Jeff Clark Trader Review

What Is Jeff Clark Trader? 

Jeff Clark Trader is an option-focused trading system that Jeff Clark, the founder, designed to offer guidance to beginners that just want to get started with options trading and investors that want to gain more insights into options trading. In this system, Jeff Clark includes some resources and tools that can help you master options trading. 

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The course my daughter used above is much better than Jeff Clark Trader. But since you are here to learn about Jeff Clark Trader, lets get back to our review of that:

There are educational videos, special reports, monthly updates, and many more. Jeff Clark designed this system to help you be a successful options trader with the strategies that he used to become a millionaire himself with options trading. 

As of 2021, Jeff Clark Trader is priced at an annual subscription of $199 per year, but most of the time they will give you a first-year promotion of only $19 for first year. They also offer you a bonus upsell for a lifetime membership access of $249 which is not bad at all since you will have access to the platform forever. 

Below is the breakdown of what you will get access to once you get into Jeff Clark Trader with the first-year offer of $19. 

  • You will receive immediate and full access to Jeff Clark 3 Stocks Retirement Blueprint, as well as one full year of access to the Jeff Clark Trader platform. 
  • Frequent updates from Jeff Clark himself, including buying and selling decisions on the go. 
  • Educational video training by Jeff Clark himself on how to start options trading and master it just like he does to make a big income or be a millionaire with options trading just like him 
  • Access to Jeff Clark Trader app where he will give you quick notification on the latest updates and latest action to take. 
  • Special report for the 3-Stock Retirement Blueprint: This guide will give you insight on why Jeff Clark chose the specific stock, how to trade them, as well as combining them to generate the income that can make you retire in the long run. 
  • Money Multiplier Masterclass training 
  • 60 Days Credit Guarantee just in case if you do not like the system and are not happy with it, Jeff Clark will give you credits that you can use for any other of his service and product. 

Now that we know what Jeff Clark Trader is and what you will get from access to the website, it is time to discover who Jeff Clark is, the founder of the system. 

How Much Is Jeff Clark Worth?

Jeffery Clark or Jeff Clark is a successful stock and options trader, he currently works as the chief editor of multiple investment advisory companies such as Jeff Clark Trader and The Delta Report. 

He is also an old member of Stansberry Research Firm, during 15 years of his time there, he became an editor of the Short Report and Pro Trader newsletter. He learned options trading and is successful with it through trial and error, then, he formulated strategies that worked for him once and he has proven that his strategies work when it helps him be a millionaire as an options trader.

Before becoming full time in options and stock trading, he used to run an independent brokerage firm, and money management firm based in San Francisco. It was a successful career for him and he retired at the age of 42. 

After he retires, he decided to use the knowledge that he gained before in the brokerage and money management firm by writing newsletters to help beginner options traders and normal people gain insight into the market. The strategy and newsletter that he writes use the same strategy and principles that he provided to his wealthy California clients.  

Other than that, he also contributes to the financial education world by developing a curriculum for International Master Of Business Administration (MBA) programs as well as being a founder of investor education firms. 

If you are wondering how wealthy is he, according to WallMine, Jeffrey Clark worth $41 million minimum as of 2021. This is because he also invests heavily in some stocks and most of the stocks that he owns are of Dell Technologies that are worth up to $31 million today. This is just one small proof that he does not make his money by just selling courses and systems, and he does know what he preaches. 

Now that we know who Jeff Clark is, let’s move on to the Jeff Clark Trader overview and the content inside it. 

What is Jeff Clark’s Strategy?

Jeff Clark Trader

This specific section is called Jeff Clark Trader and it is the core product of the Jeff Clark Trader system. Here, you will receive Jeff Clark trade alerts on the third Thursday of every month, so you are buying signals from Jeff Clark on what move to make as a beginner options trader. 

The difference between options trading and stock trading is that stock gives you small ownership of a certain company while options are just contracts that give you the right to buy or sell stock at a specific price by a specific date. 

Options trading can be riskier than stocks but if you know what you are doing, it has the potential to be more profitable than traditional stock investing and it can serve as an effective hedge against market volatility. With Jeff Clark Trader, you will receive market analysis reports just to keep you updated on the relevant activities in the stock market. 

Another thing that includes in this section is a list of stocks to watch that Jeff Clark always recommends his students to be involved in. I think to be successful in options and stock trading, you need to make quick decisions based on current events and how the market behaves. Insider information is also great but we are certainly limited to that kind of information. 

