited in the client’s store account balance. The company will send the accumulated fees to the client and then he or she will pay from their profits. 

Should You Invest in PushAMZ?

PushAMZ is legit; they will not take your money and vanish into thin air. That is the only guarantee I can offer after reviewing the company. I cannot guarantee that you can make passive income through their company. There are barely any reviews online but we found some reviews on BBB. 

One issue is that they are not accredited by the BBB. Also, out of the three reviews on the website, two of them are negative. The positive review mentioned that the store was set up and running and he is selling. The negative ones complained that the company has not fulfilled their end of the contract. They mentioned that their stores have not been set up after several months. One of them mentioned that the company has great customer service until it was time to set up the store. 

Considering that you need to invest a minimum of $40,000 into the business, I don’t think it is a good idea to start an e-commerce business with a company that barely has any positive reviews online although they have operated for years. 

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