Sophie Howard’s Amazon Jetstream Review

Table of Contents

  1. Program Summary Review
  2. Introduction to Sophie Howard
  3. Sophie Howard’s Business background
  4. Sophie Howard’s Amazon Jetstream Income Course Enrollment
    • Amazon Jetstream Income Course Content
  5. Reviews of Amazon Course
    • Reddit Reviews
  6. Other Reviews of Sophie Howard’s Amazon Jetstream Income Course
    • Trust Pilot
  7. Amazon Jetstream Course Pricing
  8. Who is this Program for?
  9. My Own Opinion of the Course

Program Summary Review 

Course Name: Amazon Jetstream Income

Course Founder: Sophie Howard

Price: Between $2,500 and $4,500

Product Type: Online Business, Ecommerce, Online Education, Digital Marketing Education, Make Money Online. 

But before I get into my review of Sophie Howard’s Amazon Jetstream Course, I need to be up front with you: I have major concerns with this business model. I have personal experience selling on Amazon, and I don’t recommend it to beginners.

Why? If you are new to making money online, you really need a more beginner friendly business model. It takes serious marketing chops to succeed on Amazon, and it is much more difficult than it once was. You you need a business model that pays you on autopilot without having to continually hustle to find new products to promote, deal with sales tax, refunds, shipping, etc.. Check out this video that shows you how to setup an autopilot business using google maps.

Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

Click Here to Get The Course My Daughter Used (better than Sophie’s course for sure).

But enough about my daughter’s business. You are here to learn about Amazon Jetstream.

Amazon Jetstream is Suitable for: Anyone who would like to launch their Amazon FBA store; anyone who started an Amazon store but hasn’t had much success yet; and anyone who has previously tried to start an online business, anyone looking to work from home or supplement or even replace your fulltime income.

Sophie Howard’s course is Not Suitable for: the faint hearted non-committed non action takers; Anyone not prepared to act and to hustle; and not for anyone looking to get rich quick. 

Introduction to Sophie Howard

For Sophie Howard the moment came when she got a text from her nanny, with a picture of her and Sophie’s kids enjoying a beautiful day at the beach playing on a sunny weekday morning and it made her realize that unless she did something different, she would miss out completely on all those special years with the kids.

Sophie’s ‘why’ was simple, the ability to be at home with her kids and just get out of that nine-to-five grind, but to do this she needed the financial freedom. At the time she was working a part time government job but delivering what felt like a full- time workload in those hours, working hard but never able to get ahead financially despite all that effort. All she wanted at the time was to be able to make enough money so she could spend more time with her children and not miss out on them growing up.

Fast forward a few short years and Sophie was able to quit her job after just 9 months of selling on Amazon and moved with her husband and 2 children from the UK to the South Island of New Zealand where she is from, and is now financially free to live the lifestyle of her dreams going skiing and horseback riding whenever she pleases. 

Sophie’s Amazon story is that she has sold well over 1,000 different products on Amazon, she has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in income, is an author, coach, and mentor to others wishing to start a business online and helps entrepreneurs’ source profitable products, build premium brands and sell their online businesses. She has successfully sold two Amazon businesses herself, one for 6 figures and the other for 7 figures, and is currently building her third global brand.

Sophie Howard’s Business background

Sophie started her Amazon business part-time from home in 2014 while working part-time for the government and while nursing a newborn infant. With the demands of newborn baby, work and a brand new business she was forced to become extremely effective with her time and subsequently hired a group of competent virtual assistants. 

While the going was not easy in the beginning, within 18 months Sophie was successful in starting a 7-figure eCommerce company on Amazon, specializing for the most part in tea products. As a result of her success, she wrote a book guide in 2016 titled Amazon Jetstream Income. The guide featured Sophie’s selling experiences and her goal with the guide was to enable others to get started on Amazon themselves.