Jeff uses proven strategies to make the recommendations that he proposes with every newsletter, so just in case if you got no time to research what to trade, then you can blindly follow his recommendation, it is not advisable but you can do that. 

Is Jeff Clark Trader Legitimate? 

What kind of investing strategy does Jeff Clark use for his trading and investment? With the newsletter that Jeff sends every two to 4 weeks, he recommends you to keep a max of 3 positions at any time. 

Jeff’s trade ideas mostly revolve around the sector as a whole instead of single companies or assets. This is because trading with a focus on the sector gives you more security rather than companies or assets that can be quite risky if you do not have enough information about them. 

One of Jeff’s main recommendations is to trade in specific commodities like gold. Jeff always gives a reason for each trade idea because the market figures depend on certain events that occur, it is like action and reaction. He also outlines recent history on the specific sector which includes past data and performance with a few important charts. After mentioning the key aspects of the story and events, he will finally give an exact option trade that you need to do. 

Video Training Series 

This video training is designed for you if you are a beginner in options trading and you have almost zero knowledge on how it works and what to do, but you want to make money with it. The video training will prepare you to be a full-time options trader, they are easy to follow and cover all aspects of options trading that you need to know once you get started. 

There are 8 videos about the basics of options trading that you need to know here. The total length of these videos is 5 hours and it covers everything from the definitions of put and calls options to some tips to identify bullish and bearish set up in technical charts. 

There are also bonus videos included in this section on top of the basic videos for beginner traders. There are various videos about trading strategies and fundamental concepts of options trading. 

It surprises me the content that he provides with only $19 on the website, the videos could easily worth thousands of dollars out there and these videos can prepare you to make options trading as your career. One of the most famous video series that he includes in the section is the Money Multiplier Masterclass video series. 

Special Report: 3-Stock Retirement Blueprint

This special report which Jeff provides is designed to help you build your long-term income and the strategy that he teaches here acts as a retirement plan for you. This blueprint contains step-by-step action to apply the techniques that will improve your investment portfolio. It involves only buying one stock but it can help you retire if you can master it. 

The idea is that you do not need to trade dozens of stocks to make money that is good enough for you to retire, all you need is to focus on one stock that can change your entire earning. This is a radical but good strategy if you do not have time to research multiple options and stocks constantly and with time saved, you can focus on other stuff. 

Is Jeff Clark Trader for Real?

From my observation and the students’ testimonials out there, I can say that there are basically zero reasons to think that this is a scam or Jeff Clark does not know what he is doing with options and stock trading. 

However, he hyped the marketing up with the millionaire keyword, statistically, less than 1 percent of people that buy any product or service will become millionaires through it. However, Jeff is a multi-millionaire himself through stocks and options trading, so he knows what he is doing and teaching. 

To say that he makes a lot of money with his programs, I would be inclined to say no when a customer only needs to pay $19 for the full access of Jeff Clark Trader for the first year as a member there. 

He makes a whole lot more money with his trading strategies than the courses that he sells online unless he charges a few thousand dollars for his courses and services, but it is not even close to $300 for lifetime access to his insights and knowledge. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Amazing video training for beginner traders that need to know everything about option and stock trading
  • Jeff Clark has a big reputation online and his big income from his trading strategies backs his claim and gives the extra resumes that he needs to appear like a good guru in trading. 
  • Very cheap price for the main service and a lifetime membership at Jeff Clark Trader, it is only $19 for the first year and $199 for every year after that. Or you could also get lifetime access with only $299. 
  • The retirement blueprint provides a very simple trading strategy that you can implement if you are too busy with other projects that you have. 
  • Options trading might be risky but with more risk, there is more profit to make and if you can master options trading, then making money would be easy for you. 


  • Like I mentioned before, options trading is risky, and if you are not careful and make blind decisions, then you would suffer some financial losses. 
  • It will take time for you to make a good amount of money and there is no guarantee that you would make a profit even with the resources that Jeff Clark provides. 


To conclude this review, I would recommend Jeff Clark Trader because it covers everything that you need to know about options and stock trading as well as the tools and resources that you need to become an options trader. 

Two big factors of why I strongly recommend Jeff Clark Trader is because of the cheap price of the membership for the massive amount of values that Jeff delivers as well as Jeff Clark’s reputation in trading online with his massive options and stock portfolio.