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7 Free Tools to Locate High Fee Clients

If you want to charge a premium for your marketing services (which you should), you need to locate the areas where business owners will likely have the highest profits. In general, if there is a concentration of wealth in a geographic area, the businesses in that area will also charge more for the same services, and will have higher profit margins and larger marketing budgets.

Those of you who have my phone call generator course will immediately see how powerful this is.

But even if you are using other types of marketing (direct mail, cold calling, newspaper ads etc..), you’ll do much better if you concentrate on areas with a concentration of wealthy people.

This first tool is focuses on the USA, you can zoom in and see where the wealthiest 10% live in your area. (Use your Plus and Minus keys to zoom in and out. You can grab and drag the map to move around or just use your arrow keys.):


In the U.K., These two maps help you concentrations of people who have purchased very expensive homes:

One Million Pound Homes:

Two Million Pound+ Homes:


Here is another one for locating USA clients:

Here is another U.K. Tool that lets you zoom in and out and identify wealthy neighborhoods:

And last but not least, CANADA!

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