Her blueprint model is a simple three step system that includes: 

  1. Finding and selling low competition, higher profit products (at least a 30% profit margin)
  2. Lower volume products which means few if any copy cats because you under the radar
  3. Once launched and established for 18 months at least, you can then sell your Ecommerce brand to a more traditional bricks and motor business for a healthy profit. 

Using this simple system, Sophie was able to generate a staggering $1.6 million in sales from her first 14 months online in the business; and subsequently managed to sell two of her Amazon businesses, the first for over $1 million and the second for a 6 figure amount. She was able to scale her business so rapidly because Amazon handled all the warehousing, shipping, generating traffic, invoicing and payments and all she had to focus on was her inventory levels. While she initially sold tea and hippie goods, in 2021, Sophie sells home lifestyle items.

Sophie’s net worth is estimated at over $2,000,000 since she started on Amazon. Sophie now teaches and coaches others to earn extra income with Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) with more than 10,000 students having gone through her Amazon courses.  Coaching allows her to give more personal feedback to her students, with “done for you” services to help you get results faster she says. Sophie also invites her students to join her on Trade Show trips around the world sourcing unique products to sell online. Sophie teaches a very different approach to product selection, sourcing and making sure your Amazon business is resilient, profitable and sellable.

Amazon’s Impact Post Pandemic

It is staggering to think that Amazon makes $33 million an hour, and has experienced a 40% increase in revenue since the pandemic began because most people have gotten used to shopping on line. Also remarkable is the fact that 55% of all product searches today now start on Amazon.  Jeff Bezos, himself stated, “over 50% of the units purchased on amazon come from third-party vendors” In other words, FBA. 

Sophie Howard’s Amazon Jetstream Income Course Enrollment

I did not find a straightforward path that lead me to the course signup like a call to action button on a website. Instead, I found plenty of short promotional video’s on FB, YouTube and even pinterest that directed me to get Sophies book Amazon Jetstream Income: Your Quick-Start Guide to a 30 Minute Per Day “Amazon Cash Machine” Business that teaches how to find the right products, how to partner with Amazon in order to establish a reliable, stable business that puts money in your pocket every month. 

The book is a clever lead magnet that Sophie offers for a very low entry price point of $4.95 with an extremely attractive promise – to reveal the secrets that she herself learned and everything that she did in order to sell 131,404 units of a product that she bought at $1 each and sold for $20 each and, also discover how to potentially make your first $1,000 on Amazon by setting up and selling your products in just 30 minutes a day for a 6 hour work week without any tech skills! 

An almost irresistable offer which led me to watch the short 3 min video and try to purchase the Amazon Jetstream Income book myself. After watching the video and clicking the link to buy the book, I was directed to a landing page where I could order the book and fill out a form to speak to one of Sophie’s Amazon Experts about getting started on the program.

Screenshot of the Amazon Jetstream Income Book purchase page

After filling out the form on the landing page I promptly received an email from Sophie about an Appointment scheduled with one of her Amazon Income Experts.

Copy of the Email from Sophie 

 Your Amazon Income Appointment

Sophie Howard <> 5:49 PM (4 hours ago)

Hi Paul,

Congratulations for booking your Amazon Income appointment. 
Your appointment is at Wednesday, May 26th, 5:30pm (AST).

Add a Calendar Reminder:
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Your “Amazon Income” expert will call you then – so make sure you are ready to go at that time. 

This is your chance to get your questions answered about this big opportunity…and see how you can get started making money from it. 

To Your Success,

Amazon Jetstream Income Course Content

According to the numerous videos by Sophie, the course content included learning how to pick winning products to sell; how to source them, and project profitability and how to sell your established Amazon business down the line should you so wish for a handsome profit. 

In other words, the course promised to show participants how to sell real products to real people while working less than an hour a day from almost anywhere in the world because by using Amazon FBA, Amazon would take care of all the headache and hassle of marketing, customer shipping, customer service, and customer invoicing. 

The course also offered 1 on 1 Personal coaching Live coaching calls every week due to the dynamic nature of Amazon.

Sophie did suggest in one of the video’s that in order to do it right, one would have to invest between $6,000 and $10,000 to establish the business (including your $50 a month Amazon Fees) on purchasing your inventory, branding and launching your Amazon FBA business properly to ensure the right look and feel in order to project profitability, including finding and sourcing well chosen product categories and niches such as gifts and consumables and white labelling along with 1on1 support of Sophie’s Amazon coaches who themselves are active Amazon sellers with experience setting up, running and selling Amazon businesses.

Reviews of Amazon Course

Reddit Reviews

One reddit reviewer stated that the course was “pretty limited” in terms of support and overall content which was both shallow and poorly delivered. The reviewer felt that you could get better more detailed value in terms of content on YouTube for free. 

A second reddit reviewer agreed that the course was poor on support to course participants, however raised one unique bright spot from all the other Amazon FBA courses; that of Sophie’s unique product sourcing strategy different from Alibaba and China especially in the post COVID 19 pandemic era of disrupted global supply chains. This was a real and timely plus for the course and the one true differentiator of the course from the rest. 

Another reddit reviewer was put off by the misleading bait and switch pricing tactics that after hooking you with the initial low priced (no-brainer offer) then dropped the real price that was 1000 x’s the initial offer pricing.

The consensus among reddit reviewers was that the course generally overpromised and underdelivered on value, price, content and support, and therefore suggested that potential participants simply skip the course. 

Other Reviews of Sophie Howard’s Amazon Jetstream Income Course 

10 out of 11 reviews on Goodreads all said much the same thing, about the book Amazon Jetstream Income; that it was simply a sales tool to get people to sign up for the expensive 1on1 coaching course. The reviewers’ criticisms ranged from the fact that the course content was very general; it was a waste of money because of the poor content; they would not recommend buying because there was ‘nothing to learn’ or that there was virtually zero useful information given.

This sentiment gelled with the Reddit reviewers views that the course was way overpriced for the value delivered.

Trust Pilot

The majority of the reviews on Trust Pilot were glowing which led me to believe they were sponsored and led me to suspect that they might not be entirely unbiased because most of the other reviews were saying the opposite. 

Amazon Jetstream Course Pricing 

ophie Howard’s course cost between USD $2,500 and $3,500 not including the cost to successfully setup and launch your business of between $6,000 and $10,000. 

Who is this Program for? 

This course is for anyone looking to generate extra income, or supplement income, create a better lifestyle, have more time by running an online business, however, the going will not be easy due to all the different things you will have to learn to do. 

This course is definitely not for anyone who is not prepared to roll up their sleeves, take action,  learn how to figure things out on your own (without much support). Learning to navigate the Amazon universe requires determination, perseverance, capital, patience and time to invest. Rather than a get rich quick with little effort and time, this is can best be described as a get-rich-slow-scheme for the person playing the long game.

My Own Opinion of the Course

My first impression of Sophie was that she was genuine and good intentioned. However, the manner in which the course pricing was presented as an initial low-ball offer (not uncommon to a few online marketers) and which got me hooked on Sophie’s book; then led to a scheduled discussion with an Amazon Jetstream Income Expert. 

I was left wondering why the course pricing was not just shared openly and upfront like other courses did? This simple experience coupled with the bad reviews now began to raise more questions that left me leaning away from the course instead of into it especially after my initial excitement about what the course promised learners. 

This got me thinking deeper and I started to reflect on whether in fact some of the other things Sophie was claiming were true, such as was it possible to achieve the level of success Sophie was promising learners by only putting in 6 hours a week (less than 30 hours a week)? In my experience, highly unlikely because this business model required hard work, persistence and patience not to mention luck and investment of a lot of time, effort and money to enjoy success to the degree Sophie was speaking to. 

For this reason, I would be inclined to seek out other alternative Amazon FBA courses after spending a lot more time reviewing them because the opportunity is not a get rich quick scheme that would bring overnight riches but requires a steady, systematic approach, good mentorship and coaching, a good peer group to ask questions and compare notes and a reasonable investment budget to get off the ground beyond your course payment.